Now that the St. Louis Blues have officially ended the dreams for 30 other teams, where does every other team fall in the mix? The 2018-19 NHL season was nothing short of fantastic, it was a barn-burning season that saw teams such as the Tampa Bay Lightning win a record-tying 62 games, but then fall flat in the playoffs while suffering a 4-game sweep. 

The Boston Bruins finished the regular season with 49 wins but couldn’t protect their home-ice advantage in the Stanley Cup Finals. What about the Toronto Maple Leafs, will they ever get over the hump or was this last season another reminder of decades gone by? Who has a chance to be the upstart next season? St. Louis proved that anybody with a work ethic and desire can win in the NHL. Buffalo came surprisingly strong in the first half of the season but couldn’t keep it together when the race started to heat up. The Islanders looked tough in the east but disappointed once again. Nashville, the same story. What about San Jose? Do they have what it takes to win out in next year’s playoffs? The Penguins… The list goes on and on of “what if’s”. Who has the goods for the 2019-20 season? 

This ranking is not a popularity list, remember, this is an NHL Betting Power Ranking and the last ranking of the 2018-19 NHL season. What matters to bettors is who made the most money and who brought home the best Return On Investment (ROI). Although these ranked teams may not start next season out as they finished this season, this ranking is where the money stands and the best bet if the season were to start tomorrow. We hope you have enjoyed the season ranking over the past NHL season, and hope that you will stay tuned for more on NHL news so that you can be prepared for a winning season in 2019-20. 

Final 2018-19 NHL ATS Trends:

Road Teams: 667-604 52.48%
Home Teams: 604-667 47.52%
Favorites: 460-811 36.19%
Underdogs: 811-460 63.81%
Road Favorites: 116-260 30.85%
Road Underdogs: 551-344 61.56%
Home Favorites: 344-551 38.44%
Home Underdogs: 260-116 69.15%

Over & Under Trends:

Overtime Games: 142 Overs- 52.40% 129 Unders- 47.60%
Regular Time Games: 441 Overs- 46.96% 498 Unders- 53.04% 
Total Games: 583 Overs- 48.18% Unders- 627- 51.82%

1. St. Louis Blues

2019-20 Stanley Cup Odds: +1400
Record: 45-28-9 SU and 42-37 ATS
Previous Rank: 12

Profit: $1,046.78  ROI: 23.26%

St. Louis proved their worthiness by winning Lord Stanley’s Cup. Is it enough to get back? It could be, but consistency in the power play will be key and breathing room. Don’t start out in the cellar and they will be fine.

2. New York Islanders

2019-20 Stanley Cup Odds: +2800
Record: 48-27-7 and 42-34 ATS
Previous Rank: 10

Profit: $923.50  ROI: 23.09%

The Islanders are ahead of the game and they were good in 2018-19. This team is ready to play, and they will make a solid run in 2019-20.

3. Tampa Bay Lightning

2019-20 Stanley Cup Odds: +700
Record: 62-16-4 SU and 55-20 ATS
Previous Rank: 1

Profit: $362.35  ROI: 22.65%

The Lightning has the team, the talent, and the personnel to get the job done, what they must do is get the job done! Experience matters and this team is still the best on ice.   

4. Boston Bruins

2019-20 Stanley Cup Odds: +1000
Record: 49-24-9 SU and 47-32 ATS
Previous Rank: 3

Profit: $671.71  ROI: 19.76%

The Bruins have set the bar high and in Boston, that’s a tough thing. When fans smell “close” they demand “finish” if anybody can finish it’s this team, but they need consistency. They will be back and will be tough. 

5. Calgary Flames

2019-20 Stanley Cup Odds: +1500
Record: 50-25-7 SU and 50-31 ATS
Previous Rank: 2

Profit: $666.90  ROI: 18.02%

The Flames had a fantastic season that crumbled around them in the playoffs. Refocus, realign the priorities and this team will go far in 2019-20, without question. 

6. Arizona Coyotes

2019-20 Stanley Cup Odds: +3500
Record: 39-35-8 SU and 35-42 ATS
Previous Rank: 19

Profit: $820.39  ROI: 17.83%

“The Coyotes are the opposite of the Wild, they actually want to win. With an offseason acquisition or two, they will be in the hunt.” We can’t change what we said then, it’s still true. Look for this team to be in the playoffs next spring. 

7. Columbus Blue Jackets

2019-20 Stanley Cup Odds: +3500
Record: 47-31-4 SU and 44-35 ATS
Previous Rank: 7

Profit: $590.02  ROI: 13.72%

The Blue Jackets take a big hit with the probable loss of Panarin and Bobrovsky. This team must find some big-name free agents quick. It will be difficult to match the success of last season. Not impossible, but difficult.

