Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse. Just when you thought, hey, there’s no way a rookie QB will come into Detroit on Monday Night Football and beat the Lions. After all, the Lions were a team who won 9 games last season and have one of the league’s top 10 QB’s in Matthew Stafford. 

Last night’s game between the Lions and Jets got off to a perfect start for Detroit. Jets rookie QB Sam Darnold threw a pick-six on his very first pass attempt. This naturally led fans to think about how easy of a victory this will be. Lions fans aren’t used to that. So the thought of a nice, stress-free, win on Monday Night was appetizing. 

Jets set blueprint with stunning, dominant opening win

But no. Of course, that didn’t happen. Instead, the Lions got absolutely killed. It wasn’t even close. It was perhaps the worst game I’ve ever seen Matthew Stafford play. He threw 4 interceptions and could not get his offense moving whatsoever. He looked completely out of sync with his wide receivers and was throwing the ball directly to Jets players without making any reads. 

Oh and so much for that Lions new-look running game. Detroit ran the ball 14 times for a whopping 40 yards on Monday night. Star rookie RB Kerryon Johnson had just 17 yards on five carries. Absolutely pathetic. The Jets, with a feeble pass rush, had four hits on Stafford and held the Lions to 2.6 yards per carry.

The Lions defense let New York run all over them, the secondary couldn’t defend much at all and had many lapses. And the special teams were terrible too. Matt Prater missed a pair of field goals and the Lions also had a 78-yard punt return touchdown.

Let me be very clear. This game could not have gone worse for the Lions. It could not have gone worse for Matt Patricia who was making his rookie NFL coaching debut. 

What I saw was a team that was completely unprepared. A team who looked fundamentally unorganized across the board. This falls directly on coaching. Heck, the Jets players were even saying how they could predict what the Lions were about to run. Again, this speaks directly to a lack of preparation and coaching. 

I don’t know where the Lions go from here. A 48-17 loss against a bad Jets team is hard to stomach. They better get their act together and get it together quickly. We didn’t witness a simple loss or a loss to a better team. We witnessed an absolute clown show in every single area for the Lions. 

What happened last night is unacceptable. This team is far better than a 48-17 loss and far better than seemingly making every mistake possible. I know Stafford said the loss is solely on him, and he is certainly a big part of it. But the Lions issues run far deeper than just Matthew Stafford. They need to go back to square one and improve across the board. Quickly.

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