We have talked at length about the NFL preseason and whether or not it means anything. The debate will continue all August long and there isn’t necessarily a winner or loser. I can see points for both sides of the argument.

I enjoy the preaseason. I think it’s fun to realize football is back, it’s fun to watch the rookies, and I enjoy seeing live action once again.

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I was looking forward to watching Leonard Fournette’s debut for the Jaguars. He was playing the Patriots in his debut game and I watched highlights of his every touch.

I thought he looked good. He looked like a bull in a china shop out there. He bullied for yardage and seemed to be running down hill very well. He was not spectacular, did not break off a 40 yard run or anything like that. But he certainly looked productive in my opinion. In fact, it made me realize how much I would love to have him on my fantasy football team this season.

Anyways, Leonard Fournette carried the ball 9 times for 31 yards and a touchdown in the Jacksonville Jaguars 31-24 win over the New England Patriots. While 3.4 yards per carry in his first preseason game may seem a little bit underwhelming, there is no cause for concern because Fournette thought the game was pretty easy.

Via NFL.com. Take a look at these comments from Mr. Fournette:

“It’s a lot slower than I really thought,” Fournette said. “That’s how I’ve been since I first got into the NFL. A lot of people were like, ‘It’s going to be fast.’ But by me playing in the SEC that kind of helped me a lot. I think to me it was really easy.”

Wow! We don’t often hear a rookie talk about how slow the NFL is. It’s usually the opposite. Usually rookies talk about how much more difficult the NFL is, or how tough the transition has been from college to the pros.

Certainly it’s a whole different game from college to the NFL. It’s night and day. The speed is different and the size is definitely different. But apparently Mr. Fournette doesn’t feel that way. He believes the league is slower and easier than he thought.

I really don’t know what to think other than telling Leonard he is wrong. I understand he’s trying to praise the SEC (the conference he played in), but it’s foolish to even suggest the SEC is comparable to the NFL. It’s a completely different level and not even remotely close to being the same.

The SEC is arguably the best conference in college football, sure. But it’s not the NFL and it’s not even close. Maybe Fournette is just trying to act all big and tough, but there’s no possible way he actually feels like the NFL is slower than the SEC. Right?

This is without question the dumbest and most confusing player comment I’ve heard all year. Let’s see if Fournette feels the same way once the regular season actually starts.

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