Last week in the Wild Card round, we more than held our own for NFL teasers despite far fewer games, with a 6-2 record. That should have afforded an NFL bettor to hit multiple teasers in 2 to 4-teamers and we got a few emails and texts from readers here that hit six-teamers!

That takes our record the last 13 weeks to 42-16 on teasers and very close to our 75 percent benchmark we always strive for and hit often. However. we always take the cautious approach and it will not be any easier dealing with the four games and the eight remaining teams left chasing the Lombardi hardware.  

Here is a look at the teaser combinations for the NFL Divisional Round Playoffs this weekend. These NFL odds are courtesy of Intertops.

Indianapolis at Kansas City (-5.5, 57)

Normally, the combination of Andy Reid and Kansas City has been one of four favored teaser combinations, which has produced excellent profits for those of us making NFL picks. And needing the Chiefs just win this contest is not a poor choice at +0.5 for a teaser. However, Indianapolis gives every indication they can win the battle at the line of scrimmage, they have the better defense, are on a 10-1 roll and their confidence could not be higher. That is why being able to slide by key numbers like 6, 7 and 10 offers real value with the Colts. On the total, everything points to this game reaching at least 60 points, making the OVER 51 the best bet on the total.

Teaser Picks: Colts +11.5 and Over 51

Dallas at L.A. Rams (-7, 49.5)

Betting this NFC teaser has everything to do with who you think will control how the game. If you are of the opinion that Dallas can and will run the ball, which will eat up the clock and will force enough three and outs and L.A. field goal attempts, then the Cowboys at +13 and Under 55.5 are the right picks. If however, you believe there are cracks in the Dallas defense the last month and Jared Goff has the weapons and some running back named Todd Gurley, who can take advantage of them, the L.A. team in the actual city at -1 looks rather inviting. We prefer the latter scenario and have 23-2 teaser line tracker that backs the Rams for this precise spread and total. With Goff's team averaging 37.1 PPG at home, even if they just tally 30, then all we need from Dallas is 14 points to hit this two-teamer.

Teaser Picks: Rams -1 and Over 43.5

L.A. Chargers at New England (-4, 45.5)

Without a doubt, the side in Sunday's AFC affair for a teaser is the hardest to choose with New England at +2 and the Carson Chargers are +10. The issue is the Patriots are 8-0 SU at home this season and are notoriously tough to beat in the postseason in Foxborough. Yet, the Chargers are 8-1 SU in all true road games and 9-0 SU when the leave the state of California. We will side with New England only because they are 37-5 in six-point teasers after allowing 17 points or less in three straight contests. There is little indication we will see a lot of points but both teams generate turnovers which would lead to points, making the OVER 39.5 the favorable NFL pick, particularly with two veteran quarterbacks.

Teaser Picks: Patriots +2 and Over 39.5

Philadelphia at New Orleans (-8, 50.5)

New Orleans has the best team, but Philadelphia has Nick Foles and roster of believers hell-bent on defending their Super Bowl title. Once the disbelief of somehow winning at Chicago wore off for Eagles players on Sunday night, they were already talking about being disrespected by New Orleans in 48-7 drubbing. They accused the Saints of running up the score when ahead 38-7 and they are anxious to play the 'respect card' in this matchup. On the teaser side, Philly putting up a valiant effort would not be a surprise, leading us to grab New Orleans at -2 and bypassing three important numbers. (3, 6 and 7). If correct, chances are the Eagles will not be in a shootout, leading us to forecast an UNDER for the teaser.

Teaser Picks: Saints -2 and Under 56.5

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