Premier League Season 2018-2019 | 

After three rounds of the English Premier League, we were already able to sort out the favorites and the teams that will have hard times during this season. Surprisingly or not only three teams (Liverpool, Chelsea & Watford) have three wins at the start of this season and among those three teams, we cannot find the name of the last years champions from Manchester City. So far the positive surprise of the season is the performance of Watford while on the opposite side we can name the team of West Ham United that had signed with some interesting players during the summer, but so far had not won even a single point. Let’s check what will happen in the next week of Premier League soccer. 

1.     September 1st – Leicester City vs. Liverpool (Premier League) 
Almost all specialist count Liverpool as a serious contender for this year’s title in the Premier League. So far Liverpool had proved that all this might become a reality and had proved that the team turned into a really stable squad. After three rounds in the Premier League Liverpool has 3 wins and had not even conceded a single goal. In the last round before the break for the games of the national teams, Liverpool will face Leicester away from home. This game will be really tough for the boys of Jurgen Klopp and it will show if the team has real chances to win the title. After a bad last season for Leicester, the team started this season fairly strong and the possible problems for Liverpool on Saturday are on the side. The game might be the most interesting for the week in England and for this reason, we should see some goals and a great spectacle. 

2.     September 1st – Manchester City vs. Newcastle (Premier League) 
There is no doubt that Manchester City is the total favorite for the title, but this does not mean that City will not lose points against some of the other teams in the league. The first failure of the players of Pep Guardiola was last week when Wolverhampton stole 2 points from the last year champions. Mainly because of this bad result we do not expect to see a second straight negative performance from the blue team in Manchester. Moreover, Newcastle does not look like a team that can successfully put pressure on City after winning only 1 point in the first three rounds of this season…

3.     September 2nd – Cardiff City vs. Arsenal (Premier League) 
One of the games on Sunday in the English Premier League will provide a battle between the teams of Cardiff and Arsenal. So far the season for the team from Wales had been really hard. After three games Cardiff had not scored a single goal, but at least had registered two 0-0 draws. While the defense of the team might be labeled as fairly stable, the offense of the team looks like the weakest point of the squad. The situation for Arsenal was pretty much similar until the last match day when on Emirates, Arsenal came back after losing against West Ham to win the game with 3-1. This was the much-needed win for Unai Emery that will most likely turn the season for Arsenal. For this reason, we expect to see a win for Arsenal in this tough visit in Cardiff. 

4.     September 2nd – Watford vs. Tottenham Hotspur (Premier League) 
The week and the round in the Premier League will end with a local rivalry between the teams of Watford and Tottenham. Both sides are in the top of the standing which is normal for Tottenham, but surprising for Watford. Another similarity in the so far performance of both squads from London is the fact that they had been involved in high scoring games. This Sunday late derby in England will most likely provide a goal-show and battle in all parts of the field. 

Ligue 1 Season 2018-2019 |

The situation in the French Ligue 1 slowly starts to come into its anticipated outcome.  PSG is starting to gain advance in front of the other contenders for the title, while all other teams are fighting for the second spot which in fact can be counted as the best that a single team can achieve counting the fact that PSG will most likely win the trophy. Pre-determined or not Ligue 1 still will amuse us with some great soccer and some great supporting fans cheering for it favorite team. 

1.     August 31st – Lyon vs. Nice (Ligue 1) 
Lyon and Nice started the season completely differently. Lyon started with 6 points from three games, while Nice has only 1 draw after three match days, including an embarrassing 0-4 home lost against Dijon.  Now the situation for Nice does not get any better with the upcoming clash against Lyon that is ready for a third straight home win. Anything then a home win in here will be surprising counting the so far performance on the two sides. It will be a miracle if the poor defense of Nice does not concede a goal in this game. 

2.     September 1st – Nimes vs. PSG (Ligue 1) 
Nimes started its life in Ligue 1 in the best possible way after beating Angers (4-3) and Marseille (3-1). Unfortunately, the reality shocked Nimes in the last round when Toulouse won against them at home. Still, this cannot be labeled as something surprising, but the fairy tale for the fans of Nimes looks over. It looks over mainly due to the fact that in the next three games Nimes will face the teams of PSG, Bordeaux, and Monaco. Surely Nimes already surprised a top-level team like Marseille, but we do not expect that the other good teams in the league will afford a similar outcome. It is a guarantee that on Saturday in Nimes the local fans will have a blast watching its team playing against the best squad in France, but the only question is how positive of a blast that will be. The predictions are cleared and PSG should not have any kind of problems crushing the opposition. Still, do not think that the visitors will surely destroy Nimes but if there is an early goal from Neymar and company the blast for the local fans might turn into a tragedy…

3.     September 2nd – Rennes vs. Bordeaux (Ligue 1) 
Rennes and Bordeaux will be one of the most interesting games in Ligue 1 for the week. Both teams started the season in the same way in which they finished it – inconsistently. Both teams have the power to beat anyone including PSG, but both teams are able to lose against anyone. This makes the situation really bad for the fans of the predictions that always have a hard time predicting the games between those two sides. Still, the hosts in this game are the slight favorite in this Sunday French soccer matchup. 

