Premier League Season 2018-2019 | 

The few days without Premier League soccer due to the games of the national soccer teams did not take away from the tension of the battle on the English soccer fields. The Premier League quickly comes back with some amazing derbies during the weekend. Let’s not lose time and directly check out the English soccer games for the week. 

1.     September 15th – Tottenham Hotspur vs. Liverpool (Premier League) 
Without a doubt, Liverpool declared its ambitions for the title in the Premier League. So far Liverpool had four tough games which the team won, but none of these games were against a team from the so-called top 6 in the league. Now, this will change since Klopp and his players will travel to London to face Tottenham with the in-form forwards Lucas Moura and Harry Kane. Spurs were also with a perfect record before they faced the local rivals from Watford and eventually lost. Now, Tottenham will try to avoid a second straight loss in a really tough matchup against a top contender for the title. This will be the game of the week in England and we encourage you to not miss it since goals are expected in this Saturday’s game. 

2.     September 15th – Chelsea vs. Cardiff City (Premier League) 
For a second straight week, Cardiff City is part of the top four rubrics of our website. This is surely not great news for the fans in Wales since this means that once again the opponent of the blue team from Wales will be a top-level team. This time after hosting Arsenal, Cardiff will need to travel to Stamford Bridge to face another strong squad such as Chelsea. While everyone is focused over the expected two-sided battle for the Premier League title between Liverpool and Manchester City, the good performance of Chelsea so far has been left forgotten. So far, Chelsea had won all of its games and until the derby against Liverpool after a few weeks, it looks like Chelsea will keep winning games. We expect a home win in this game, but it might not come easily since Cardiff City showed some great things on defense. 

3.     September 15th – Newcastle United vs. Arsenal (Premier League) 
One of the Premier League classic games will be held on Saturday when Newcastle United will host Arsenal. Both teams had a fairly bad start of the season, but while Arsenal bounced back, Newcastle still had not won a single game in the Premier League. The bad start of the season for Newcastle can be easily explained by the tough schedule of the team. In the first four games of the season, Newcastle had played against Tottenham, Chelsea and Manchester City. All these tough matchups were combined with a visit in Wales against Cardiff City. In this game, Newcastle missed a penalty in the last minute which is something that affected the performance of the team negatively. Now, Newcastle will face another top team, but the local fans are hoping for a win against the inconsistent team of Arsenal. As we mentioned, Arsenal also started the season badly. Unai Emery’s new team lost against Manchester City and Chelsea in the first few rounds, but later on, the red team from London won against West Ham and Cardiff City. Regardless of all that, this classic Premier League game is one of the best games to watch on Saturday. The result of the game is unpredicted but we should see some goals since both defenses have problems keeping a clean sheet. 

4.     September 15th – Watford vs. Manchester United (Premier League) 
The biggest surprise in the Premier League for the season is surely the team of Watford. Many fans are even dreaming about the lucky of Leicester City from a few seasons ago and all this happened after the comeback win of Watford against Tottenham in the last match day. All these dreams will be put into another serious test since Watford will be hosting the not stable but at the same time a powerful squad of Manchester United. The season of Manchester United started badly just like every season after the retirement of Alex Ferguson. The tension around United and Jose Mourinho are huge and for this reason, it is highly possible that we could see another successful result for Watford. Keep attention to the performance of the dynamic trio of the host team – Roberto Pereyra, Troy Deeney and the assist leader of the team Jose Holebas. 

Ligue 1 Season 2018-2019 |

The French Ligue 1 continues to offer some surprises with all other teams different than PSG, which is the only left team in the league that has only one. 

1.     September 14th – PSG vs. St. Etienne (Ligue 1) 
One of the dominants in the last couple of years in Ligue 1 will host one of the dominants in France back in days. PSG looks for another win in Paris against the tough team of St. Etienne. St. Etienne is one of the teams in France that can easily win against anyone, but in the next game can lose against teams even from lower divisions. This season St. Etienne relies heavily on defense and this will be the biggest weapon of the visiting team against the deadly offense of PSG. Surely we expect a home win that will either come easy or tough, mainly depending on the time of the opening goal. If PSG scored an early goal, the game will be ‘’long’’ for St. Etienne but if the away team keeps the score even for a longer period, the situation might get a bit complicated for Neymar, Mbappe and company. 

