It was another wild week of NFL action as only three favorites ended up covering spreads. With the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, we have 15 games to choose from. Our Top 3 teams in the Power Ratings remain unchanged. 

Favorites: 9-4 SU and 3-6-3 ATS (Season: 91-52-2 SU and 67-80-8 ATS)    
Favorite of 7 or more: 1-1 SU and 1-1 ATS (Season: 32-8 SU and 20-19-1 ATS)
Favorites of 3 or less: 5-0 SU and 1-1-3 ATS  (Season: 31-27-2 SU and 23-31-6 ATS)
Home Underdogs: 1-2 SU and 1-1-1 ATS (Season: 18-20-2 SU and 24-15-1 ATS)
Pick Games: Home team 4-2 ATS

This all leads to our score-based Power Ratings, which we introduced this season. These type of ratings are based not only on records but on how teams did against the point spread, which gives us a broader view when it comes to understanding the strengths of a team when making lines.

Here are this week's ranking and team updates. Your comments are always welcome. 

1. New Orleans Saints

Odds: +325
Record: 9-1 SU and 8-2 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 1st

The Saints are like a semi-truck heading down the side of mountain highway and it would be foolish to try to bet against even if they are giving an abnormal amount of points to Atlanta. Oddsmakers are tired of losing to New Orleans and are forcing bettors to choose with higher spreads.

2. Kansas City Chiefs

Odds: +550
Record: 9-2 SU and 8-2-1 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 2nd

Kansas City certainly gave their all but came up short as Patrick Mahomes for the first time all year looked a little rattled. A week off for the Chiefs before winning at Oakland.

3. Los Angeles Rams

Odds: +325
Record: 10-1 SU and 4-5-2 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 3rd

The Rams were clutch when they had to be late against Kansas City and got the victory. After a week off, Los Angeles will be on the road for three of their next four starts in the Motor City.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers

Odds: +850 
Record: 7-2-1 SU and 6-3-1 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 5th

Pittsburgh expected Jacksonville best shot and got it, but still found a way to win. Next stop, a very similar road game at Denver for the Steelers.

5. Minnesota Vikings

Odds: +2500
Record: 5-4-1 SU and 4-4-2 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 4th

Weak showing by Minnesota in a loss to Chicago as Kirk Cousins again underperformed in a big game. Vikings need a win over Green Bay to keep themselves on track for the playoffs.

6. Chicago Bears

Odds: +1600 
Record: 7-3 SU and ATS
Last Week's Rank: 9th

It's official, the Chicago Bears are for real. The Bears offense is not exceptional, but they do the job when needed and the defense has forced at least two turnovers in all but one game this season.

7. New England Patriots

Odds: +650
Record: 7-3 and 6-4 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 7th

Back to work for New England and they make the trip to New Jersey to face the Jets. The Patriots have a 15-6 ATS road record the last three years.

8. Los Angeles Chargers

Odds: +1400
Record: 7-3 SU and 5-5 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 6th

A very disappointing loss for the Chargers who had no excuse coming off a bye and playing at home against an AFC West rival. Winning against Arizona should not be an issue, covering a big number might be.

9. Carolina Panthers

Odds: +5000
Record: 6-4 SU and 5-5  ATS
Last Week's Rank: 8th

What's up with Carolina? The Panthers are off two away stinkers and their playoff positioning is less secured now. Cam and guys better bring it or Seattle will extend the 'Cats losing streak to three.

10. Seattle Seahawks

Odds: +5000
Record: 5-5 and 6-3-1 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 10th

In spite of poor start, Seattle battled back and defeated Green Bay. The Seahawks have a cross-country trip to Charlotte and are 9-2 ATS in a road game when the total is between 45.5 and 49 points. 

11. Houston Texans

Odds: +2000
Record: 7-3 SU and 4-5-1 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 11th

Despite winning seven straight, there are still doubts about the Texans because there spread record in below .500. Houston can prove they are more for real than imagined with a win and cover over Tennessee at home on Monday night.

12. Baltimore Ravens

Odds: +2000
Record: 5-5 SU and 4-6 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 12th

Baltimore was ultra-conservative with Lamar Jackson starting for an injured Joe Flacco, but they got the win over Cincinnati. The Ravens will look to make two in a row when Oakland hits town off there "big win".

13. Green Bay Packers

Odds: +6600
Record: 4-5-1 SU and 4-6 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 14th

Green Bay is officially in the "just good enough to lose" class when facing stronger competition. That is not good news with the Packers at Minnesota on Sunday night.

14. Indianapolis Colts

Odds: +4000
Record: 5-5 SU and 6-4 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 19th

The Colts being on a four-game winning streak this season (3-0-1 ATS) was about as likely as another Rolling Stones tour coming to the US. (Both are true) Andrew Luck is en Fuego and they will look to make it five in a row and further move up our power ratings.

15. Tennessee Titans

Odds: +6600
Record: 5-5 SU and 6-4 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 13th

Tennessee was neither mentally or physically prepared to face Indianapolis and got hammered. Marcus Mariota hurt his elbow again, so watch for reports to see if he will be playing this week and how close to 100 percent he is. That could be the deciding factor on taking the Titans or not.

