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Cleveland Browns Can Rack Up in 2017 NFL Draft

By Kent Whitaker

It’s no secret that Cleveland fans have had their share of letdowns over the years. But the 2017 NFL draft may be a solid stepping-stone on the path of the Browns rebuilding process. As it stands now the team is set for eleven picks with two coming in round one.

They lead off with the opening pick and then have the twelfth due to a deal with the Eagles. This gives the Browns a great opportunity to grab everything from possible starters to players you can plug into holes deeper down the roster. Here’s a look on how the Cleveland Browns can rack up in the 2017 NFL Draft with three solid picks.

DEFENSE: Myles Garrett DE - Texas A&M

The Browns can’t go wrong if they open the 2017 NFL draft by choosing Myles Garrett. The defensive prospect from Texas A&M should go at the top even after fighting a high-ankle sprain during the 2016 season. Garrett had 8.5 sacks, 18 solo tackles, and 32 combined tackles in 2016 while missing two games. His size, build, and athleticism is combined with classic SEC speed. He has great moves, fast hands, and plenty of leg strength. The Great Thing about Garrett: His ability to finish a tackle.

DEFENCE: Jamal Adams S - LSU

Another solid choice with their first pick would be Jamal Adams from LSU. Like Garret, he’s big, has explosive moves, and he has good speed. He’s also a solid tackler that can deliver punishing hits. Adams is a solid top ten pick and could be selected in the top five. As a safety for LSU he racked up over 200 tackles over three years. Adams ability to read plays as they developed allowed him to play his safety position close in as well as deep depending on the situation and down. The Great Thing about Adams: Covers ground and has solid hits.

OFFENCE: David Njoku TE - Miami

The Browns could also benefit with a selection on the offensive side of the ball. There’s no question that they’ll look at solidifying their offensive line but there may be room for the addition of a player such as a tight end. If David Njoku is still around for some of the Cleveland Browns later picks then they should snatch him up. Njoku has great speed and can break tackles once he secures the ball. He’s also able to run routes and carry the ball from handoffs if needed. The Great Thing about Njoku: Seems to have the ability to grab an extra yard or two when you think he’s going down.

OVERALL: Things are Wide Open!

The Cleveland Browns have been a player in the 2017 Free Agency world. They even picked up Brock Osweiler from the Texans. By the time the draft comes he may have been traded away to another team per some media outlets. The bottom line is that the Browns can fill a lot of slots in the 2017 NFL Draft. They need help on defense, as stated above by my suggestions, as well as firming up their offensive line. With the Osweiler move it’s too early to say what they will be thinking when it comes to looking at quarterbacks or other players in the backfield.

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