Rarely does a rookie come around that I get super excited about here in Detroit. I’ve grown up a Lions fan my whole life, and quite frankly, the organization has never really drafted well. At all.

This leads to skepticism whenever we discuss the NFL draft. However, since Bob Quinn took over as GM of the Lions, he’s done a very nice job drafting. The confidence in developing players is at an all time high, and like I said, developing isn’t something the Lions have ever really done well.

You have to read Terry Foster’s piece on the rookie Lion WR titled Kenny Golladay Has Lions Fans Excited.

But I was legitimately excited when the Lions drafted WR Kenny Golladay in the third round this past spring. To be honest with you, I didn’t know too much about Golladay, but based on the film and highlights I watched, I knew he would fit right in. He’s a big, physical WR with great hands and a knack for making huge plays.

We saw this on display during the Lions first game against Arizona last weekend. Golladay had 7 catches for 69 yards and 2 touchdowns, including a deep ball that he dove for and made a beautiful play in the end zone.

Golladay’s hype train has sky rocketed. People are now aware of who he is and he’s actually a big name on the waiver wire right now for fantasy football. But Kenny Golladay didn’t always have this type of hype:

“I was really just a guy who fell under the radar,” Golladay said the day he was drafted by Detroit. “I didn’t get no offers, to be honest, out of high school. I got one offer and that was North Dakota. I just had that drive to play football, been playing all my life.”

Golladay ended up going to Northern Illinois and starred at wide receiver. He had two 1,000 yard receiving seasons for NIU. His wide receivers coach has always sung his praise:

“He’s special,” his receivers coach at NIU, Thaddeus Ward, told ESPN earlier this year. "I don’t know if you’ve had a chance to see some of the catches he’s made. He’s special. Probably the best ball-skills kid I’ve been around, catching radius. He’s special and a lot of times after practice, he’ll catch a ball with one hand, going on the sideline. You’ve seen it before, but he does it often. Some of the things he’s able to do, go up over guys and reach for the ball naturally. What we had to teach him was really to play the position of receiver, although he still has some room to grow.”

Golladay certainly seems like he will continue to have success in Detroit, and should help the Lions cement their place in the NFL division standings. He fits right into Matthew Stafford’s aerial offense and will continue to get targets. I would highly recommend any fantasy owner to scoop him up because he’s going to be a huge red zone target this year.

Kenny Golladay has become my new favorite player and I can’t wait to see him develop here in Detroit. So far so good for the young rookie! Let’s hope it continues.

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