Slowly but surely favorites are not only winning more and covering more spreads. It will be interesting to see if this trend continues the next several weeks. Check out what we mean.

Favorites: 11-3 SU and 8-6 ATS (Season: 78-36-2 SU and 53-60-3 ATS)    
Favorite of 7 or more: 6-0 SU and 4-2 ATS (Season: 24-6 SU and 14-15-1 ATS)
Favorites of 3 or less: 3-3 SU and 3-3 ATS  (Season: 25-21-2 SU and 22-24-2 ATS)
Home Underdogs: 2-2 SU and 2-2 ATS (Season: 13-14-2 SU and 19-10 ATS)
Pick Games: Home team 4-1 ATS

This all leads to our score-based Power Ratings, which we introduced this season. 

These type of ratings are based not only on records but on how teams did against the point spread, which gives us a broader view when it comes to understanding the strengths of a team when making lines.

Here are this week's ranking and team updates. Your comments are always welcome. 

1. Los Angeles Rams

Odds: +275
Record: 7-0 SU and 4-3-1 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 1st

The Rams escaped against Green Bay to stay undefeated. They continue their month of very challenging games with a trip to the bayou to face New Orleans who is No.3 in our power ratings.

2. Kansas City Chiefs

Odds: +550
Record: 7-1 SU and 7-1 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 2nd

Kansas City finally lost against the spread for the first time this season by a single point. The Chiefs head to Cleveland where the Browns will have a new coach and they will again be large favorites.

3. New Orleans Saints

Odds: +600
Record: 6-1 SU and 5-2 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 3rd

The Saints were extremely impressive in the victory over Minnesota and proved the public was correct in moving them from an underdog to favorite in that game. Next up, the unbeaten L.A. Rams at home in what should be a fabulous ballgame.

4. New England Patriots

Odds: +500
Record: 5-2 and 4-3 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 6th

In case you have not noticed, the New England offense is only 11th in total offense and is finding other ways to score. Let's see how they do against the Pack this week. 

5. Carolina Panthers

Odds: +2200
Record: 5-2 SU and 4-3  ATS
Last Week's Rank: 10th

Carolina keeps getting better and handled Baltimore with ease. The Panthers need to beat Tampa Bay impressively at home to keep building confidence since four of their next five games after that are on the road.

6. Pittsburgh Steelers

Odds: +1600
Record: 4-2-1 SU and 4-3 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 7th

On a 3-0 SU & ATS spin, Pittsburgh can take control of AFC North with a victory at Baltimore. The Birds are floundering, the Bengals are injury-riddled and have no pass defense and the Browns are the Browns. 

7. Minnesota Vikings

Odds: +1600
Record: 4-3-1 SU and 3-3-2 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 4th

We are starting to see what Redskins coach Jay Gruden did not like Kirk Cousins. The Vikings quarterback has a tendency to disappear from time to time. Minnesota has to take care of Detroit this week before regrouping at the bye week.

8. Seattle Seahawks

Odds: +3300
Record: 4-3 and 4-2-1 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 9th

Seattle has gone back to old school Pete Carroll meat and potatoes football. The defense has gotten hungry with a nice mix of veterans and young players. We strongly disagree with having the Seahawks O-Line ranked 28th. That was true to start the season, not anymore.

9. Los Angeles Chargers

Odds: +1400
Record: 5-2 SU and 3-4 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 8th

The Carson Chargers are back in action after a week off and they have a tough assignment at Seattle. How well the Bolts run defensive plays will decide their fate.

10. Houston Texans

Odds: +2200
Record: 5-3 SU and 3-4-1 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 16th

Houston has gone from 0-3 and last place in the AFC South to 5-0 and in first place. Replacing receiver Will Fuller will not be easy, which means the Texans defense and running game will have to contribute more.

11. Philadelphia Eagles

Odds: +2500
Record: 4-4 and 3-5 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 12th

Former Dallas legendary coach Tom Landry believed if your team could be .500 or better halfway thru the season, it was possible to make a big push in the second half. Eagles coach Doug Pederson is thinking the same thing after getting to 4-4 with a bye next.

12. Baltimore Ravens

Odds: +3300
Record: 4-4 SU and ATS
Last Week's Rank: 5th

From legit AFC contender to a complete phony. For all the bravado and toughness associated with the Baltimore organization, they are weak-minded outside their division. In Steelers matchup this week, the home team is on 0-4 ATS run. Ravens are at home Sunday.

13. Green Bay Packers

Odds: +3300
Record: 3-3-1 SU and 3-4 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 13th

Great effort by Green Bay, but the difference between winning and losing often is a handful of plays a game. Nothing easy about this week either for the Pack with a Sunday night date at the Patriots. 

14. Detroit Lions

Odds: +10000
Record: 3-4 SU and 5-2 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 11th

Like several teams in the NFL, just when you start liking Detroit after five consecutive spread winners and squaring their record at 3-3, they are bushwhacked by Seattle. Winning in the Twin Cities will be a real chore this Sunday.

15. Chicago Bears

Odds: +2500
Record: 4-3 SU and ATS
Last Week's Rank: 17th

The Bears put together a good workmanlike showing in beating the New York Jets. Chicago should have a very good chance of securing another victory, catching Buffalo on a short week off a division battle.

