The NCAA is the best game in town. Like the old saying goes “win on Saturday, give it all back on Sunday”! We love this game, we love betting on this game, and we have some great picks for you this week. Last week wasn’t a complete failure, however, it certainly could have been better. We will take what we got and be happy about it. As the weeks go by, you chalk up “last week's failures” and move on. 

Neither Alabama or Clemson covered, and Clemson was fortunate to get out of North Carolina with a win. That game went to the wire but that’s what championship teams do, they win. It was a close one, but they are still standing and still the number one team in the land. Alabama played well but again, didn’t cover a very large 37-point spread. Ole Miss scored 31 on them and that’s troubling. What we can say for Clemson, they gave up 20, on the road. Alabama gave up 31 at home. 

Odds to Win The 2019 NCAAF Championship

Ohio State was the unknown and went into Nebraska laying 18.5. They walked away with a 48-7 win, in hostile territory. This team looked like champions. Penn State, the same. They went on the road laying just 6.5 and clobbered Maryland 59-0. Who’s the team to beat in the BIG 10? We don’t know, but we do know it’s by far the most competitive conference in all of college football. You must play to win, and the online sportsbooks are laying it up every week. Be sure to get the money in, find the best lines, and start winning. 

The picks:


No. 18 UCF vs. Cincinnati (UCF -3.5, O/U: 60.5) Best Line: America’s Bookie

UCF is tough and they picked up a big win after their first loss in a very long time, however, they couldn’t find a way to cover over a very bad team. We think the line was too high at 44. The will win this game against a decent Bearcats team, It could be close, and it will most likely be high scoring. We like the money line win. UCF wins ML. 

New Mexico vs. San Jose State (SJSU -6.5, O/U: 67.5) Best Line: MyBookie 

Neither team is that impressive, but it is good old-fashioned football on a Friday night and that’s what matters. New Mexico got their butts beat by Liberty! Liberty may be getting a program together, but this is New Mexico, not Kent State or Yale! They’re supposed to have some athletic ability. We like San Jose but not enough to tell you to bet it. Play the over. Both score a pile and neither play much defense. Over is the play. Over 67.5


No. 6 Oklahoma vs. Kansas (OKLA -32, O/U: 67.5) Best Line: Intertops

The Jayhawks are really bad, and the Sooners are really good. Lay the points, don’t think twice and call us in the morning. This contest should be 32-0 at halftime. Oklahoma 52, Kansas 20.

Utah State vs. LSU (LSU -27.5, O/U: 74) Best Line: Bovada

The best Utah State has is a near win against Wake Forest, in Wake, the first game of this season. Everyone else – scrubs. LSU is a scoring machine, but both play decent defense. Utah doesn’t have even kind of close to the talent of LSU. The stat line is fools gold. LSU 58, Utah State 24. 

Kent State vs. No. 8 Wisconsin (WIS -35.5, O/U: 59.5) Best Line: America’s Bookie

Wisconsin will bury Kent State. This game will never be a contest and we would lay 45! The over is a great bet as well. This thing could be 72-10.

Purdue vs. No. 12 Penn State (PSU -28.5, O/U: 56.5) Best Line: MyBookie

Penn State laid the wood to Maryland last week to the tune of 59-0. They were laying 6.5! The Nittany Lions give up 7 points per game, they are a defensive juggernaut. Purdue is a huge disappointment and it all started with Nevada. Lay the 28.5. Penn State 48, Purdue 17.

No. 7 Auburn vs. No. 10 Florida (AUB -2.5, O/U: 48.5) Best Line: Intertops

Auburn has proven they are worthy of the No. 7 spot. This team lights up the defense and they are athletic and can score at will. Not to mention they have a decent defense of their own. Florida is solid and this one will go to the wire. We like Auburn's toughness and although this is going to be close, we like Auburn with the money line win. 

Bowling Green vs. No. 9 Notre Dame (ND -45.5, O/U: 62) Best Line: Bovada

Bowling Green is broke like a really bad joke. They come in having lost 3-4 to Kent State 62-20, LAT, 35-7, KSU, 52-0, they’re one win on the season came against Morgan State. This team is awful, and they will get an old-fashioned beating against “Touchdown Jesus”. Notre Dame covers 45.5 and could score 62 on their own. Over 62. 

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