16. Detroit Lions

Odds: +15000
Record: 4-6 SU and 6-4 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 20th

Detroit is about impossible to predict this year, being either good or bad. That has also been the case on Thanksgiving, as sometimes we see the good Lions or other times the really awful Lions. We might see the former, since they will open turkey day having lost to Chicago 11 days ago.

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17. Philadelphia Eagles

Odds: +6600
Record: 4-6 and 3-7 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 15th

The Eagles are all but dead unless something miraculous happens. Philadelphia has no way to stop an opposing quarterback with a secondary full of backups. However, what is wrong with Carson Wentz and the Eagles offense?

18. Atlanta Falcons

Odds: +12500
Record: 4-6 SU and 3-7 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 16th

After getting back to .500, Atlanta has dropped their past two games as favorites and their playoff hopes are fading. If they and Philadelphia would close 5-1, they would have a shot. Playing the Saints Thursday night is not going to make this journey easier.

19. Dallas Cowboys

Odds: +3300
Record: 5-5 SU and 3-5-1 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 18th

Dallas is back home after two stellar road wins and they will face Washington, who lost Alex Smith for the season. Can the Cowboys force a first-place tie with the Redskins and become the team to beat in the NFC East?

20. Cincinnati Bengals

Odds: +10000
Record: 5-5 SU and 4-6 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 17th

Cincinnati could not stop the pass (32nd) and now they cannot stop the run either (32nd). Will Marvin Lewis finally be shown the door? That could mean two heading coaching jobs open in Ohio this offseason. Knowing Cleveland, they would probably hirer Lewis. Oh yea, they Bengals host the Browns this week.

21. Washington Redskins

Odds: +6600
Record: 5-5 SU and ATS
Last Week's Rank: 21st

In some betting circles, losing Alex Smith was not the end of the world for Washington. But does anyone really believe Colt McCoy behind a battered offensive line and few healthy playmakers is going to beat Dallas and win the NFC East?

22. Jacksonville Jaguars

Odds: +25000
Record: 3-7 SU and ATS
Last Week's Rank: 22nd

This season was as totally unexpected as last year's for Jacksonville. The coaching staff has no faith in Blake Bortles to throw down the field and the 2017 Jaguars defense has vanished. Remember earlier this season when we were making fun of Buffalo. The Jags play them and the teams have matching records.

23. Denver Broncos

Odds: +15000
Record: 4-6 SU and 4-5-1 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 23rd

In a stunner, Denver upset the L.A. Chargers. After weeks of playing mediocre run defense, the Broncos have held their last four foes to 77.7 YPG on the ground. Next, another rugged test with Pittsburgh at a Mile High.

24. New York Giants

Odds: +30000
Record: 3-7 SU and 5-5 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 25th

Break up the Giants, they have won two in a row! Of course, all they did was beat teams that actually were worse than they are. The G-Men will have a shot at covering the spread at Philadelphia with the Eagles secondary woes.

25. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Odds: +100000
Record: 3-7 SU and ATS
Last Week's Rank: 24th

After starting 2-0, Tampa Bay has an almost unfathomable -25 turnover margin since. San Francisco might get to west Florida early and run through all their tip drills and further practice ball-strip tackling.

26. Cleveland Browns

Odds: +25000
Record: 3-6-1 SU and 6-4 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 26th

Cleveland is back to work and with how absolutely horrible the Cincinnati defense is if Baker Mayfield executes properly, the Browns might win again.

27. San Francisco 49ers

Odds: +250000
Record: 2-8 SU and 3-7 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 27th

The 49ers will have to be stout on defense, having a second consecutive contest against an opponent they are capable of beating. If the Niners get any rush, the Bucs will turn the rock over.

28. Miami Dolphins

Odds: +25000
Record: 5-5 SU and ATS
Last Week's Rank: 28th

Miami might have the same record (5-5) as Indianapolis, but the Dolphins were a double-digit road underdog as of Monday afternoon. If quarterback play in a real deciding factor in the NFL, you know what to expect with Brock Osweiler taking on Andrew Luck.

29. Buffalo Bills

Odds: +100000
Record: 3-7 SU and 4-6 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 30th

Buffalo has a rematch with Jacksonville this Sunday, having last played them in the Wild Card contest this past January. The stakes will not be as high this time around.

30. New York Jets

Odds: +75000
Record: 3-7 SU and ATS          
Last Week's Rank: 31st

The Jets are averaging just over 10 PPG in posting their recent 0-4 SU and ATS record. The situation might not get a lot better with an angry Patriots squad off an ugly loss at Tennessee.

31. Arizona Cardinals

Odds: +200000
Record: 2-8 SU and 5-5 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 29th

You know your season is going down the crapper when you cannot hold a lead over Oakland at home and fall to the Raiders. With talk of Arizona possibly going a different direction with a new GM, coach Steve Wilks has a lot to prove the next six weeks.

32. Oakland Raiders

Odds: +250000
Record: 2-8 SU and 2-7-1 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 32nd

If you were wondering just how bad the Raiders have been this season, they won a game and did not budge out of the last place in our Power Ratings. Next up is the Ravens on the road for Oakland.

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