England | 

Just like during the last week the most interesting thing in the Premier League is the battle for relegation. Stoke City already relegated, but the teams of WBA, Swansea City, Southampton and Huddersfield the battle is still on-going.

1.    May 8th - Swansea City vs. Southampton (Premier League)

This direct battle for a position in the Premier League promises to be spectacular. The two teams will face each other on Tuesday in a game in which there are no excuses for both sides. Both teams have some problems with the squad, but when we speak about a position in the Premier League, nothing should stop the two sides from giving their best to win the game. The draw will be a good result for Southampton, so they will be one idea more cautious during this game.
2.    May  9th - Chelsea vs. Huddersfield (Premier League)

Chelsea got into a late season strong form which might lead to a spot that gives them the right to play in the Champions League. Part of the late top form of Chelsea is hidden in the fact that the team is fairly healthy with only David Luiz missing the rest of the season. The last week win against Liverpool (1-0) should boost the team performance against a squad that is close to relegating. Anything else than a home win will be a huge surprise.

3.    May 13th - Crystal Palace vs. WBA (Premier League)

Crystal Palace saved its spot in the Premier League for the next season, regarding of the bad moments which the team experienced. Now Palace finishes the season in a calm manner, while their opponents in this game will give more than 100% to win this game and to potentially stay in the league for the next season. The final push of WBA had been spectacular and in the last five games of the team, WBA had registered three wins and two draws. Such kind of fairytale finishes of the season are admired by the fans and it will be not surprising if WBA does not finish the season as next year member of the Premier League. 

4.    May 13th - Huddersfield vs. Arsenal (Premier League)

The second game of Huddersfield for the week is once again against a strong opponent. This time the team will face Arsenal in the final game against Arsene Wenger. Arsenal does not play for anything, but surely Wenger will want to finish his career in the team with a win. This potentially could threaten the Premier League spot of the hosts, so this game promises to be interesting. A draw is also an option. 

The relegation battle will entertain us once again. This pure desire to keep your spot in the league will be an amazing experience, especially for the neutral fans. 

Spain | 

The focus in Spain stays on the UEFA Europe League spots battle. Especially after the end of El Classico and the fights for avoiding the relegation, everyone in La Liga just wants to see which teams will play in the European tournaments during the next season.

1.    May 9th - Sevilla vs. Real Madrid (La Liga)

Always the derbies between those two teams had been really interesting and high scoring. This up-coming one should not be exclusion, regardless of the fact that Real Madrid does not have much to play for. Sevilla on the other side needs the three points and they might take them counting the fact that Real might give chances to its reserves in this game, after having a hard battle with Barcelona on Sunday. 

2.    May 12th - Getafe vs. Atletico Madrid (La Liga)

It is clear that Atletico Madrid and Diego Simeone had stopped competing on full potential in La Liga. The focus for Atleti by the end of this season will be in the final of the UEFA Europe League. This could be used by Getafe which needs three points in order to return in the European club tournaments. The problems of Atletico in their defensive line should be the next thing used by the hosts in this game.

3.    May 12th - Real Betis vs. Sevilla (La Liga)

The second game of the week for Sevilla will be once again really hard. After facing Real Madrid few days before this game, Sevilla will also play a local derby with Betis. Betis had secured its spot in the UEFA Europe League, while Sevilla cannot say the same thing. The away team in this game will be without Simon Kjaer, Jesus Navas and Sebastien Corchia which will limit the options for the team in their defensive line. Real Betis does not have something to play for except its honor and to harm the ambitions of their local rival. A lot of goals should be expected in this game. 

4.    May 12th - Girona vs. Valencia (La Liga)

Girona is having the best season of its history and unfortunately, this best season might not lead to European tournament games for the next season. Still, there are some chances in front of the team, but if they want to keep these chances they must win in this home game against Valencia. Valencia’s motivation will be weakened since the team is sure about its spot in the Champions League and this should be used by the team from Cataluña. 

The only unknown things in Spain are which team between Getafe, Sevilla and Girona will finish 7th in La Liga. 

Germany | 

In the German Bundesliga, everything is not decided except the title. Bayern Munich is the champion and Schalke 04 will be the second in the league, but all other teams in the league are fighting for better spots.

1.    May 12th - Hamburg vs. Borussia Monchengladbach (Bundesliga)

Hamburg has one of the best streaks for keeping its place in the top level of its country among all teams around the world. Since 1963 when the Bundesliga was created, Hamburg has not been relegated to a lower division. In the last few years plenty of times the team has been close to relegation and each time the team was escaping from this destiny at the last moment. Now the situation is similar, but not everything is in the hands of the players of Hamburg. Anything else than a home win will mean relegation. We believe that the team will take the win in this game. 

2.    May 12th - Wolfsburg vs. Koln (Bundesliga)

While Koln is already in the 2nd Bundesliga, Wolfsburg still has chances to avoid relegation either from play out games or with the direct keeping of its place if Freiburg loses its last game for the season. Wolfsburg at least needs a draw in this home game and for this reason, we believe that the team will be cautious of at least not conceding a goal since a potential loss in this game against Koln might mean 2nd Bundesliga football for the former quarter-finalist in the Champions League. 