16. Cincinnati Bengals

Odds: +4000
Record: 5-3 SU and 4-4 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 14th

Cincinnati's defense is ravaged with injuries at all three levels. Players that should be seeing 10 to 15 snaps are playing full time and the current backups are just warm bodies. Even with a week off, not sure where the Marvin Lewis turns for answers.

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17. Dallas Cowboys

Odds: +5000
Record: 3-4 SU and 3-4-1 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 15th

Dallas should be ready for Monday night against Tennessee who is on a three-game losing streak. However, the Cowboys are 24-40 ATS as home favorites since 2008, which would make any football bettor skittish.

18. Washington Redskins

Odds: +2800
Record: 5-2 SU and ATS
Last Week's Rank: 17th

The win over the Giants was not a thing of beauty, but Washington has put together a 3-0 SU & ATS streak for the first time since the middle of the 2016 season. A home win versus Atlanta this week would appear very important since five of the Redskins next seven will be away from home.

19. Atlanta Falcons

Odds: +6600
Record: 3-4 SU and 2-5 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 19th

With New Orleans and Carolina pulling away in the NFC South, Atlanta has their work cut out for them. Besides an injured and already suspect defense, the Falcons will be on the road for six of remaining nine contests, six which will be outdoors, where they often struggle.

20. Indianapolis Colts

Odds: +15000
Record: 3-5 SU and 4-4 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 23rd

Indianapolis is not a contender, yet they are making strides in the right direction. The Colts have a nice assortment of young players that show potential and as we mentioned last week, they are playing hard for new coach Frank Reich.

21. Jacksonville Jaguars

Odds: +5000
Record: 3-5 SU and ATS
Last Week's Rank: 21st

Jacksonville has gone from a team on the rise to a team that likes to party harder and has someone else pick up the tab. Coach Doug Marrone is known as a hard-ass and needs to take control of this team.

22. Tennessee Titans

Odds: +10000
Record: 3-4 SU and 4-3 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 20th

Tennessee is on a three-game slide and if they want to be a factor in their division, they have to go to Jerry's World and leave with a 'W'. Are the Titans up to the task?

23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Odds: +25000
Record: 3-4 SU and ATS
Last Week's Rank: 22nd

It's official, you can see it coming, upheaval in Tampa Bay again. Jameis Winston is out again, coach Dirk Koetter will be shown the door at season's end and Ryan Fitzpatrick will play good enough for the Buccaneers to lose.

24. Denver Broncos

Odds: +15000
Record: 3-5 SU and 3-4-1 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 25th

Good effort by Denver in a loss to Kansas City, yet, Broncos fans want wins not "almost's". Denver catches a hot Houston squad on a five-game winning streak. Can the Broncos derail the Texans?

25. New York Jets

Odds: +30000
Record: 3-5 SU and ATS          
Last Week's Rank: 26th

The Jets have gone to wearing name tags in the offensive huddle to help Sam Darnold introduce himself with all their injuries. Next up, a trip to Miami where the Flyboys have always played well.

26. New York Giants

Odds: +75000
Record: 1-9 SU and 3-5 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 29th

First-year head coach Pat Shurmur has a decision to make with New York on a bye week. Continue with a washed up Eli Manning at quarterback or start rookie Kyle Lauletta, who has not dressed for any of the Giants games this season. Decisions, decisions.

27. San Francisco 49ers

Odds: +200000
Record: 1-7 SU and 2-6 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 28th

San Francisco had a 15-3 lead with just over 13 minutes left in the game at Arizona and they could not close the deal. The 49ers are on pace for a second straight 1-10 start to a season. But wait, Oakland's coming, maybe a second win is on the way.

28. Miami Dolphins

Odds: +20000
Record: 4-4 SU and ATS
Last Week's Rank: 24th

With Ryan Tannehill injured again, it appears any thoughts of him being a franchise quarterback are done. Brock Osweiler is what he is and once again Miami is a rudderless ship. The Fins have the Jets at home and they are 5-16 ATS against Gang Green in their own building.

29. Cleveland Browns

Odds: +30000
Record: 2-5-1 SU and 5-3 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 27th

Not sure about firing a head coach in the middle of the season that you were probably going to jettison at the end of the year anyway. But it's Cleveland so to expect anything different is silly. Not a big deal, all the Browns have to do is prepare for is Kansas City. Gulp.

30. Arizona Cardinals

Odds: +75000
Record: 2-5 SU and 4-2-1 ATS 
Last Week's Rank: 31st

It was hardly a thing of beauty, but Arizona went on a 15-0 fourth-quarter run and is 2-0 against San Francisco and winless against everyone else. The Cardinals should party like the Jaguars secondary because, after a week off, they travel to Kansas City.

31. Buffalo Bills

Odds: +75000
Record: 2-6 SU and 3-5 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 30th

The Buffalo offense remains putrid as we saw on Monday night and it's hard to imagine they will have a great more success against Chicago, even at home.

32. Oakland Raiders

Odds: +100000
Record: 1-6 SU and 1-5-1 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 32nd

Watching John Gruden on the sidelines is not the same. What used to be Chucky and a Super Bowl-winning coach now looks like your confused uncle Chuck. At least the Raiders are facing a team as inept as they are in San Francisco on Thursday night

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