In case you have never really been that much of an NHL fan and now you are, simply because of this power ranking; welcome to the fold! There is nothing quite like betting the NHL. This sport is exciting to watch whether you have action or no action. The NHL has come miles up the road since the ’80s, ’90s and even the early 2000s. This sport is now made for TV and it’s certainly made for betting. We have said it from day one, if you like betting action, but take betting seriously enough that you want to win at least 55% of the time, then you must bet on the NHL. Do not leave this sport out of your betting portfolio. 

Every fan wants to know where their team stands and if their team deserves attention from a betting standpoint. Can you find value and if so why? What these rankings are meant to do, is show betting fans the current-weekly state of affairs for each NHL team. This weekly power ranking is not based on the popularity of the team and not necessarily based on record. Although the record is a factor; the money lines from the oddsmakers are a much more important factor. What those teams did for the week against the money line is the ultimate deciding factor in the NHL weekly betting power ranking.

We hope that you enjoy the weekly ranking and we welcome your feedback and any comments that you may have. Remember, these power rankings are for the current week in the NHL and they are not individual game previews. These rankings are meant to show overall betting-performance. 

NHL ATS Trends:

Road Teams: 436-401 52.09%
Home Teams: 401-436 47.91%
Favorites: 290-547 34.65%
Underdogs: 547-290 65.35%
Road Favorites: 63-174 26.58%
Road Underdogs: 373-227 62.17%
Home Favorites: 227-373 37.83%
Home Underdogs: 174-63 73.42%

Over & Under Trends:

Overtime Games: 100 Overs- 54.05% 85 Unders- 45.51%
Regular Time Games: 290 Overs- 47.85% 316 Unders- 52.15% 
Total Games: 390 Overs- 49.30% Unders- 401- 50.70%

1. Tampa Bay Lightning 

Odds: +325
Record: 39-11-4 SU and 35-15 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 1st

The Lightning are now 39-11 with the best record in the NHL and the closest would be Calgary, fortunately, they don’t have to worry about the Flames as they are in the Western Conference. The Lightning worry about Toronto and honestly, that’s a distant thought. The Maple Leafs are certainly a great team and moving up this week but Tampa has literally found lightning in a bottle with the outstanding play of third-round pick Brayden Point. Point has put together 66 points in 52 games and that’s even better than Stamkos numbers. Together, with Kucherov, this team is a nail in the coffin for the division. Sorry, Toronto.

2. Calgary Flames 

Odds: +700
Record: 34-15-5 SU and 34-20 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 2nd

The Flames have talent on loan from God! Really, this young team goes way beyond what Rookie Matthew Tkachuk brings to the table, he is just the beginning of where this team can go. There is little question that the Flames will be a hot contender for the Stanley Cup and will certainly go deep in the playoffs. They are currently 7-2-1 in their last ten games and come in with 73 points on the year, for second in the NHL. This team will win a lot of games down the stretch. 

3. Toronto Maple Leafs

Odds: +700
Record: 33-17-3 SU and 33-20 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 4th

Nobody fights harder and takes more pride in winning, than the Toronto Maple Leafs. This team is young, but they are tough and they continue to get better. Moving up a notch in the ranking suits them well and they are the third best team to bet on because they have won three in a row behind the play of Matthews and company. This team is ready to bust out and finally make some real noise come playoff time. They haven’t won anything in eons, but maybe this is finally their year.

4. Winnipeg Jets

Odds: +900
Record: 34-17-3 SU and 32-20 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 3rd

The Jets are still worthy of a high ranking simply because of their overall consistency this year. Twelve games over .500 ATS, well, this speaks for itself. The Jets are not going to blow the doors off the NHL and it’s safe to say that someone comes along and knock them off in the playoffs, but who cares? This ranking is for the now! They come in having lost a couple but they will right that ship very quickly. This team is too good to stay in any kind of ongoing slide. 

5. San Jose Sharks

Odds: +1000
Record: 32-16-7 SU and 32-23 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 6th

The Sharks are doing exactly as we thought they would a very long time ago; get hot and stay hot. This group has won four in a row and have put together 71 points for the third best points total in the NHL. Timo Meier is a beast and he puts it down nightly with 1.31 goals. Not only is the stellar play from Timo a big reason for this teams success; this team is deep with veteran experience that knows how to win games and they know how to turn it on late in the season. This team is a great future bet at +1200. Jump on this team before the bookmakers figure it out!

