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What Most Hardcore Football Fans Do Not Know About The NFL

By Rick Bouch

So you’re a football fan. You follow your team, wear all the gear, and spout off useless trivia like it was everyday vernacular. As hardcore a fan as you are, there might be a few things you didn’t know about the NFL. Here are a few pieces of information about the NFL to add to the list.


Remember the NBC hit Hunter? It starred former Los Angeles Rams defensive end Fred Dryer as the lead character, a Los Angeles police detective who liked to use force to solve his cases. Dryer ranks among the NFL leaders in career safeties with two. The funny thing is Dryer recorded both of those safeties in the same game. He is the only player in NFL history to do so.


Before playing Creed in the Rocky movies, Carl Weathers played professional football. Weathers played collegiately at San Diego State for Don Coryell and then played two years in the NFL with the Oakland Raiders. After three seasons in the CFL, Weathers retired from the game and pursued acting. Good choice.


Every football used in an NFL game is made at the Wilson Football Factory in Ada, Ohio. Since 1941, Wilson has been the exclusive supplier of footballs to the league. Prior to every game, each team must give officials 24 footballs to game officials for inspection. The officials inspect things like the PSI measurement, which is to be in the range of 12.5 to 13.5 PSI.


Green Bay Packers’ fans are hardcore in their own right. It takes a special individual to sit in the stands of Lambeau Field in the cold of December. If you’d like season tickets, you would first have to be lucky enough to get on the waiting list. The size of the list, which has been debated, is said to be near 90,000. Every year, roughly 100 people give up their tickets. That means if you were last on the list, you would have to wait almost 1,000 years!


The average football fan knows that each year’s Super Bowl champion is awarded the Lombardi Trophy. The trophy is named for legendary Green Bay Packers head coach Vince Lombardi. What the average fan might not know is that the trophy costs $25,000 to make.


Since 1975, there has been only one year in which a quarterback has not been taken in at least one of the first two rounds of the NFL Draft. That year was 1988 when Chris Chandler and Tom Tupa were the first two quarterbacks taken in the third round. Chandler would go on to take Atlanta to a Super Bowl and Tupa would become one of the league’s best punters during his 18-year NFL career.


The Boston Patriots played in several venues in the city for the first ten years of its existence. The team played in Fenway Park and at Harvard Stadium, to name a few. When the Patriots owner Billy Sullivan finally found a home at Foxborough Stadium in 1971, he wanted a new name for the team, one that would recognize the entire region not just Boston. His choice? The Bay City Patriots. The name lasted a month before being changed to New England.

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