Planned NFL Draft For Late April Receives Push Back From League GM’s

Planned NFL Draft For Late April Receives Push Back From League GM’s

The NFL has eliminated all of the social interaction aspects of this year’s draft but Commissioner Roger Goodell maintains that it will still take place. Scheduled for Thursday, April 23 through Saturday, April 25, Goodell announced recently the draft will go as scheduled. 

The league’s general manager subcommittee was pushing back on the plan due to the lack of proper preparation time. Many of the NFL’s planned activities have been cancelled or postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak in the US.


Roger Goodell: NFL Draft will 'go forward as scheduled' | PFT | NBC Sports


Some States Are Shut Down

Certain states such as New York, New Jersey, Illinois and California have basically closed. That would put NFL teams in these states at a further disadvantage against the rest of the league.

This leaves everything subject to change but according to a recent report on, a consensus of NFL owners were pushing for the draft to take place as scheduled.

The GM committee consists of seven members. While not confirmed or denied, sources say that Tuesday’s vote to push back the draft was 6-1. One unnamed league source was quoted as saying:

Bettors Need the Action

“I think a lot of owners aren’t not sold on keeping it on schedule. Of course the power owners are calling the shots. Plus, add to the fact that April is going to be the toughest month with this virus. It’s really a poor look.”

Avid sports bettors would tend to disagree with that statement. Given the lack of live betting sports that is likely to drag into the summer months, betting on this year’s draft offers some kind of reprieve from this dire situation.

Editor’s Pick >>> There is ALWAYS Something to Bet Online

Betting on online sportsbook futures and props are one thing. However, many of them will not payoff until months down the road.

2020 NFL Draft Props

Betting NFL draft props offers an immediate reward for winning tickets.

As each pick unfolds during the opening round, this will be the closest thing to a live betting event since the sports world closed for business earlier this month.

Anything the NFL does during the offseason attracts attention from the betting public. The big story this offseason is the early movement of starting quarterbacks since the league’s new business year started on March 18.

QB Shuffle

Tom Brady got things rolling with his decision to leave the New England Patriots to take over the starting role at Tampa Bay. The Carolina Panthers added Teddy Bridgewater as their new starting quarterback in place of nine-year vet Cam Newton.

The Chicago Bears traded for Nick Foles to compete with Mitch Trubisky for the starting job. Philip Rivers moves from the Los Angeles Chargers to the Indianapolis Colts as the new starter in place of Jacoby Bissett. Tennessee parted ways with Marcus Mariota, who quickly found a new home in Las Vegas with the Raiders.

What the Worst Run Blocking NFL Teams Had in Common in 2019

Jarrett Stidham has been penciled in as New England’s starting quarterback but you have to question whether or not he will be under center in the Patriots’ 2020 season opener. [Editor’s Note: Brian Hoyer was signed by the Pats to compete with Stidham] Tyrod Taylor is expected to take over the starting role with the Chargers.

All of these quarterback situations have also opened the door to any number of player props at online books.

Jameis Winston has +150 odds that his next team will be the Miami Dolphins. The Washington Redskins are next on that prop bet list at +300 odds.

Taylor is a -300 favorite to get the starting nod for Los Angeles but suddenly Newton is on that list as a +500 second-favorite along with Winston.

Leave it to the NFL to help pick up the slack in a sports betting world that is currently ‘off the board.’ One thing you can always count on is the online sportsbooks offering something to bet on.

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