Let’s try and make sense of this whole Zeke Elliott suspension/non-suspension/maybe suspension/whatever the heck is going on!

So by now we all know the premise of the story. Zeke Elliott was accused of domestic violence by his ex-girlfriend. However, he was never legally charged for domestic violence. The NFL conducted their own investigation (albeit a confusing one) and decided to suspend Zeke 6 games for violating the personal conduct policy regarding domestic abuse.

Elliott decided to appeal and the NFL’s arbitrator Harold Henderson upheld the full discipline on Tuesday night. So it’s over right?

No. Far from it.

In anticipation of this outcome, the NFLPA filed a motion last week for a temporary restraining order. If granted, this would freeze the suspension while Elliott and/or the NFLPA pursue a lawsuit to get the suspension overturned permanently. We will find out this decision by Friday afternoon. Due to the delay and uncertainty, this means that Zeke will definitely be playing this week for the opening of the season against the Giants.

If the motion gets denied, Elliott’s suspension will shift to the Cowboys’ 2nd through 7th games this season. He would be eligible to return week 9 against the Chiefs.

But once again, that wouldn’t even be the end. Zeke’s attorneys have said they he is looking forward to his day in federal court. This would suggest that he could sue the league in attempt to reverse the suspension. Oh, and if the motion is granted, Elliott would be eligible to continue to play while he tries to overturn everything permanently.

AKA, this thing is far from over. This is one huge mess that is going to take forever to actually solve. The NFL has a history of taking forever to actually get stuff done. The league tries to act as the law, when they are not. I’m all for having standards that players must uphold, but there is absolutely no reason things need to take this long and be as confusing as they are.

Zeke clearly believes he is innocent. His legal team will continue to point to the fact that legal charges were never brought upon him, so why would the NFL be allowed to suspend him 6 games for domestic violence?

The NFL’s investigation seemed thorough, at first. But then some information came out that they did not take the advice from their lead prosecutor, who advised Zeke doesn’t get suspended at all.

Once again, this is all a huge mess that’s far from finished. Was there a domestic violence issue that occurred? Well, based on the investigation and multiple police reports, I would venture towards saying probably, yes there was.

But can it be proved? Can it be proved to warrant a massive 6 game suspension, having the Dallas Cowboys be without Ezekiel Elliott’s stats? That, I’m unsure of. The NFL tried to lay down the hammer without doing a thorough and complete job of looking at everything.

I’m sick of the NFL taking forever with their discipline, and I just want some consistency. The NFL should stop acting as law enforcement, and instead worry more about governing their league instead of worrying about public image. Which they already have a huge problem with!

The Zeke Elliott situation is far from over, and I hope everything gets settled soon.

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