Week 16 is here is here for the NFL with a few games kicking off Saturday.  After last week where favorites went an almost unheard of 14-0 for week 15 you would think it would be easy to see where this week is going. But this is the NFL and history tells us there is plenty of chaos to ensure.  Especially as we head to the final two games with basically 12 teams fighting for 7 playoff spots.  We are going to take a quick look at several key teams and what they need to do this weekend to help their cause for getting in the playoffs.

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The AFC:

The Top of the Conference- The Patriots, Steelers, and Jaguars have all clinched spots and are playing for seeding. New England currently holds the tiebreaker over the Steelers for the #1 seed but slip-ups by both teams could leave the door open for the Jags should they win out.

Kansas City Chiefs- Big win last week over Chargers help them rebound from losing streak. Win one of their remaining two and they will win the division at 9-7 via head to head tiebreaker vs the Chargers.

Tennessee Titans- Slumping a bit lately losing their last two but still hold the tiebreaker over fellow 8-6 wildcard competitors in Buffalo and Baltimore. Can also still win the division by winning out and having Jags lose last two (the finale is in Nashville vs. the Jaguars). Potential to be home for playoffs as well as they finish with tough schedule vs. Rams and Jags. 

Buffalo Bills- Currently they are #6 seed but even if they upset Patriots can fall out of top 6 if Ravens win. They will need to win out over Patriots and finale in Miami vs. Dolphins and hope Tennessee or Baltimore slips up.

Baltimore Ravens- A simple win over the lowly Colts on Saturday will vault the Ravens into the AFC's top 6. A win in the finale versus the mediocre Bengals will keep them in the final 6.

All I Need is A Miracle- The Chargers, Dolphins, Raiders are all still mathematically alive but really need some help over the season's final two weeks. A loss in either week eliminates them from the competition. The Chargers actually have a reasonable shot as they will need to win out while having Titans lose both to Rams and Jags(two quality teams) and have Buffalo lose one of remaining two(the play Pats this weekend).

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The NFC:

Philadelphia Eagles- It's pretty simple for these guys.  They have already clinched a first-round bye as they cannot finish worse than the 2 seed. They clinch the 1 seed with a win or Vikings loss in the final two games.

Minnesota Vikings- Need to go 2-0 while Eagles go 0-2 to finish with the #1 seed but can clinch the two seed with a victory.

Los Angeles Rams- Last Sunday's demolition of the Seahawks put them in the driver's seat to win the NFC West.  They need to win one of remaining two or have Seahawks lose one of last two and the division is theirs.

The NFC South- This is the real beauty of football.  Three teams in the Saints, Panthers, and Falcons all fighting for the division crown and all three still alive.  The Saints currently lead the division at 10-4 holding the tiebreaker over the Panthers (also 10-4) while Atlanta at 9-5 controls its own destiny as they face the Saints and Panthers in their final two games.  Lose both games and it opens the door for others.

The Rest of The Pack- The Lions, Seahawks, and Cowboys continue to hang around but will need help.  All will need to go 2-0 for the final games and need someone above them to go 0-2. The Falcons hold the tiebreaker over all three via head to head but having Atlanta go 0-2 seems like their most logical path.

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