NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- It might not be this week, but eventually it looks as if Luke Stocker will make a contribution to the Tennessee Titans ground game.

Stocker, signed on Monday two weeks after being released by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, could fill the role of a blocking tight end that the Titans have been missing since Anthony Fasano left as a free agent in the offseason.

Tennessee has attempted to fill that role by using special teamer Phillip Supernaw and rookie third-round pick Jonnu Smith, but even head coach Mike Mularkey admitted a couple of weeks ago that the spot of a blocking tight end was still a work in progress.

Now, the Titans may want to see just how much progress Stocker can make in the offense to get him on the field to help bolster the running game.

As for Stocker, he said he believes the Titans' style fits him to a tee.

"I think it fits me perfectly, and that's one of the things I'm excited about," Stocker said. "Y'all have heard coach Mularkey use the catch phrase 'exotic smashmouth.' football. Smashmouth is exactly what I want to do and that's the way I can contribute to this team and help them out."

Mularkey was non-committal on whether Stocker could get up to speed in time to play Sunday in Arizona.

"I don't know. That may be a Friday question, let him have a few days in the system," Mularkey said.

Stocker already has some concepts of the running game down, he says, but still has to learn some of the intricacies of the offense.

"I've got a pretty good grasp on the run game right now, but there are definitely different nuances and formations and shifts and motions," Stocker said.

"The cadence alone is different from what I'm used to. I'm just trying to get a full understanding of the system, hopefully sooner rather than later. ... Right now, I'm just trying to learn the schematics for all the tight-end positions, so I can be ready to go when the time comes."

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