8. Nashville Predators

2019-20 Stanley Cup Odds: +1800
Record: 47-29-6 SU and 42-35 ATS
Previous Rank: 11

Profit: $204.84  ROI: 8.54%

The Predators although disappointing in the playoffs are still strong enough to make it back, but winning it, that’s another story. They must find help.

9. Dallas Stars

2019-20 Stanley Cup Odds: +2000
Record: 43-32-7 SU and 41-39 ATS
Previous Rank: 14

Profit: $339.84  ROI: 7.39%

The Stars will be a solid hockey team and a contender. They must find their groove early and stick to it, have a plan for success and this team could go deep. Do what it takes to keep Zuccarello on the hook and that will be a boon to success.

10. Edmonton Oilers

2019-20 Stanley Cup Odds: +4000
Record: 35-38-9 SU and 31-47 ATS
Previous Rank: 24

Profit: $238.18  ROI: 6.27%

The Oilers have a new coach, that’s pretty much it. They must find players and do just as the Ducks, rebuild. It’s going to be a very long season in the frozen tundra. Expect a windfall of losses for this team. 

11. Chicago Blackhawks

2019-20 Stanley Cup Odds: +3500
Record: 36-34-12 SU and 33-45 ATS
Previous Rank: 21

Profit: $281.64  ROI: 4.5%

“The Blackhawks proved us all wrong. This team has a lot of heart, grit, and determination. Watch out next year, they will be back, and tough.” Again, we stick by this and believe that with an acquisition or two, this team is well on its way to the playoffs in 2019-20.

12. Vancouver Canucks

2019-20 Stanley Cup Odds: +4000
Record: 35-36-11 SU and 29-46 ATS
Previous Rank: 25

Profit: $159.85  ROI: 2.62%

The Canucks have not lost all hope, they have young talent and this team could be a surprise if they pull the right string and the front office stays on track. Stop throwing money away! Work with what they have and who knows, playoffs are not totally unrealistic. 

13. New York Rangers

2019-20 Stanley Cup Odds: +6600
Record: 33-36-14 SU and 22-50 ATS
Previous Rank: 31

Profit: $37.50  ROI: 0.89%

This team has the number two overall pick in the draft, they had better make the most of it. This team also has deep pockets and they had better use their money wisely. Pay the price, get some great free agents and make the number one market in the sporting world number one again, not number 31! What a shame. Get moving Rangers. What would the South Bronx look like if the Yankees were in the cellar every year? Exactly; a riot! Now get your act together Rangers. 

14. Carolina Hurricanes

2019-20 Stanley Cup Odds: +2800
Record: 46-29-7 SU and 43-36 ATS
Previous Rank: 9

Profit: $13.88  ROI: 0.24%

The Canes score a pile and they skate with a vengeance. There is no questioning their heart, but they lack in talent across the board. They need a player or two. 

15. Los Angeles Kings

2019-20 Stanley Cup Odds: +8000
Record: 31-42-9 SU and 27-51 ATS
Previous Rank: 30

Profit: -$55.04  ROI: -1.28%

LA hit the bottom of the barrel last season and they were awful on the money line, the puck line, the three-way line and every which way ATS. Can they get better? Yes, they can indeed, they are LA and they have a pocketful of cash. Will they get better? Probably, we don’t see any room for worse!

16. Detroit Red Wings

2019-20 Stanley Cup Odds: +8000
Record: 32-40-10 SU and 29-49 ATS
Previous Rank: 26

Profit: -$133.26  ROI: -1.80%

The Wings have their man in new GM Steve Yzerman. That was a fantastic hire. It’s going to take a couple of years to turn this sinking ship around, don’t get too excited for this season but sooner than later, Detroit will have respect back. 

17. Minnesota Wild

2019-20 Stanley Cup Odds: +4500
Record: 37-36-9 and 36-44 ATS
Previous Rank: 18

Profit: -$34.00  ROI: -1.89%

This team needs experience and they have very little. They are thin in the front office with a rookie GM and thin on the ice. Rebuilding is still the keyword. Not the worst team in hockey by any means but mediocre at best. 

18. Toronto Maple Leafs

2019-20 Stanley Cup Odds: +1000
Record: 46-28-8 SU and 46-35 ATS
Previous Rank: 4

Profit: -$120.65  ROI: -5.03%

The Maple Leafs must find the second round of the playoffs. This team has the talent to burn and much remains to be seen with negotiations in the off-season. They are scoring fools but need some defense, Just win the first round and anything can happen. 

