Add Football Money Line's To Your Betting Portfolio

You are a football bettor. That's what you like to wager on and that is what you believe you are best at. The NFL is your favorite and you study all 32 teams inside out. For college football betting, you most closely follow the region where you live and there are two conferences you keep tabs on and a handful of other teams that catch your interest. No basketball, baseball or hockey, football only and almost entirely point spreads.

You dabble a bit in totals if something stands out to you or get a hot tip from a trusted source. And over the years you have played parlays and teasers long enough to have the confidence that your football picks will yield a profit more often than not.

If this resembles or fits your betting habits, we would like to introduce you to another sports-betting opportunity when it comes to betting football, the utilization of money lines.

You know what they are and have seen them when it comes to betting baseball and hockey, but how are they useful for NFL picks or college football picks? Here are the details.

Money Lines Offer Possible Larger Payouts

Let's say you took the Green Bay Packers at -2.5 to cover over the Minnesota Vikings. You bet $110 to win $200. The Packers lost a six-point lead as the Vikings scored a touchdown with just under two minutes in the game. Now you need a touchdown to beat the spread. Green Bay marches the ball down into field goal range and makes the winning kick as time expires to win by two. You are immensely disappointed to fall a half point short of at least a Push.

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Turns out you had another option, the money line. As you can read in the chart below you could wager $140 to walk away with $200, just by choosing Green Bay to win the game. Yes, it would have cost you more money if the Pack had lost the game, but you would have lost your spread bet anyways. If you were convinced the Packers were not going to lose the game and the money line fits what is affordable for you, this is worth your consideration and opens up another way for you to win. Keep in mind, just over 27 percent of all NFL games have a point differential of three or lower (College football is lower).




Here is a different money line bet that has the chance for you to win even more cash than a spread bet with less money out.

This time Dallas is three-point less underdog at Philadelphia. If the spread is two to three points, the standard money line is typically +120 to +135. With your analysis and maybe other resources, you know the Cowboys are the better team at the moment and the Eagles are banged up. All signs point to a Dallas win. You could take the safe route and the points, but if you are convinced the Cowboys are the right side, having them win and you get paid more also works.

If this makes sense, but you are a bit queasy about this line of thinking, split your bet. Place $55 on the Dallas +3 and $50 on the money line and you could hit both plays and come out further ahead compared to a straight ATS wager.

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