3.    May 12th - Freiburg vs. Augsburg (Bundesliga)

Augsburg already secured its place in the league for the next season, but the case of Freiburg is not the same. Surely the hosts do not want to come back in the second division after only one year of top-tier football. Freiburg is fairly stable on defense and this is exactly what the team will need in this game since even a draw in this last match of the season will mean Bundesliga fixtures in season 2018/2019.

4.    May 12th - Hoffenheim vs. Borussia Dortmund (Bundesliga)

The biggest derby in the last round of the Bundesliga will be between Hoffenheim and Dortmund. Dortmund is finishing a season that was full of injury problems. Even in the last game of the season, six players will be not available for the hosts (Toprak, Zagadou, Batshuayi, Rode, Durm all injured plus Sokratis suspended). The case for Hoffenheim is not much different with the only difference that the hosts of this game had been experiencing some problems only in the last few months and not through the whole season. Hoffenheim will be missing six players in this game against Dortmund (Rupp, Gnabry, Demirbay, Hubner, Posch, and Geiger) but this will not mean that the derby will not be spectacular. Hoffe needs a win in this game, but will Dortmund give up the three points that easy?

The last matchday of the season in the Bundesliga promises to be really good. For this reason, we encourage you to watch some of the games during the day (all games will be at the same time). 

Italy | 

While the battle for the title in Seria A is almost solved with Napoli losing two points in the last match, the cup final is going to grab the focus of the fans in Italy and all over the world. The cup final in Italy will be most likely the game of the week in the whole world.

1.    May 9th - Juventus vs. Milan (Coppa Italia FINAL)

The biggest game of the week in the football world will be held on Stadio Olimpico in Rome where Juventus and Milan will fight for Coppa Italia. Juve pretty much won the title in Seria A but the team also wants the cup. The final will be missed by a couple of players from both teams (De Sciglio, Sturaro, Howedes and Mandzukic for Juventus as well as Conti, Biglia, and Vergara for Milan). Coppa Italia Final will be really interesting since Milan had been focusing on this game for the last couple of weeks. Do not miss this game if you are a real soccer fan.

2.    May 13th - Fiorentina vs. Cagliari (Seria A)

The game between Fiorentina and Cagliari will answer many questions in Seria A. It will show us which teams will play in UEFA Europe League next season and which teams will relegate to Seria B. Both teams cannot afford anything else than a win if they want to accomplish their tasks. If we do not see goals in here it will be surprising. 

3.    May 13th - Crotone vs. Lazio (Seria A)

The game between Crotone and Lazio will be among the most interesting once in Seria A for the week. Crotone and its compact playing style on defense will face Lazio and its deadly attacking power. Crotone needs points in order to stay in Seria A, while Lazio wants to secure a spot that will give them a chance to play in the Champions League next season. We expect to see some goals in here since both teams need three points.

4.    May 13th - Roma vs. Juventus (Seria A)

The Seria A derby for the week will be held on Sunday when Roma will try to secure its Champions League spot for the next season. In the same time, Juventus will try to win at least one point that will give the title to the team from Torino. Possible draw in this big derby is not an impossible score. 

We will keep our attention on the cup final in Italy on Wednesday between Juventus and Milan.

France | 

In Ligue 1 in France, we will need to see two more rounds (one of them on Saturday) and the final for Coupe de France that will be played at Stade de France and will face PSG and Les Herbiers from Championnat National (3rd League in France)

1.    May 8th - Les Herbiers vs. PSG (Coupe de France FINAL)

Les Herbiers surprisingly reached the final of Coupe de France. The team is one of the last examples of the classic romantical football in which we can see teams from all over the football standing reaching the later stages of the tournament. Les Herbiers is in a complicated situation being threatened to relegate even from the third division of France, while PSG will be happy only if they destroy their opponents. Regardless of the relegation threat, Les Herbiers will give its best in this final that will be the biggest event in the history of the team. Still, we should not expect anything else than a destroying win by PSG will happen in this cup final. 

2.    May 12th - Monaco vs. St.Etienne (Ligue 1)

Monaco had a horrible season compared to last year's campaign. The team is also in a horrible form at the moment, but if the squad does not overcome this, we might not see Monaco in the Champions League next season. On the other side St. Etienne is in great form and the team rarely concedes goals. This game might finish as a draw since St. Etienne will be compact once again and Monaco has problems with scoring goals.  
3.    May 12th - Strasbourg vs. Lyon (Ligue 1)

Lyon is in good form at the end of the season and this will most likely lead to the second place in the final standing. Lyon still needs a couple of points in order to secure this place and for this reason, the chances of Strasbourg in this game will be limited. The hosts are still threatened with relegation and they will hope to get something out of this game, regardless of how hard this will be. Lyon should continue with the wins in this game.

4.    May 12th - Lille vs. Dijon (Ligue 1)

Lille is close to avoiding relegation and possibly a win in this upcoming game against Dijon will secure their spot in Ligue 1. We are focusing on this team mainly because a few weeks ago the team was counted as one of the sure teams that will relegate to Ligue 2. After a couple of good results and some wins, Lille is out of the danger zone and the team will try to win against Dijon on Saturday.

Just like in the most other top European Soccer League, in France, we have a champion. On the other side, we still do not know which team will win the Cup, which team will relegate and which teams will play in the Champions League next season.

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