Baker Mayfield is a great QB who is without question having a Heisman Trophy type season. He’s led Oklahoma well all season and fills the stat sheets with impressive numbers.

But this isn’t what people are really talking about. Instead, we are constantly hearing about Baker Mayfield’s attitude.

It all started this past summer when the video surfaced of Mayfield running from police. This is obviously unacceptable and I can’t defend it in any way, shape, or form.

But I can defend some of the other things Mayfield is getting criticized for.

Let me be very clear. The Heisman Trophy is all about production on the field. It’s about stats, and I don’t think it’s fair for people who don’t like Mayfield’s attitude to use that against him.

We all saw Mayfield plant the flag at Ohio State after beating the Buckeyes. We all certainly saw him on the Kansas sideline cussing out the Jayhawks as well. He’s a completive guy who probably let’s his emotions get the best of him sometimes. But that should NOT cost him Heisman votes.

For people to sit here and say he should be punished for showing too much emotion and being competitive is ridiculous. Furthermore, I think it’s ridiculous that he’s facing some discipline from the University of Oklahoma.

Mayfield will not start Saturday against West Virginia and will not be a captain for the game, Sooners coach Lincoln Riley said Monday.

I don’t agree with this. Granted, this “discipline” really isn’t much at all. But still, I don’t think there should be any. However, I understand why Riley did it. He wanted to get out front and ahead of things due to all the public criticism Mayfield was getting for his antics. Mayfield was emotional when talking about this discipline:

"Playing at OU is something I always dreamed of," Mayfield said while addressing reporters after Monday's practice. "Not starting is what it is. But not being a team captain is something so much more. It would be hard if it were a regular game. But it being my last one here ever, it means a lot more. It's going to be tough."

Mayfield won't start, will play against WVU. He is the odds on favorite to win the Heisman Trophy right now. He’s had a fantastic season and I expect his success to continue. The guy can clearly play football at a high level.

I don’t like when players are suspended or disciplined for every little thing they do wrong. It’s completely different if the issue is a serious legal matter. There should be discipline for those issues. But having fun and going a little over the top with your emotions? No, there should not be suspensions for that.

But let’s be real, it speaks to the society we are currently living in. Everyone has to be in trouble for something, and everyone has to beg for public apologies for every little thing.

Mayfield needs to keep doing what he’s doing. The passion and emotion is what we need more of in sports.



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