4.     September 2nd – Monaco vs. Marseille (Ligue 1) 
Monaco once again enters a period of a serious change of the core of the team. After the amazing season which the team had two years ago, the number of players that were part of those successful team are almost gone and they are replaced with younger and promising players that still cannot adjust to the expectations. For this reason, the start of this season for Monaco had been rough, just like the end of the last season. After three games, Monaco has only 1 win and in the next game, the team will face another contender for top places – Marseille. Marseille’s start of the season had also not been that great, but at least the team had shown that the attacking power of the squad is on a top level. Marseille successfully came back in the last round after losing 0-2 and earned the draw 2-2 against Rennes in a game that was really weird since Marseille was the much better team, but some mistakes on defense took away two points from The Phocaeans. Now in this Sunday derby, the mistakes on defense will be the deciding factor since both teams have good offenses and unstable defensive performance. Whoever makes fewer mistakes in this games will be the winner, but the surest thing in here is that we will most likely see some goals.  

La Liga Season 2018-2019 |

La Liga is La Liga even without the presence of Cristiano Ronaldo. Still, the battle between Real Madrid and Barcelona will be interesting and the first two round had proved that. The big question is if Atletico Madrid can surprise both squads and steal the trophy. The battle for the title just starts and for this reason, we should mainly focus on the week to week battles in Spain. Let’s all check what this third week in the league will offer to the fans of the soccer. 

 1.     August 31st – Villarreal vs. Girona (La Liga) 
Villarreal had a fairly successful transfer period during the summer and the team added some great players. Regardless of this fact, the start of the season has not been that great since the team has only 1 point after two games. The situation for Girona is the same with the only difference that the last game of the team was a hosting of Real Madrid that is a matchup that not that many squads will go through successfully. Villarreal will be happy only with the win in here, but it might not come easily since Girona showed some interesting counter-attacking style against Real. The shocking result in here might not be an impossible outcome. 

2.     September 1st – Celta Vigo vs. Atletico Madrid (La Liga) 
The games between Celta Vigo and Atletico Madrid had always been intriguing and full of battles. This upcoming game will be not any different. Celta Vigo will continue to defend its home fortress in the same way in which the team had been doing it in the last couple of years, while Atletico will try to win three points that will be important for the fight of the team for the La Liga title. It is highly possible that the game will be solved by a single goal and the most likely winner in here should be the team of Diego Simeone.

3.     September 2nd – Levante vs. Valencia (La Liga) 
Sunday will be the day of the local derbies in Spain and the first local derby will be between the teams of Levante and Valencia. Usually, Valencia is the favorite in this matchup, but now the situation is different. Levante started the season better than Valencia and a possible home win in here might not be a surprise. Goals in here should be present and the game will be really interesting for the neutral fans. Just like in any other derby around the world, the tackles and the number of yellow cards should be fairly big. 

4.     September 2nd – Real Betis vs. Sevilla (La Liga) 
The second local derby for the day will be the derby of Sevilla. Betis that had a great last season will face Sevilla in a game in which anything can happen. Betis still had not scored a goal after the first two games for the season, while Sevilla showed to its fans that the problem with the team this year will be the inconsistency that can be easily explained with the changes which the squad went through during the summer. Both teams will try to avoid the loss in here and this might lead to a low scoring game and even a draw. 

Seria A Season 2018-2019 |

Seria A quickly turned into one of the most anticipated and viewed soccer league in Europe due to some interesting summer transfers. So far the favorites for the title (Juventus and Napoli) have 2 wins from 2 games, but in general, we saw that the opposition that they will get from the other teams in the league will not be bad. Juventus achieved two hard wins against Chievo and Lazio, while Napoli succeeded against Lazio (again) and Milan. Let’s all check what will happen in matchday three not only with Juventus and Napoli but also with the other contenders for the top places in the Seria A.

