An Online Sportsbook’s Guide to NFL Point Buying

There are any number of ways that you can bet on NFL games at any number of online sportsbooks that make up the multi-billion dollar online sports betting industry these days. The most basic bet is still the most popular with the majority of the betting action being placed on the pointspread in a straight bet. The betting public still tends to lean towards the favorites in almost every NFL game and when it comes to betting on the total line, the lean is usually towards the OVER.

One slight variation for a straight bet on a side is the concept of ‘point buying’. This should not be confused with teasers and pleasers that move the betting spread one way or the other in a two or three team parlay. Point buying is the simple act of paying for an additional half point that moves the betting pointspread in your favor.

Most times you can find that extra half point by shopping the betting spreads across a number of online sportsbooks, but this would also require a number of different online sports betting accounts to take full advantage of this betting strategy. If you enjoy working with one or two particular online books, then point buying is probably your best betting option. Each online book will have its own set of rules and regulations for its point buying policy, but you should be able to find one that will actually give you the option to buy as many as three points on a NFL game.

Keep in mind that buying points in a NFL game can come at a steep price, especially if you are moving the spread off a three-point line. Three points is the most common winning margin in the NFL given the nature of scoring. Just think of how many games have been won (or lost) by three points in light of the last second field goal. If you want to move that three-point spread to 3.5 points or 2.5 points it is normally going to cost you 25 percent per half point.

What this means in terms of the juice or commission that you pay the online betting outlet to take your bet is an increased risk of $25 on every $100 wager. For example, if you have Dallas -3 at -110 juice, the added half point to get Dallas -2.5 will cost your $135 on a $100 bet if you lose. It will also cost you a 25 percent premium to move a line to three points. In the same example, if Dallas was giving 3.5 points and you wanted to take that spread down to just three points, the added juice on that $100 bet would be -135.

An added premium of buying points can also exist for a seven-point spread depending on the particular online sportsbook. That is why it is always important to fully understand any terms and conditions that exist for buying points at your online sportsbook of choice.

The next thing to take into consideration is the value gained (or lost) when it comes to buying points. Increasing your overall winning percentage betting NFL games is all about the level of confidence you have in your picks. You may absolutely love a game on this week’s board if you had an extra half point one way or the other, but you need to carefully rationalize why you think you do need that half point. Millions and millions of dollars have been won or lost on a NFL game due to a half point here and there, but actually predicting that type of outcome can be extremely hard to do.

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