There were six outright upsets in Week 10, we happened to be on the wrong side of three of them for teasers. That dropped our record to 26-14 (14-6 L5W) and we have a small profit still to work with. Hey, what can we can say, shite happens and we have seven weeks to overcome that day and build those bankrolls.

Here is a look at the four teasers we like for this upcoming week. If you are new to this article, skip down to below the games to learn a great way to make money betting NFL teasers.

These NFL odds are courtesy of Intertops. 

Dallas Taken From +3 to +9 against Atlanta

Dallas was surprise winner last week and Atlanta was a surprise loser. What makes the Cowboys an appealing choice in this contest is their defense always gives them a chance to stay in any contest. A deeper dive into the numbers shows that when Dallas commits one or fewer turnovers, they have either won and lost by a max of eight points this season. With this in mind, we found the Falcons are only averaging one forced miscue a contest. With this teaser, we move past or a couple key numbers and find the Boys at  51-9 against a teaser line off one or more Over's. 

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Minnesota Taken from +3 to +9 against Chicago

A big battle in the NFC North features the top two teams. This is an important game for Chicago who is out to prove they deserve to be in first place and can create some space with a victory. Minnesota, on the other hand, is the reigning champs and is starting to feel like they are getting back to last year's form which took them to the NFC title game. By grabbing the Vikings, we win the hook at +3.5 and got thru the key numbers of 6 and 7.  It has been 11 regular season road games since Minnesota have been beaten by more than nine points and in their last 18 away outings when the total has been between 42.5 and 45, the Vikes have won by 3.5 PPG.

New Orleans Taken from -9 to -3 over Philadelphia

Eventually, New Orleans is not going to play a great game. With that in mind, we are buying protection with this teaser in the event that happens. Philadelphia is not going back to the Super Bowl, in fact, they might not even make the playoffs, but at any time they could show some pride and rise up. That is why it could matter to take the Saints to three points and slide under the 6 and 7. With the Eagles secondary greener than their team colors, Drew Brees should have large numbers. But just in case, the Who Dats are 19-1 against a teaser line versus a ball control team with 32+ minutes of T.O.P, and 21 or more first downs per game. 

L.A. Chargers Taken from -7 to -1 over Denver

Maybe the bye week will help Denver, but it's not going to help them beat the L.A. Chargers on the road. There are wise guys taking a very close look at Philip Rivers and his teammates for futures on winning the AFC and the Super Bowl. We know how steady the offense is with Rivers and after a choppy start, the defense has permitted 13.2 PPG since October started. Gliding from -7 to -1 places us in a nice position of the Bolts basically just needing to win. For good measure, the last 41 times a home favorite was in this exact situation against the teaser line, they covered 36 of them.

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Special Note from Author: You should know betting NFL teasers is just not about shaving or adding more points on a spread wager, it is about creating value going against key numbers. This is the real secret to beating the oddsmakers numbers.

The keys numbers we are talking about are 3, 6, 7, 10, 13 and 14. These are the most common outcomes in the NFL and if you can situate your wagers on the right side of these figures, you can dramatically enhance your chances of winning teasers.

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