1.     August 31st – Milan vs. Roma (Seria A) 
Without a doubt, the best game in Italy for the week will be the one between Milan and Roma on Friday. Both teams had some changes in their squads during the summer, but it is still too early to conclude if those changes were positive. The derbies between Milan and Roma had always been interesting and hard for predicting. Milan surely is slightly better than last season and for this reason, we give a slight preference to them for winning this game that will open the third Round in Seria A.

2.     September 1st – Bologna vs. Inter (Seria A) 
After a great transfer period for Inter and some nice additions, the fans of Inter are expecting a solid season and much better performance than last year. The start of this season had been bad for Inter after losing against Sassuolo and letting Torino come back after leading with 2-0 at the half (final result 2-2). Now, Inter will be determined to achieve a first win against the team of Bologna that will clearly have problems this year in Seria A. Bologna started the season with a home loss against SPAl (0-1) and a 0-0 draw against Frosinone. The most anticipated outcome in this game will be a win for the much better side of Inter that must not miss winning three points against opponents that are clearly weaker. 

3.     September 1st – Parma vs. Juventus (Seria A) 
A couple of years ago the games between Parma and Juventus were labeled as a huge derby that was also deciding the title in the league. Now, the situation is completely different. Parma is clearly a team that will fight for its spot in Seria A, while Juventus is the biggest favorite for the title not only in Italy but also in the Champions League. The transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo was the move that showed that Juventus will a favorite in almost all games of the team during this season. The game against Parma is the perfect example and the away win in here looks like the most normal thing that can happen on Saturday. It will be interesting to see if Ronaldo can finally score a goal in Seria A which is surely a thing that he desires.

4.     September 2nd – Sampdoria vs. Napoli (Seria A) 
After the first two games of the season, Napoli showed that the team will be fighting for the title just like last year. Napoli won two hard games against Lazio (1-2) and Milan (3-2). Both wins were achieved after a comeback which proved that Napoli with Carlo Ancelotti is a team that has the ability to successfully oppose the dream squad of Juventus. Sampdoria on the other side is stable Seria A team that can create problems for anyone. The visit of Napoli will not be easy, but we expect to see a win for the blue team especially after the great two opening wins of the season for the Gli Azzurri.  

German Bundesliga Season 2018-2019 |

     The Bundesliga started last week with some interesting results that outlined the favorites for this season. It is still too early to summarize anything serious in German and for this reason, we can only enjoy the week by week fixtures in the Bundesliga. Let’s check what will happen in Germany in the second week of the league. 

1.     August 31st – Hannover vs. Borussia Dortmund (Bundesliga) 
The second round in the Bundesliga will start with a tough visit of the current leader of the table Borussia Dortmund at Hannover. Hannover is one of the best home teams in Germany and for this reason, it will be hard for Dortmund to repeat the performance from the first round when the team crushed RB Leipzig. The attack of Dortmund is clearly dangerous, but at the same time, the defense of Hannover should not be underestimated. Counting the current form of both team we give a slight preference for the away team, but this cannot be your safest bet for the upcoming week.
2.     September 1st – Bayer Leverkusen vs. Wolfsburg (Bundesliga) 
The battle between Bayer Leverkusen and Wolfsburg has always been counted as a derby. The teams had a tough matchup for the start of the season and while Wolfsburg won at home against Schalke, Bayer lost in Monchengladbach. Now in the second game of the season Leverkusen cannot afford a second straight loss. We should not lack goals in here…

3.     September 1st – Stuttgart vs. Bayern Munich (Bundesliga) 
The games between Stuttgart and Bayern Munich had always been labeled as derbies regardless of the form and the squad potential of the two sides. Now, the situation is the same and the two teams will surely create a spectacle. Stuttgart lost its first game at Mainz after a late goal, while Bayern almost finished even with Hoffenheim before Robert Lewandowski and Arjen Robben scored two late goals. The Niko Kovac period in Bayern Munich is just starting but so far the beginning had been rough. For this reason, we do not expect an easy win for the champions.

4.     September 2nd – Schalke 04 vs. Hertha Berlin (Bundesliga) 
The last interesting game of the week in Germany will be between Schalke 04 and Hertha Berlin. Schalke and Hertha had always been rivals and for this reason, the games between those squad always turn into battles. Schalke started the season with a loss against Wolfsburg, while Hertha won against Nurnberg after a goal from its best forward from the last couple of seasons Vedad Ibisevic. In the second game of the season, Schalke will be the team that will be determined to win. Our preference in this game is for Schalke 04, but do not put too many hopes on this matchup. 

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