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NFL Fans | Merry Christmas In August

Whether you have been naughty or nice, for NFL fans its Christmas time. That’s right, this is the time of year that all football fans have patiently waited for and the patience has paid off. You know those rotten months just never seem to go away.

March Madness was a very long time ago and yes, we all love baseball, well, at least some of us do…but lord, how time does drag even for the most seasoned baseball fan. The season is long and slow and if you are a gambler at all, then you know; you want football back in the worst kind of way.

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Now listen, it would be the worst kind of advice to say “jump on the football gambling bandwagon and start betting the house on the preseason.” Really, this is just rotten advice, however, you can still have fun.

Here is how you play this…

Ok, there is a full slate of preseason games and you want to bet your favorite team. This is fine, you should bet your favorite team, even if you think they can’t win or simply will not win. Who cares, its football and let’s face it, football fans just want action. This is not about winning or losing, this is about action. Preseason; it’s the one and only time that gambling is not about winning! Remember, this is for the action.

How much should you spend?

First and foremost, have a budget or you’re dead in the water. No budget, equals broke, and very quickly. Know how much you want to spend for the entire season, including the preseason.

There is 1 rule in betting NFL football and sports gambling in general and 1 rule only:

Never play scared money, never under any circumstance, if you can’t afford to lose it, don’t play it.

When betting the preseason, allow yourself 10% of your entire budget; do not go over.


You enter the football season with a budget of $10,000; this allows you to spend $1,000 on the preseason. Let’s hope you get lucky and have a lot of fun along the way, or you’re just really good. Either way, stick to the plan. Do not spend more than the 10%. If the worst-case scenario happens and you lose your entire 10%, all is not lost. You still have 9 large to play with during the regular season.

The first couple of weeks in the preseason are practice. Let’s call it what it is. It is simply practice. Rookies are trying to show their talent and desperately trying to make the team. The veterans will play very little, I.E. first game, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, may play a series, possibly they play the first quarter. In the second and third games your starters will see more action, possibly the first half and even into the 3rd quarter. The last preseason game is much like the first; starters will see no action, or very little.

A good way to have fun in the preseason is betting the totals. Play it over. You have no rooting interest. You just want points and lots of them. You are hoping for fumbles, interceptions, and bad snaps. You are hoping, everything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

Most of all enjoy the action and remember, this is not about winning a fortune. This is about the action that you have waited for all year long. Enjoy it. It’s football time baby. The NFL is back!

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