Dorothy, this is Kansas. That alone is reason enough to lead to a parting of ways of Kansas football and its new head coach Les Miles. For all those proclaiming “this is a great hire,” sorry but Miles is set up for failure in Lawrence. In the past decade, the Jayhawks have won more than three games in a single season just once. That was the final year of the Mark Mangino era when Kansas won five games. Big 12 wins in the last ten years? Yeah…six. Next up to be fired, Les Miles.

The Roster
The Kansas football roster isn’t deep and it’s not that talented. The Jayhawks best player is running back Pooka Williams Jr. who was named to the Big 12’s Freshmen All-Conference team. Williams was suspended from the team after he was arrested on suspicion of domestic battery. The state of Kansas does not produce the same amount of Power 5 prospects as Texas or Oklahoma. How Miles rebuilds the roster will determine his fate…which likely ends up with his firing.

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The Staff
So, Miles went out and made a huge splash….wait, no he didn’t. He hired former Auburn offensive coordinator Chip Lindsey to run the offense. Great. Now Kansas can run an up-tempo spread offense with a roster that is less talented than every other school in the Big 12. 

Miles then hired D.J. Eliot, the former Colorado defensive coordinator, to run the defense. Great. Colorado won its first five games of the 2018 season. Then, the Buffaloes proceeded to lose its last seven games in 2018. They did it while giving up 34 points per game. Under Eliot. Have fun trying to slow down Oklahoma, Texas, and the rest of them in the Big 12.

While Kansas is not a hotbed of Power 5 talent, there are some very good prospects especially near Kansas City, a little over an hour from campus. The problem is that most of those players head off to programs that actually win. Take Jax Dineen as an example. His oldest brother was All-Big 12 this season and led the FBS in solo tackles playing for Kansas. The middle brother is also a Kansas linebacker. On the early signing day this year in December, Jax, the youngest, signed with new head coach Chris Klieman and Kansas State. The Dineen’s hail from Free State High School, which is just four miles from the KU campus. If you can’t win battles like that, how are you going to pull in quality talent Les?

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With the hire of Lindsey, the offense will be very similar to what everyone else in the Big 12 does. The problem with that – as already mentioned – is that Miles and the Jayhawks will simply do it with less talented players than the rest of the Big 12. Let’s not forget Miles’ offensive preferences either. He is a ground-and-pound type and has never produced outstanding offenses or outstanding quarterbacks. Is that all of a sudden going to change?

The same holds true on defense. In the pass-happy Big 12, defenses have to be prepared to play 80 to 85 snaps per game and slow down offenses well enough to outscore them. It’s a recipe that Miles and Kansas will not be able to make. It’s a recipe for disaster and, ultimately, the firing of Miles as Kansas football head coach.

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