The NHL regular season started on Wednesday. We’re going to introduce NHL power rankings this season at Scores&Stats, but the rankings will have a focus on betting profitability.

We’re going to track the profitability of every NHL team on the money line.

This means you may notice some non-contender teams near the top of the power rankings and that is because they’ve been making bettors cash. These rankings are all about the money.

We’ll also be tracking the puck line (ATS) record for each team in the league.

2018-2019 Scores&Stats NHL Betting Power Rankings: Return On Investment

Here are some NHL betting trends to consider when placing your wagers:
(Trends for Games Played Through Friday, October 4th, 2019)

SU Records: Win / Loss / Overtime Loss / Shootout Loss

•    Favorites: 13-2-1-1 SU (8-9 ATS)
•    Underdogs: 4-12-0-1 SU (9-8 ATS)
•    Game Totals: 8 Overs / 9 Unders

Home dogs have started the season 0-3 (1-2 ATS), but we only have a small sample size (17 games).

The profit/loss numbers for each team below are based on a $100 bet using the closing line.

1. Washington Capitals

Stanley Cup Odds: +1800
Record: 2-0 (+$240) / 2-0 ATS

The Capitals have opened the season with wins over the Blues (3-2) and Islanders (2-1). Vrana already has two goals and the Caps need him to produce consistently in a top 6 forwards role.

2. Buffalo Sabres

Stanley Cup Odds: +6600
Record: 1-0 (+$165) / 1-0 ATS

Don’t expect the Sabres to remain atop of our power rankings for long. They won against Pittsburgh (3-1) to start the season, but despite adding talent, the Sabres aren’t ready to contend yet.

3. Vegas Golden Knights

Stanley Cup Odds: +1000
Record: 2-0 (+$133) / 2-0 ATS

Vegas is a great team, especially considering they’re so new to the league. I’m excited to watch the VGK offense, which should score a lot of goals. VGK started the season with two wins against SJS.

4. Toronto Maple Leafs

Stanley Cup Odds: +900
Record: 2-0 (+$92) / 2-0 ATS

Don’t get too excited Leafs fans. Sure, the Leafs are 2-0, but the wins were against OTT (5-3) and CBJ (4-1). The good news is Matthews (3G) and Marner (2G & 2A) are off to hot starts.

5. Boston Bruins

Stanley Cup Odds: +1000
Record: 1-0 (+$91) / 0-1 ATS

The Bruins defeated the Stars (2-1) on Thursday but didn’t cover ATS (puck line). Boston is going to be a playoff team, but with them being favored most games, they may not be profitable to bet on.

6. Anaheim Ducks

Stanley Cup Odds: +8000
Record: 1-0 (+$87) / 0-1 ATS

The Ducks are going to be bad this season. I love Getzlaf, but he’s not a 1C anymore. This team will rely heavily on John Gibson to win games, as the Ducks aren’t going to score many goals.


7. New York Rangers

Stanley Cup Odds: +4000
Record: 1-0 (+$83) / 1-0 ATS

The Rangers opened up their season with a win over the Jets (6-4). Zibanejad and Panarin will put up points this season, but I’m worried about the Rangers offensive depth hurting them in 2019/20.

8. Philadelphia Flyers

Stanley Cup Odds: +3000
Record: 1-0 (+$80) / 0-1 ATS

The Flyers were favored against Chicago and won (4-3). Hart is the #1 goalie in Philly now and there’s enough depth on offense to be among the most profitable teams to bet on this season.

9. Colorado Avalanche

Stanley Cup Odds: +1200
Record: 1-0 (+$77) / 1-0 ATS

Starting the season with a win over Calgary (5-3) is great. After barely making the playoffs last year, the Avs should see improvement. They have a lethal 1st line and adding Kadri was a great move.

10. Edmonton Oilers

Stanley Cup Odds: +3300
Record: 1-0 (+$77) / 0-1 ATS

McDavid and Draisaitl are the Oilers. They each scored in a win against the Canucks (3-2). However, the rest of the team is bad. The goaltending and defense are among the worst in the league.

11. Carolina Hurricanes

Stanley Cup Odds: +2800
Record: 1-0 (+$62) / 0-1 ATS

Carolina doesn’t get a lot of attention, but they finished the season with 99 points last year. Defense is where the Hurricanes excel, but the team’s biggest off-season move was keeping Aho.

12. Nashville Predators

Stanley Cup Odds: +1600
Record: 1-0 (+$59) / 1-0 ATS

The Preds started the season with a win against the Wild (5-2). After losing in the opening round of the playoffs last season after winning the Central, I expect the Preds to start the season on fire.

13. Tampa Bay Lightning

Stanley Cup Odds: +700
Record: 1-0 (+$56) / 1-0 ATS

The Lightning defeated the Panthers (5-2) in the battle of Florida to begin the season. TB is stacked and poised for a huge season. They may be worth betting ATS, as they’ll be big ML favs most nights.

