10 Reasons Why Should You Refer Your Friends to BetAnySports

There is such a thing as a BetAnySports referral bonus, and that's a nice deal. But that's not the only reason you should refer people there. You should do it so that you can turn your friends on to a great customer experience in the world of sports betting and casino gaming. 

Here are ten great reasons to refer a friend to BetAnySports:

1. REDUCED JUICE: Your friend can get a lot of good deals in the sportsbook business, but the best are the ones where he can see some real-world money out of it. With reduced juice, he can get a break on the odds under which you will bet sports. If it is a football or basketball game, for example, he will have a chance to avoid having to lay the standard -110 (11 to 10), so he might, for instance, get a price (which accompanies the point spread) of just -105, or even as low as -101. 

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And when it comes to other two-way propositions, like baseball, he'll be able to take advantage of tighter lines. So there is a very tangible value to this. 

2. VARIETY OF WAGERS: He's going to find a lot of props on individual games and players, which will keep him very busy as you ponder all the choices. He will get a very healthy selection of futures wagers, as well as any kind of exotic bet he could possibly want - parlays, teasers, reverses, if bets, round robins, and more. He can get alternate lines on individual games as well. 

3. ALL SPORTS COVERED: He'd be very hard-pressed to find a sport where BetAnySports does not have some odds. Even competitive eating is covered. They not only "go wide", but they also "go deep." 

4. LIVE BETTING OPTIONS: You've got Live Betting Ultra and Live Betting Extra, which gives you the thrill of wagering on games as they are in progress. Also, with In-Play Betting, he can place wagers on games during breaks in the action. It adds a new dimension! 

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5. IT PAYS TO PLAY AT THE RACEBOOK: He can actually get paid extra on wins at the Plus 10% Racebook, which is something you're never going to get at the track. And you'll never have the chance to get up to 8% back on your wagers either, as you would with the Rebate Racebook. 

6.  POKER TOURNAMENT ACTION: If he is the competitive type, he won't lack for opportunity in the DragonRoom, where they have poker tournaments of one kind or another running every moment of the day, including a lot of freerolls. 

7. THREE DIFFERENT CASINOS: This is highly unusual, with three casinos that can all be played through the browser. The Grand Casino has a lot of great slot games, and he will see the association with Real Time Gaming. In the Bonus Casino, there are higher payouts than he'll usually get, and then there is 3-D excitement with the Jackpot Casino.

8. TWO LIVE DEALER CASINOS: And the newest arrival is the Lucky Live Casino, which includes a host of Asian games that nobody else has. He can play against live dealers in a live, real-time setting. 

9. THEY ACCEPT "CRYPTO," INCLUDING BITCOIN: This is an easy digital currency to use with them, and they don't incur any transaction fees. His confidentiality will be protected, and that could be very important to him. 

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10. QUICK PAYOUTS: And we really mean this. If he's dealing in Bitcoin, for example, he can get paid sometimes within 24 hours of your request. The same goes for person-to-person transfers. These guys care about getting their customers paid in a hurry, and that's why they are able to retain them. 

Did we give you enough reasons? 

* The BetAnySports referral bonus (officially called the "Buddy Referral Bonus Program") is a 20% free play of the initial deposit up to a $200 free play. You must be a customer for at least two weeks before making the referral, and make sure your friend mentions that you made the referral.