2.     September 15th - Caen vs. Lyon (Ligue 1) 
The games between Caen and Lyon had always turned into a derby match. The up-coming matchup should not be any different. Caen and Lyon both had a tough start of the season with the only difference that Caen results and performance had been both negative, while Lyon had been playing well but not winning enough points. For example in the last game of Lyon against Nice, the team was dominating but could not score a goal and eventually lost with 0-1. In this next game, Caen will surely rely on defense while Lyon will be the team controlling the game. We might not see many goals in this game.

3.     September 15th – Toulouse vs. Monaco (Ligue 1) 
Probably the most interesting game in France for the week is the game between Toulouse and Monaco. Toulouse is currently standing in the top of the table after starting with a crushing loss against Marseille followed with three wins against opponents of the same class and level like Toulouse. In the meantime, Monaco looks like a team that will be unable to fight for the top places in the league. So far the team has only 4 points after drawing against Lille at home and winning at Nantes. In the game against Toulouse, we are not expecting goals and we might even see a draw in this top game in Ligue 1 for the week. 

4.     September 16th – Marseille vs. Guingamp (Ligue 1) 
Just like in many cases the schedule of Ligue 1 in France offers a late Sunday game featuring one of the most popular teams in France – Marseille. Marseille is expected to be the biggest contender of PSG for the title in France especially after the great last season of the team from South France. So far the games of Marseille had offered plenty of goals just like the games of Guingamp with the difference that Guingamp had the only register loses in the first four games of the season. For this reason, we do not expect anything else than a big win for the host in this game.

La Liga Season 2018-2019 |

Many people expected that with the absence of Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid would abandon the fight for the title with Barcelona. After the first three rounds in La Liga we are seeing something completely different and just like in most of the seasons in the history of La Liga we will see a battle for the title between Barcelona and Real Madrid. Let’s check what will happen in Spain during this weekend. 

 1.     September 15th – Atletico Madrid vs. Eibar (La Liga) 
Atletico Madrid kept all of its stars for this season and many soccer specialists predicted that the team will fight for both the title in Spain and the title in the Champions League. After three rounds the selection of Diego Simeone had not convinced the fans that this is actually true. After three games, Atleti had won only against the last team in the standing Rayo Vallecano (1-0), had made a 1-1 draw against Valencia and lost the visit in Vigo against Celta. Now, Antoine Griezmann and company will host Eibar that had demonstrated inconsistency in the first few games of the season. For this reason, we are expecting to see a home win for Atletico that most likely will increase its performance after the break for the games of the national soccer teams. 

2.     September 15th – Real Sociedad vs. Barcelona (La Liga) 
One of the best games for the week will be the battle between Real Sociedad and Barcelona. Real Sociedad had always been a tough host even for teams like Barcelona and Real Madrid. This will be the first home game of Sociedad for the season after three away games that finished with a moderate success for the team. Now in the first home game of the season Real Sociedad will have a tough matchup with Messi and Barcelona. We are expecting to see some goals in this game taking into account that attacking style of Real Sociedad and the well known offensive quality of Barcelona.

3.     September 15th – Valencia vs. Betis (La Liga) 
Valencia is one of the soccer teams in Spain that has a talented squad. In the same time, the start of the season had not been great for the team. The expectations for the season were huge after the success last season. Same is the case for Betis that had a wonderful previous campaign and a tough start of this one. Counting the bad start for both teams we expected that the two sides will decide to be cautious and for this reason, we might not see many goals. The most anticipated result of this game is surely the draw. 

4.     September 15th – Athletic Bilbao vs. Real Madrid (La Liga) 
Another great game in La Liga for the week is the derby between Athletic Bilbao and Real Madrid. Bilbao had always been a tough location for Real Madrid and the upcoming game will prove that. Taking into account the first few games of the season we are expecting to see a game full of goals since both sides have good offensive players. Real Madrid might have a hard time winning, but the goals here should be present.

