That's what we are looking for! Last week we nailed every combination of teasers, including the 4-teamer. That takes are season record to 22-10 on teaser (10-2 last three weeks), which is getting us closer to typical levels we have achieved and now has us showing a profit again. 

Here is a look at the four teasers we like for this upcoming week. If you are new to this article, skip down to below the games to learn a great way to make money betting NFL teasers.

Kansas City Taken From -9 to -3 over Cleveland

Chiefs vs. Browns Game Center

What a perfect week to fire the head coach and offensive coordinator for Cleveland with Kansas City coming to town. It's not like the Chiefs are good or something. The 1985 Bears or 2000 Ravens defenses might have had a struggle slowing this K.C. crew down. The only way to really compete and New England showed is you have to outscore them and nothing like trying to do something on the run to make that work. Being able to take Andy Reid's squad down to a field goal favorite seems like a gift and we slide by key numbers along the way. The Chiefs are 19-1 in road teasers off two or more victories. 

Carolina Taken from -6.5 to -0.5 over Tampa Bay

Buccaneers vs. Panthers Game Center

We are becoming more and more impressed with Carolina each week. Besides sporting a 5-2 record, the Panthers are taking care of the ball and have one or fewer turnovers in five of their games. This has led to them having a +6 turnover margin. Tampa Bay, they are like a bakery specializing in turnovers, with 19 in their last half starts and -13 turnover margin for the season. With the current point spread, all that is being asked of Carolina at home is win the game. Now we know Ryan Fitzpatrick is a wild card for the Bucs, either really good or really bad. We'll look for the latter. Also, if this spread and teaser remains the same, teams like the Panthers in that spot are 39-5 on the teaser line. 

Pittsburgh Taken From +3 to +9 against Baltimore

Steelers vs. Ravens Game Center

When Steelers meet the Ravens, one thing is guaranteed and the other one is pretty close. The game itself will be among the Top 5 hard-hitting contests of the season. The component is generally speaking it will be close. Going back to 14 seasons, only twice when these two rivals have gone toe-to-toe have both games in the same season been decided by 10 or more. In all the other years they were decided by eight points or less or if one team won by 10+ points, the other contest was close. Because Baltimore won the previous battle by 12, we think there is a very good chance of a closer outcome. With that in mind, we take the Steelers off the 3 and blast past key numbers of 6 and 7. The closer, under Mike Tomlin, when Pittsburgh's on the road facing teams that score 24 or more points, they win by an average of 1.8 PPG. (25 instances).

Green Bay Taken From +5.5 to +11.5 against New England

Packers vs. Patriots Game Center

What a quarterback matchup, two future Hall of Famers. New England has the better team and that is why they are favored at home. We have seen Green Bay and realize they are not a Super Bowl contending team, yet, as the Rams found, the Pack is extremely dangerous. Besides this, as we saw in last year's Super Bowl, the Patriots are not bullet-proof any more. New England is only 11th in total offense and 25th in total defense, hardly impressive number. But this speaks to the genius of Bill Belichick he's keeping the Pats in the elite of the AFC. Green Bay knows and firmly believes they could have beaten the Rams. With this teaser, we sail past 6,7 and 10, which with a motivated Aaron Rodgers is a good thing. The last 27 times the Packers have lost by six or fewer points, they are 19-8 ATS against a standard spread, with a score differential of +8.2. 

Special Note from Author: You should know betting NFL teasers is just not about shaving or adding more points on a spread wager, it is about creating value going against key numbers. This is the real secret to beating the oddsmakers numbers.

The keys numbers we are talking about are 3, 6, 7, 10, 13 and 14. These are the most common outcomes in the NFL and if you can situate your wagers on the right side of these figures, you can dramatically enhance your chances of winning teasers.

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