The extra work paid off on teasers last week as we hit a three-teamer and couple two-teamers. That takes our record to 15-9, but we are still in the red and our mission is to get nail three out of four the next couple weeks or even sweep the board to get back on the plus side by midseason.

This week we believe the card in more amiable and we are thinking we should have some very positive results.

These NFL odds are courtesy of Intertops. 

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L.A. Chargers Taken From -6.5 to a -0.5 over Tennessee

Our first selection takes us to London and what few Los Angeles Chargers fans there are, they will have to decide if watching their favorite team is worth a 6:30 am wake call on Sunday. For this teaser, it sure seems it is worth putting in your portfolio. The starting number of -6.5 is one of our favorites because we drop below the 6 and the 3 and the only way do not win is if the Bolts do not. Philip Rivers has the offense averaging almost 30 PPG, while Tennessee is languishing at 14.5 PPG. Here is the closer, Carson's finest are 19-0 OVER vs. the away teaser number after allowing 14 points or less in two straight games.

New England Taken From -3 to +3 against Chicago

Though the Chicago defense is coming off a rough week, the oddsmakers line suggests they will stay be in their game against New England. If you saw the Patriots lose to Jacksonville, it was evident how little Tom Brady like the idea of being hit anymore and will toss the ball away. The other side of the coin is this if the Bears actually win, do you really see it by more than three points? Unless Brady starts losing fumbles it does not seem like that would occur. Moving the Pats from -3 to +3 should have its advantages and they are 26-1 against a teaser line in road games after allowing 375 or more total yards in two consecutive contests.

Houston/Jacksonville Taken from 41.5 to OVER 35.5 Total

Since their impressive victory over New England, the Jacksonville offense looks very similar to the one we saw before 2017. In three of the last four outings, the Jaguars have scored 14 or fewer points and turned the pigskin over 11 times. Back home, Jacksonville should be able to start to figure out what ails them and return to scoring at a more normal pace. Houston's offense has also been a bit choppy, but its defense is steadily improving. In these teams last seven matchups, five times we have had an OVER and this is a low figure when adjusted. Additionally, the Texans are 51-8 OVER the teaser total in road games in the first half of the season.

Dallas Taken From +2 to +8 against Washington

Dallas has won six of seven outright against Washington, including the past four in a row. Both teams enter this fray off very good wins and they realize their division, at least at this juncture is up for grabs. The Cowboys offer value on the teaser line at +8 because they fly by the key numbers of 3, 6 and 7. Dallas almost always plays better on the road before December and to expect them to do so here would be no surprise. The Boys are also 49-9 against a teaser line off one or more  OVER's.

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Special Note from Author: You should know betting NFL teasers is just not about shaving or adding more points on a spread wager, it is about creating value going against key numbers. This is the real secret to beating the oddsmakers numbers.

The keys numbers we are talking about are 3, 6, 7, 10, 13 and 14. These are the most common outcomes in the NFL and if you can situate your wagers on the right side of these figures, you can dramatically enhance your chances of winning teasers.

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