Seria A Season 2018-2019 |

The Italian Seria A had been surely interesting since the start of this season. Many people predicted all this especially after the busy transfer summer in the league. So far there had been some surprises in Seria A, with Juventus leading the table with three wins from three games. Let’s check what will happen next in Italy…

1.     September 15th – Napoli vs. Fiorentina (Seria A) 
Napoli was showing a title contender potential in the first two games of the season after beating Lazio and Milan. Surprisingly Napoli lost against Sampdoria with 0-3 which put the ambitions of the team from Napoli into a serious doubt. Now, the Neapolitans will face the team of Fiorentina that had started the season in Seria A really strong. After two wins in the first two games of the season, Fiorentina surely shows potential. We are clearly expecting a big amount of goals in here. 

2.     September 15th – Inter vs. Parma (Seria A) 
For a second straight week, Parma will be facing a top Seria A team which is not a great news for the local fans. In the last round in Seria A Parma almost stole some points from Juventus at home, but this time the team must travel to Milano to visit Inter. Inter slowly started to gain control of the situation after losing against Sassuolo, drawing against Torino and winning against Bologna. Now, the fans of the team are expecting a second straight win against a newcomer in the league that should have a hard time with its visits in the league, especially at a tough place like Giuseppe Meazza.

3.     September 16th – Juventus vs. Sassuolo (Seria A) 
Many people predicted that Juventus will be the team leading the table in Seria A, but not that many people predicted that Sassuolo will be second in the standing. Sassuolo had already won its games against Inter and Genoa while drawing with Cagliari away from home. Now, the opposition for Sassuolo will be the best possible – the dominant in the league. Juventus had won all of its games so far but had not really demonstrated the expected dominance in Italy. We are expecting to see the first loss for Sassuolo and who knows maybe the first goal of Ronaldo who received a break from international duty and will be fully ready for the games with its club team Juventus.

4.     September 17th – SPAL vs. Atalanta (Seria A) 
One of the most interesting games for the week in the Seria A is between the teams of SPAL and Atalanta. Atalanta became a tough team in the last couple of seasons and it is not surprising for anyone that we are putting your attention into a game involving this team. On the other side, the great start of the season for SPAL put us into a position in which we must give some recognition to the hosts of this upcoming game. SPAL had won two out of the first three games for the season mainly with stable defense. In the same time, Atalanta had a bad start with only winning one game in Seria A and being eliminated from League Europe. Now, the matchup between those teams might not present many goals and we could even see another positive outcome for the fans of SPAL.

German Bundesliga Season 2018-2019 |

The German Bundesliga started promising with a couple of games full of goals. Now, in the third round of the league, we will see some interesting games. Here are the best four games in Germany that will keep our attention. 

1.     September 14th – Borussia Dortmund vs. Eintracht Frankfurt (Bundesliga) 
The first game in the Bundesliga for the week will be between two of the strong squads in the league. Dortmund looks refreshed after a couple of changes during the summer, while Frankfurt is still adjusting to the life after the leave of their previous coach Niko Kovac. In this upcoming game the most anticipated result is a home win, but just in case put your attention on the goals scored in this game since Eintracht can always provide surprises. 
2.     September 15th – Bayern Munich vs. Bayer Leverkusen (Bundesliga) 
The dominant in the league Bayern Munich is slowly finding its best form. In the same time, Bayer Leverkusen has two lost after two games. Counting the class and the current form of the two teams, we will be shocked if we see anything else than a big win for the host team in this game.

3.     September 15th – Wolfsburg vs. Hertha Berlin (Bundesliga) 
Shockingly or not Wolfsburg and Hertha Berlin had started the season with two wins from two games. The more spectacular performance for this season is surely the one of Wolfsburg that had won against tough opponents like Schalke (2-1) and Leverkusen (3-1). Now, third tough opponent comes on the way of Wolfsburg. Hertha Berlin is well known for its defensive style of soccer. Example for that is the fact that after two games Hertha had still not conceded a goal. In the game against Wolfsburg, we might not see many goals and the most anticipated outcome in here will be a draw that will destroy the perfect performance of the two teams. 

4.     September 15th – Monchengladbach vs. Schalke 04 (Bundesliga) 
The last interesting derby in Germany for the week is the battle between Borussia and Schalke 04. Those two teams always possess a serious squad firepower. The situation now is not any different with the only add-on that Gladbach is in a much better form than the point-less Schalke 04. In this game, we might even see a surprise outcome for the away team, but still, the most anticipated result will be a home win for the in-form team of Borussia Monchengladbach.

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