Bang For Your Buck With The Final Four

Bang For Your Buck With The Final Four

The madness of March is beginning to wind down but there is still something known as the Final Four for gamblers to get involved in the madness. While Auburn, Virginia, Texas Tech, and Michigan State have dreams of cutting down the nets dancing thru their heads punters dreams are more focused on cashing tickets with winning wagers. 

Gambling on the Final Four? Of course, you are, and if you are going to put your hard earned dollars in action on the games then why not ensure you get the best bang for your buck? Bonuses, promotions, and contest are aplenty even as the tournament winds toward a conclusion. 

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What  Bonus Should I Take?

There are plenty of offshore books to choose from with plenty of different bonuses offered. So how do you know which one to choose and what fits your needs? This decision is one that generally comes down to what type of player you are and how comfortable you are with books holding your funds. Plus, many bonuses are tied to specific seasons or particular events so make sure you get in within the stated time frames. A great Super Bowl promo doesn't do you a whole lot of good betting baseball games in the middle of August. March Madness bracket contest holds little value once the tournament starts and registration closes. Be sure to check bonus availability when looking for your best bet. 

Take Bonuses You Bet

If you are a big parlay bettor than take bonuses that account for, allow, and even reward parlay betting. INTERTOPS is currently giving away 20 $50 parlay bets every week from a drawing of players who lose parlay cards by one tip. The bet requires a four-team parlay that loses because of one wrong selection. Think back to how many times over the years you have missed a winning parlay by that one bad beat. An extra $50 parlay shot would be nice to have every so often, especially for something you are doing anyway.

Sports Betting - April’s Betting Action at Online Sportsbooks

The Final Four is this weekend in Minneapolis and many gambler's love to take advantage of the action this weekend holds. If you are someone that likes to wager on the game then Intertops has a great promo for players of the Final Four. Each dollar in action puts you into a drawing for one of 10 $500 bonus prizes. That's $5000 being given away for something you are going to be firing on anyway.  Might as well get in the drawing and try and get your piece of the prize. I hit one of these drawings from a book years ago for $2,500 and it was a very nice bonus.  

Bottom Line With Bonuses

The main takeout for bonuses is to do what works for you. I know many people that make a good chunk of income simply by being solid bonus players. Different bonuses work for different types of players. Find what fits into your betting profile and go for it. You are going to be betting sports regularly, so why not get a little extra value with your wagers? After all, value is the name of the game when it comes to beating this grind we call sports wagering. And even when the winning doesn't quite go your way you can still get a little extra play out of deposit using bonuses and promotions.