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One of the “big boys” of the industry but not the highbrowed stuffy type that requires a lot of maintenance from you. This sportsbook is the real deal and they love their clients. They have built themselves into an online powerhouse—minus the attitude. The great thing about Americas Bookie is their accessibility; customers can actually call them and talk to a live agent, in English, for free! Not many online sportsbooks are offering this kind of commitment to customer care, these guys go above and beyond the call of duty and clients will attest that it’s a joy doing business with them. 

Americas Bookie affords the betting client many advantages.

Live Lines: What is a live line?

A live line is an (in-game play), a bet that is made with a line and odds while the game is live and being played. Example: NY Giants vs. Dallas Cowboys—the game is deep in the third quarter with a score of Dallas 21 Giants 17. You the bettor are following the game live and online with Americas Bookie. You are actually on the betting website under the heading” NFL Live Lines” and you are looking for an offer. The offer usually comes during a commercial break or a timeout. In most cases, the live line offer will be consistent with the live score of the game and what is happening on the field. Should the Giants have the ball on the Cowboys 3-yard line and a first down, the live line will be in favor of the Giants, meaning you will see a number line and a + number for the Cowboys. The total is usually offered as well, remember, when betting a live line total, you are betting the final score of the game. 

Chose Your Bonus

What you should know about betting any live line

In order to accurately bet a live line you must first know the original game line, without this you are dead in the water and there is no point in betting the live line, no point whatsoever. 


Tamp Bay Buccaneers vs. New England Patriots 

The Patriots are a -9 favorite before kickoff, the Bucks are +9. This means that in order for a bettor to win the Patriots against the point spread, they must win the game by 10 or more points. This also means that the online bookmakers have a lot of faith in the Patriots chances to win this game by a lot of points. A 9-point spread means the Patriots will need to consistently be winning the game by at least a couple of touchdowns and certainly be leading by a couple of touchdowns with less than 2-minutes in the game. This also means that betting the live line is a lucrative play if given the right circumstances. 

Betting Like a Pro Means Thinking Like One First

Example: Opening moments of the third quarter, score—Patriots 17 Bucks 10. So far, not so good! The original line is not covering. The first half certainly covered 6 points, (that’s what the first half spread would be in a -9-game spread), but the problem is the live line may look like this, Patriots -12. You see, it did not matter to the oddsmakers that the Patriots are not covering the game, what matters to them is they covered the first half and still have close to two quarters to make up the points differential. They know that the Patriots are a second-half team and they still believe so much so, they are willing to tack on 3 additional points. Do you believe? The point is, you must know your teams and you must be prepared to bet the live line. There is a lot of money to be made betting live lines and Americas Bookie makes the lines' user and bettor friendly. 

No matter what sport the bettor chooses to play live lines, there is always one constant; know the original line, Whether it be the NHL, MLB, NBA, NFL, NCAA, or any sport, there is value in knowing the original line as well as the original total. You must know them. 

Dynamic Lines

Americas Bookie features a plethora of wagering options on many different sports and along with live lines is what’s known as dynamic lines. Live lines appear during commercial breaks or time outs as will dynamic lines. The difference between the two is this – Live lines appear for a moment and go away and then a new live line will reappear. The numbers can change quickly, and you must be fast, you must be physically fast as well as mentally fast, knowing math is very helpful. Dynamic lines will appear, and they will often offer the same spread as the live line, but the juice will be heavier, there is a reason… the spread on a dynamic line does not go away (under most circumstances and for a reasonable amount of game-time) what you see is what you get without the line disappearing in 30 seconds or less, as the live lines tend to do. There is obvious value in dynamic lines, but you will pay more in juice. 

Online Sportsbook Live In-Game Betting Tips

Example: Live Line/Dynamic Line

The Patriots have the ball with two minutes left, the score is 34-27, they are not covering but they are on the Bucks 30-yard line with a first down, either a field goal or a touchdown will cover the spread, but will the Bucks get the ball back? The live line offering may be -10.5 (-110) now, you must decide if you think they settle for a field goal or they make the touchdown. The dynamic line may be offering the same number at -10.5/+10.5-Bucks, but at (-130). You are paying .20 cents more to lock in the number for the rest of the game. If the Patriots kick a field goal or even get the touchdown and you bet the buck, you still have a shot without the numbers going crazy. 

Americas Bookie has your back for all things gaming. No matter what you are into they pretty much offer it. They offer a great wagering interface with plenty of betting options to keep the casual bettor or even the ”wise guy” happy. For the best in live and dynamic lines check out Americas Bookie

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