14. Winnipeg Jets

Stanley Cup Odds: +2200
Record: 1-1 (+$25) / 1-1 ATS

The Jets will score a lot of goals this season, but that hasn’t been the problem. Through two games, Winnipeg has allowed 10 goals. The defense is weak and will be a problem most nights.

15. Detroit Red Wings

Stanley Cup Odds: +8000
Record: 0-0

The Red Wings open their season tonight on the road in Nashville. Detroit is likely to be near the bottom of the standings again this season but will cash as big dogs fairly regularly.

16. Los Angeles Kings

Stanley Cup Odds: +8000
Record: 0-0

The Kings are one of two teams yet to play. They start the season tonight on the road in Edmonton, which is a winnable game. The Kings are a veteran team that’ll improve from last year’s fiasco.

17. St. Louis Blues

Stanley Cup Odds: +1400
Record: 0-1 (-$100) / 0-1 ATS

The Blues lost as big favorites in their home opener. Remember how bad the Blues started last year before going on a run? Expect a similar start. STL is a team I’m fading early on this season.

18. Calgary Flames

Stanley Cup Odds: +1800
Record: 0-1 (-$100) / 0-1 ATS

The Flames are going to win a lot of games again this season in the weak Pacific division. Calgary is one of the most complete teams, but lack the superstar power of the top contenders.

19. Dallas Stars

Stanley Cup Odds: +1800
Record: 0-1 (-$100) / 0-1 ATS

The Stars lost a close game against the Bruins (2-1), but that’s an acceptable loss. Pavelski was a big signing this off-season. He’s nearly a lock to produce 60+ points on the Stars first line.

20. Florida Panthers

Stanley Cup Odds: +2000
Record: 0-1 (-$100) / 0-1 ATS

Bobrovsky let in 5 goals in his Panthers debut. Florida paid up for the goaltender, but they still have a terrible defense and the Russian goalie is likely to have a bad season statistically.

21. Pittsburgh Penguins

Stanley Cup Odds: +2200
Record: 0-1 (-$100) / 0-1 ATS

The Penguin's loss to the Sabres wasn’t the start they were looking for. Crosby and Malkin are going to produce, but the talent around the two top centers has worsened in recent years.

22. New Jersey Devils

Stanley Cup Odds: +2800
Record: 0-1 (-$100) / 0-1 ATS

The Devils were up 4-0 at home as favorites on Friday night but lost in a shootout to the Jets (5-4). If that’s a sign of things to come for the Devils, it’s going to be a long season in New Jersey.

23. New York Islanders

Stanley Cup Odds: +2800
Record: 0-1 (-$100) / 0-1 ATS

Look for the Islanders to take a step back from last season’s 48-27-7 record. The offense is terrible and they got off to a slow start, scoring one goal against the Caps as home favorites.

24. Chicago Blackhawks

Stanley Cup Odds: +3300
Record: 0-1 (-$100) / 1-0 ATS

Chicago won on the puckline but lost a close opener in the Czech Republic against Philly (4-3). Let’s give the Blackhawks a chance to get back on North American soil before judging them.

25. Arizona Coyotes

Stanley Cup Odds: +4000
Record: 0-1 (-$100) / 1-0 ATS

The Coyotes added Kessel to the team this off-season for some much-needed firepower. Kessel had an assist in the opener, but the Yotes fell to the Ducks (2-1) and need to improve quickly.

26. Columbus Blue Jackets

Stanley Cup Odds: +4000
Record: 0-1 (-$100) / 0-1 ATS

The Blue Jackets lost to the Leafs (4-1) on Friday night at home. CBJ is going to struggle this year after losing some key pieces this off-season and I don’t expect them to make the playoffs.

27. Montreal Canadiens

Stanley Cup Odds: +4000
Record: 0-1 (-$100) / 1-0 ATS

Montreal is another team that’s deep but lacks superstar power. They tried signing Aho by offering him an offer sheet, but it was matched by Carolina who defeated MON on Thursday night.

28. Vancouver Canucks

Stanley Cup Odds: +4000
Record: 0-1 (-$100) / 1-0 ATS

The Canucks have Boeser and Pettersson to build around, but this team will struggle to win many games this season. They’re definitely a team to fade, but you’ll likely want to bet on the puckline.

29. Minnesota Wild

Stanley Cup Odds: +5000
Record: 0-1 (-$100) / 0-1 ATS

The Wild should be tight defensively, despite allowing 5 goals in their opener. It’s the offense that’s going to struggle. They need a youth infusion on offense, but that won’t be happening this year.

30. Ottawa Senators

Stanley Cup Odds: +25000
Record: 0-1 (-$100) / 0-1 ATS

Ottawa is a dumpster fire that’s going to lose a ton of games. However, fading them is risky, as they’ll be huge dogs most nights. However, in the right spots, OTT could be a team to tail at huge prices.

31. San Jose Sharks

Stanley Cup Odds: +1800
Record: 0-2 (-$200) / 0-2 ATS

Opening the season with two losses against VGK isn’t ideal. Goals have been tough to come by, but once Burns and Karlsson get going, things will start to click for the Sharks.

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