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Marvin Lewis, Dont Let The Door Hit You On The Way Out

By Brad Mullins
Is 2017 finally the year? Every year the same speculation continues. It's never a question of "if", it's a question of when. "When will Marvin Lewis finally be shown the door?", is the question on the minds of every Bengals fan. Not only in Cincinnati, but also for avid followers of the NFL at large.

The past decade has brought the same results. It's like an unending nightmare that curses the dreams of a good nights sleep. We all remember the definition of insanity...right? A refresher; the definition of insanity, not according to any dictionary, according to Einstein -- "doing the same thing, repeating the same action, all while failing at what you're attempting but expecting a different outcome" (paraphrased).

Marvin Lewis is not the insane one here. He is the inept one! He is incapable of doing a better job. Without question he has failed the task at hand. What is the task at hand? Let's start with a playoff win. That would be a wonderful and beautiful start. In 14 long seasons, Mr. Lewis has failed to win 1 lousy playoff game.

The late, great Dennis Green famously said it best "they are who we thought they were and we let em off the hook". This so beautifully applies to the career of Marvin Lewis.
~~Marvin, you are what we thought you were and every stinking, rotten, lousy year, the Cincinnati Bengals let you off the hook!~~

The world is supposed to be built on stories of success. "With success comes great reward" or how does that go? Failure is expected on some level. When a guy is new at his position and being given the chance to build a career or show his worth, some failure is to be expected. This is always a part of growing, coming of age, or earning ones stripes. Marvin is no longer new. He is like an old pair of hole ravaged socks that keep finding their way to the sock drawer. You try to throw them out, you thought you had thrown them out eons ago, but somehow, someway, those old socks keep showing up. You hate wearing them but more often than not, it’s the only pair in the drawer. So yes, exactly, you put them on yet once again.

The Bengals are the insane one! They continue to wear the 14 year old socks with holes in them and continue expecting different results. The Bengals continue in their mediocre ways of operating an NFL franchise. They clearly have no desire to win.

At least hook a playoff win. Make your fans believe that you actually have a goal, a reason for existence. Bengals; you should have one goal and one goal only. To win a playoff game so that you are in a position to win another, then win another and then win the SuperBowl!

Stop thinking like losers. You are losers and it's unbecoming. Even for your sorry state of affairs, it's unbecoming. Mr. Lewis has given you 118 wins and 103 loses in his 14-year tenure, and not one lousy playoff win to show for it! Stop the insanity and fire this guy now. You have given him some really good player personal to work with. He can't complain that he hasn't had players.

Every dog has their day. Marvin's day has very clearly come and gone. He sucks, he's terrible and he has no formula for winning. None whatsoever. The regular season does not matter. For those that bring the argument, "look at his record the past 4 out of 5 seasons", it does not mean anything. It means absolutely nothing whatsoever. He can't win a playoff game and that is exactly what matters in the NFL and it matters to fans, especially to Bengals fans.

Let's see what happens this upcoming season. Will he finally be fired? Will the "natty" finally wake up and exercise the demon of insanity and fire the guy who is responsible for their culture of losing? The world is watching.

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