Are you utilizing our NHL betting data to make more informed betting investments?

A lot of you are reading our free NHL picks throughout the season, but are you using all of the additional betting data we provide? Keep reading, we’re going to dig into the NHL stats we provide for every game on the NHL schedule.

We’ve already gone through our MLB betting data and NBA betting data, but if you missed those articles, we recommend reading through them and then utilizing our free data to win more bets.

Expert NHL Predictions, Odds Comparison and Much More

Just like with the other major sports, we have an NHL predictions page here at SAS.

The page is updated in real-time throughout the NHL regular season and playoffs with all of the important trends, statistics, live odds and betting information listed below.

The following information is available to every NHL game:

#1 - Read through full game previews for every NHL game. Our previews include a ton of info, almost too much to list.

#2 - Every preview is accompanied by a free prediction from our expert handicappers.

#3 - Each preview will list live NHL odds for the moneyline, puck line and game total (over/under).

#4 - We analyze NHL odds from a stable of online sportsbooks and perform the odds comparison for you. That’s right, we even do the line shopping for you.

#5 - Place a bet instantly with one of our trusted NHL bookmakers at the best line available.

#6 - Use the GameCenter feature to analyze game news, injuries, line-up changes and more.

#7 - Access opening/closing betting lines for every NHL hockey game. You can find lines from previously played games over on our NHL recaps page.

#8 - Access NHL betting trends, statistics, standings and schedules.

Our NHL hockey preview page is packed with everything you need to make informed bets. With all this information at your fingertips, you can become the sports investor you always dreamed of being.

We strive to make the information as accessible as possible for everyone.

If you’re having trouble finding any data, contact us and we’ll help you find it. Let us know if you’d like to see any features added too. We’re constantly developing new features to help you guys beat the bookies.

NHL Odds Comparison

You should know how important line shopping is, but are you doing it? With hockey, you can make a lot of extra money by only betting the best line, as they can vary widely between bookies.

We perform NHL odds comparison in real-time and show you the best betting lines. You don’t need to sign-in to all of your bookie accounts and shop yourself anymore. When you click on the odds on our NHL picks page, you can rest assured you will find the best line available.

Free NHL Predictions

No time to handicap the games yourself some nights?

Don’t worry.

Follow our expert handicappers and watch your bankroll grow.

We were having a great 2020 season prior to the postponement and we have a track record of turning a positive ROI year in and year out for our readers. You can also find a stable to picks at on our sister site,

Historical NHL Betting Data (Opening/Closing Lines)

Are you building an NHL betting spreadsheet and need the data to input into your database? We have the opening and closing lines tracked for every game dating back multiple seasons.

Our NHL game previews also feature all of the latest betting trends. Want to know how a team has been performing at home? Want to know the over/under trends for a specific match-up? You can gather all of this information from our game previews and GameCenter.

NHL Standings

Our NHL standings are updated in real-time and have everything you need. The standings provide more than just a win/loss record for a team.

You can see how teams are performing in their last 10 games, you can see how many goals all teams have scoring and allowed. As well, we also offer home/away splits.

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