The New York Rangers are not very good folks. Let’s just go ahead and get this out of the way early. They really suck and until this hapless front office gets their business together and decides that they want to win for a change; the Rangers are going to continue the downward trend.

One would think that the once proud franchise would be embarrassed enough to want to fix the problem, sadly this is just not the case. New York is a funny town, it’s a great town with longstanding sports tradition, but it’s a funny town. It continues to amaze how the largest media market and the largest sports market in the world; can only produce on a subpar level.

Canucks vs. Red Wings Preview and Prediction

The Detroit Red Wings suffered through a gauntlet of Eastern Conference heavyweights earlier in the week without a win and seek to end the string when they host the Vancouver Canucks on Sunday night. The Red Wings dropped games against Tampa Bay and Toronto before coughing up a late lead in a 5-4 overtime setback against Washington at home Friday.

Meanwhile, the Las Vegas Golden Knights continue to be the story in the NHL. It doesn’t matter how much of a jaded hockey fan you are or how died in the wool you have become to the one and only team that you support. If you are a real NHL fan, than its time to admit and accept the fact that the Golden Knights are pretty darn good! It’s refreshing to see this kind of commitment and all out hustle. What’s even better; it’s coming from an expansion team in their first year of existence.

Tonight we have a classic NHL matchup in the Canucks vs. Red Wings and although Detroit is a fairly large favorite in this one, the Canucks can always be counted on to pour in a great effort. This will be a classic battle between two teams that can both score at will and two teams that know how to play decent defense. Fans should see a little bit of everything. The Canucks want to get above 500 and tonight just might be the night? Tune in, grab some popcorn, a frosty beverage and enjoy.