6. Nashville Predators 

Odds: +1000
Record: 33-19-4 SU and 32-23 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 7th

The Predators are still a solid bet and come into the rankings having won two in a row. They score a lot of points and they are certainly well worth the look, both against the spread and even team totals. Bet these guys over because they still score, they haven’t forgotten where the net is! At 10 games over .500 ATS. This team is a winner and they have proven it with veteran play from guys like Saros—he is nails and maybe the best backup in the NHL. Don’t believe the hype when folks say this team is dead, that’s a lie. This team is far from dead and they will prove it in the coming weeks.

7. Columbus Blue Jackets 

Odds: +2200
Record: 30-20-3 SU and 30-23 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 5th

The Blue Jackets take a step back on this ranking simply based on the competition they are facing above them. This team is still a solid bet and have won two in a row and are beating the puck line. If you have Columbus included in your betting portfolio, stick with them. At 7 games over .500 ATS, they are solid. Pierre-Luc Dubois is proving his worth and has 48 points through 52 games. He will continue, he is a battler. This team will make noise down the stretch and continue to fight.

8. Montreal Canadiens

Odds: +2000
Record: 31-18-6 SU and 29-24 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 12th

The Canadiens are scoring a lot of goals and are a worthy look at the over. This team comes into the ranking hot, with three straight wins and beating the spread. Max Domi is a gamer and another one, that is proving his worth with 47 points on the season. They move up nicely from the 12th spot, right here to 8th. Cracking the top ten is not necessarily an easy task but this team had a big week and look for them to get better. 

9. Vegas Golden Knights 

Odds: +1600
Record: 31-21-4 SU and 29-25 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 8th

The Knights have won two in a row but have also been up and down with a 4-6-0 overall record in the last ten games. The problem right now, is scoring. Alex Tuch leads the team with 40 and he is a solid player but they need more. The Sophomore blues hit this team early, then they rebounded nicely and they are certainly contenders but they must stay focused and keep their eye squarely on the puck. Shea Theodore will prove valuable down the stretch. Vegas is a solid home play, not so much on the road.

10. New York Islanders

Odds: +1600
Record: 31-16-6 and 28-22 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 9th

The Islanders are a good hockey team, don’t misunderstand the 10th spot. They are a solid team that balances out the top 10 very nicely with a 28-22 record against the spread. They may not make you rich, but with consistency in betting, they will make you money. Behind the brilliant play of Matthew Barzal, this team will be a solid bet against the spread. Look for them against an easy schedule coming up.

11. Boston Bruins

Odds: +1800
Record: 29-17-8 SU and 28-25 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 10th

The Bruins are a real mystery and following them is an inconsistent frustration, to say the least. They are 4-2-4 in their last 10 and just three games over .500 against the spread. They win a few, then lose a few and come into this ranking having lost one. They tend to rid streaks, so be careful in the coming week and when they win their next one, pounce on them. 

12. Dallas Stars

Odds: +2800
Record: 28-21-5 SU and 28-26 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 14th

The Stars are an even bigger mystery and move up the ladder two spots from 14th to 12th. They lost their last one but have gone 5-4-1 over the last ten for a decent showing against the spread. They are solid defensively, so look out for low scoring games. Miro Heiskanen is having a stellar rookie season and managed to be the only Dallas All-Star. This team has potential but must make a few move in the offseason. 

13. Washington Capitals

Odds: +1800
Record: 30-18-6 SU and 27-24 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 13th

The Cap’s have won two in a row and look to continue with the great play from Jakub Vrana. It seems that the champions are looking to youth and although they still have arguably the best player in the NHL with Ovechkin, they also have a long way to go to be where they finished last season after hoisting Lord Stanley’s Cup. These guys give up way too many goals (171) on the season and this is why you should absolutely be betting the over and against the puck line. Washington will be fine come playoff time, (maybe not the finals) but they are not a betting coup at this point simply for a lack of defense. 

14. Pittsburgh Penguins  

Odds: +2000
Record: 28-19-7 SU and 27-26 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 11th

The Penguins are not what anybody had hoped at this point in the season and if you’re expecting more; join the club! Sorry to inform you but with three straight losses and 167 goals against, the Penguins had better pick it up quick or this is going to get worse before better.