19. Washington Capitals

2019-20 Stanley Cup Odds: +1800
Record: 48-26-8 SU and 44-33 ATS
Previous Rank: 6

Profit: -$158.65  ROI: -5.12%

The Caps will easily make the playoffs but is Alex getting old? Look, we all get there eventually and it’s tough to admit. This team will be fine, but they must step up come playoff time or this could be the final run for some time to come. 

20. Ottawa Senators

2019-20 Stanley Cup Odds: +30000
Record: 29-47-6 SU and 29-52 ATS
Previous Rank: 27

Profit: -$515.63  ROI: -6.88%

A new coach and hopefully some new players to come along with. Coaches get too much credit and not enough, this team couldn’t be saved, they were that bad. Brett Hull and Wayne wouldn’t have made a difference. They must get players. 

21. San Jose Sharks

2019-20 Stanley Cup Odds: +1700
Record: 46-27-9 SU and 45-36 ATS
Previous Rank: 5

Profit: -$424.71  ROI: -8.01%

The Sharks are full of questions going into the off-season, but we know one thing, they are well coached and well managed, this team makes gold out of clay! 

22. Montreal Canadiens

2019-20 Stanley Cup Odds: +4000
Record: 44-30-8 SU and 41-38 ATS
Previous Rank: 17

Profit: -$538.13  ROI: -10.76%

“The Canadiens are out but it was a good run against the spread and a good run to the playoffs. They will improve in the offseason.” It remains the same. Pick up the power play, pick their spots a bit better and this team will make a run. 

23. Philadelphia Flyers

2019-20 Stanley Cup Odds: +3000
Record: 37-37-8 SU and 34-44 ATS
Previous Rank: 20

Profit: -$575.59  ROI: -11.07%

The Flyers just may have the direction they need with a new GM and head coach. Are the playoffs within reach? Yes, and free agency will dictate the path this team takes. 

24. Colorado Avalanche

2019-20 Stanley Cup Odds: +1200
Record: 38-30-14 SU and 36-43 ATS
Previous Rank: 16

Profit: -$520.99  ROI: -11.08%

The Av’s were so close but so far away. This team has the tools to be successful, but the expectations are high. Find a great free agent or two, spend a little cash and they have a contender. 

25. Anaheim Ducks

2019-20 Stanley Cup Odds: +7500
Record: 35-37-10 SU and 32-47 ATS
Previous Rank: 23

Profit: -$640-15  ROI: -12.55%

The Ducks need a coach, they need leadership and they need players that can lace up their skates and get after it. Expect another long season. This team must clean house and rebuild. 

26. New Jersey Devils

2019-20 Stanley Cup Odds: +7500
Record: 31-41-10 SU and 27-51 ATS
Previous Rank: 29

Profit: -$589.47  ROI: -5.89%

The Devils are not convincing anybody they want to win. Who knows what they do with the number one pick in the draft, but this team has commitment issues. Take care of the players you have and find quality free agents. But no, this has proven much too difficult for this front office. 

27. Buffalo Sabres

2019-20 Stanley Cup Odds: +6600
Record: 33-39-10 SU and 27-49 ATS
Previous Rank: 28

Profit: -$1,055.38  ROI: -10.55%

The Sabres had a shot to be somebody and miserably failed the test. With new head coach Ralph Krueger, maybe the light will shine on this team with just enough wins to make the playoff cut, it will be very close indeed.

28. Winnipeg Jets

2019-20 Stanley Cup Odds: +1800
Record: 47-30-5 SU and 44-35 ATS
Previous Rank: 5

Profit: -$299.36  ROI: -17.61%

The Jets took some hits down the stretch and backed their way into the playoffs. Success is not foreign to this team, but the front office had better be ready for a magic act or two. A trip back to the playoffs and any success will be a success. 

29. Florida Panthers

2019-20 Stanley Cup Odds: +2500
Record: 36-32-14 and 33-45 ATS
Previous Rank: 22

Profit: -$1,070.09  ROI: -18.14%

The Panthers gave up a whopping 280 goals and that’s simply absurd! Possibly Quenneville can change the tone in South Florida.

30. Pittsburgh Penguins

2019-20 Stanley Cup Odds: +2200
Record: 44-26-12 SU and 42-37 ATS
Previous Rank: 13

Profit: -$794.55  ROI: -20.37%

The Penguins always do this. They play awful early and inconsistent, then show up late and make a run. They will do it again and who knows, once you’re in, there’s a chance.  

31. Vegas Golden Knights

2019-20 Stanley Cup Odds: +1000
Record: 43-32-7 SU and 40-38 ATS
Previous Rank: 15

Profit: -$1,302.00  ROI: -40.69%

The Knights are no longer a flash in the pan, they are no longer riding the rookie lucky streak, they are strapped for cash and need to unload and retool. Rebuilding is bitter when you made the finals a year ago, but this could be their fate. 

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