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This Week on the ATP Tour | Oct. 10

This week we had 2 winners as Goffin won AGAIN in Japan and Nadal won in China. This week we are playing the Masters event in China. People try a little bit more in the Master’s events as more points are on the line. In the smaller events, it may be more important to work on a certain part of your game that you are having problems with, instead of really trying to win.

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Let’s face it these guys are all very rich. It’s not about the money anymore. I remember when Mac won his first US Open, he was paid 40k and the first-round losers got chump change. When I was playing satellites, we had to either teach or play money tournaments to survive because the satellites paid so little. It was kinda like it used to be in every sport when baseball players had to sell car insurance in the winter just to get by. Nowadays a star player like Derek Jeter can afford to buy the team when he is finished.

Anyway, it seems the topic for today is money, so let’s give you a few picks so you can make a few bucks at America’s Bookie. Ryan Harrison is one of our favorite players. He never gets the credit he is due. The odds on him are -250 vs. Zhang which is too much, which is why we are going to parlay him with Zverev -145 over Struff to make this bet financially feasible. Both guys will win and you will win $136 for every 100 dollars that you bet.

Dolgopolov has been hot lately and Jack Sock has not. You always go with form when betting on tennis. The hot player will normally win when the talent is evenly matched. Take the Russian here odds of -135.

I think it was last week we gave you Stevie Johnson to pull off an upset vs. Thiem, and he did so in 3 sets. Well, we are going to take him again at very good odds. Kyrgios likes to overpower people, he gets frustrated when things aren’t going his way. The American knows how to play within himself and will hang around in the match and has very good chance to pull off another upset. We love the odds here at +255.This may be the play of the day.

Two more picks for the road. We usually like to ride a guy who makes us money, and the kid from Canada Shapovalov has certainly done that. That doesn’t mean however that it has always been easy. Normally he starts off slow and gets better as the match goes along. He usually always drops a set. Troicki on the other hand always seems to hang around and win a set even when he loses the match. The play here is take the Dog on the set line at + 166 -1.5 sets, as he should push the Canadian the whole match.

Last pick of the day is kind of a coin flip and we are just going with our gut here. 2 of our favorite players to bet on are playing each other. One must win and one must lose. We wish we could tell you why we are betting Fognini +120 over Lucas Pouille, but it’s just based on a feeling. The Italian is in every match he plays as normally is the Frenchmen. We like the odds here on the dog as we just have think that Fognini finds a way to win this in 3 sets. So take some of the money that you have won on the other matches and a take chance here at odds at better than even money.

It won’t be long now guys till we play the year end Finals in London. The tournament starts in about 5 weeks, then we have the Davis Cup Finals before we take break until next year. After this week, we will have a better idea as to who gets the last few spots in London.

Enjoy the tennis guys. I know I will. That’s what I like about the Master’s events is you can watch them on ESPN every day and make money all week, as well as placing few live bets when the eventual winner drops the first set, but you that know he will come back. Take care guys.

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