15. Carolina Hurricanes  

Odds: +3300
Record: 27-21-6 SU and 26-27 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 17th

The Canes are a surprising team in a lot of ways. We never expected much so when they dipped into the ’20s of this ranking it was no shock. Listen, this team has won three games and are managing some hearty play from the net with 160 goals against. They must pick up the power play and start scoring but a three-game winning streak is certainly a good start. Look for this team to continue this week against the spread and even a solid puck line bet.

16. St. Louis Blues

Odds: +3300
Record: 25-22-5 SU and 25-27 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 19th

St. Louis proved us completely wrong this week and there is always at least one in the pack. The Blues are on a serious hot streak with four straight wins against the spread. The best news, they have given up just 153 goals. Their games are low scoring. Look for great under opportunities.

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17. Minnesota Wild 

Odds: +4000
Record: 26-23-5 and 25-28 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 15th

The Wild have lost four in a row and are another team that comes in beating the under inconsistent manner. If you want to win with the Wild, play then under and play the puck line on the opponent.

18. Vancouver Canucks

Odds: +6600
Record: 26-23-5 SU and 23-31 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 19th

The Canucks have lost three in a row and are a sorry mess, however, however, they move up this food chain for one reason. They did well enough against the spread to merit the move. This team gives up goals by the bucket full, bet the over and start collecting.

19. Buffalo Sabres 

Odds: +3300
Record: 26-20-7 SU and 22-27 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 16th

The Sabres are 3-6-1 in their last 10 and come in with a loss. They are scoring less than they allow and that’s a problem. The odd thing, they find ways to win. Bet this team as a home dog. 

20. Philadelphia Flyers

Odds: +6600
Record: 24-23-7 SU and 22-30 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 28th

The Flyers are 8-1-1 in their last ten games and have picked it up in a big way, This team has given up 180 stinking goals, they are winning but wow are they ever a hot bet on the over.

21. Colorado Avalanche  

Odds: +5000
Record: 22-22-9 SU and 22-31 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 18th

The Av’s have lost five in a row and continue their way to mediocracy, no, to terribleness! 

22. Edmonton Oilers

Odds: +8000
Record: 24-25-5 SU and 21-30 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 20th

The Oilers have won a game but come in 3-5-2 in their last 10 games, Bet against them on the puck line.

23. Arizona Coyotes

Odds: +10000
Record: 23-26-5 SU and 21-31 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 22nd

The Coyotes have lost five in a row and are a great bet against the puck line and the over. They will most likely continue the slide.

24. Los Angeles Kings

Odds: +15000
Record: 23-27-4 SU and 21-31 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 28th

The Kings are a great outside bet at a whopping +25,000 to win it all. Look folks, a dollar and a dream! Just find a way in the playoffs and anything could happen.

25. Chicago Blackhawks

Odds: +8000
Record: 22-24-9 SU and 21-33 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 31st

The Blackhawks are no longer at the bottom of the barrel with six, count them, six wins in a row, ride a hot streak, this team is finding ways to win.

26. Florida Panthers

Odds: +10000
Record: 22-22-8 and 20-30 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 25th

The Panthers have won a game but are 5-5 over the last 10. Another home dog to bet.

27. Ottawa Senators

Odds: +50000
Record: 20-29-5 SU and 20-34 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 27th

Ottawa does not improve it’s stock this week and here is why—199 goals against! Is this even real? Bet the over.

28. Detroit Red Wings

Odds: +25000
Record: 21-26-7 SU and 19-33 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 30th

The Red Wings continue to lose big, bet the puck line against them but handicap the opponents well. They do surprise from time to time.

29. New Jersey Devils

Odds: +25000
Record: 20-25-8 SU and 19-33 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 26th

The Devils have fallen from grace in a big way and have no defense. Bet the over and bet the puck line against them. 

30. Anaheim Ducks 

Odds: +10000
Record: 21-25-9 SU and 18-34 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 28th

The Ducks just keep free falling and it’s ugly. This team had a lot of promise and hope coming into this season. Bet against them with the puck line, the over and period betting, they win very few periods.

31. New York Rangers

Odds: +15000
Record: 23-22-8 SU and 17-30 ATS
Last Week's Rank: 29th 

The Rangers are back on the bottom and what a mess they are against the spread. They are the most unreliable team to bet on in the NHL. They had made some moves, but certainly not this week. 

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