By Mike Sullivan

I have an observation and opinion I’d like to share with you guys regarding a hot button issue this weekend. It’s about the sport of golf.

But first, let me provide some background.

I’m a huge golf fan. I’ve played the game my whole life and I thoroughly enjoy getting out on the course whenever I possibly can. It’s a sport I grew up playing as a kid, and it will also be a sport I play until the day I die. That’s one of the reasons why I love golf – Because it’s a sport you can play your entire life.

Being on the golf course is my happy place. It’s a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of life, it’s a place to go relax, it’s a place to go have fun with family and friends. Heck, you can even drink and gamble on the golf course! What’s not to like!?

But anyways, no I’m not turning this into a huge long soliloquy about how great golf is. You don’t want to hear that. Or maybe you do? Nonetheless, that’s for another discussion!

Right now I’d like to talk about the US Open that aired on Fox this past weekend. Major championships in golf are a big deal. There are only four of them every season and these events draw in everyone from the hard core golf fanatic, to just the casual fan who wants to tune in and see some good golf.

I find myself in awe watching these professionals hit a 7 iron from 215 yards away. It’s amazing considering the average amateur hits a 7 iron from 150 yards. I hit an 8 or 9 iron, depending on the circumstance. But it goes to show how crazy good these professionals are.

Fox received a lot of criticism for how they covered the US Open. A lot of people thought it was a very boring broadcast. This belief stems from Joe Buck. I usually think Buck is good at calling sports, especially football. He’s very knowledgeable and keeps a good pace.

However, this past weekend, it seemed like he didn’t even want to be broadcasting the US Open. I mean, at least pretend like you want to be there, Joe! But other people criticized the Fox broadcast as a whole because they didn’t think it was good. It’s a different broadcast from typical golf broadcast. With the exception of Joe Buck’s lack of passion, I loved Fox’s coverage.

Watching golf on television has taken on a whole new platform. It’s 100% completely different to watch golf on television here in 2017 than it was 20 years ago. I mean it’s not even close.

Fox does a fantastic job with all of the graphics and shot tracking measurements. They do split screens and show you video graphics of exactly how the ball is pacing and where it goes. It’s an interactive way to watch golf and I really enjoy it.

I will go as far as saying that golf is the best sport to watch on television in relation to how much better it is on television than it is in person. There’s no other sport that has as wide of a gap as golf does. It’s fantastic.

Besides Buck, I was a big fan of the US Open broadcast on Fox.

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