Baseball Vigorish

Understanding the "vig" and how it applies to sports betting is one of the most important aspects to learn as you begin playing the ballgames. Betting into standard -110s in football and basketball game is pretty easy to figure out as it has been around and popular for as long as most can remember. Baseball, on the other hand, is a bit of a different animal.  The most popular baseball wager, who wins, has odds that are calculated using a moneyline and moneylines are not near as black and white as a spread or total wager. 

What Is A Moneyline Wager

A moneyline wager in baseball is simply a bet on who will win the game. In most baseball games there will be a favorite and underdog, just like in sports like football or baskets. The difference in baseball's most popular wager is instead of point spreads you will have a moneyline that shades in the direction of the favorite. On today's card, the Atlanta Braves are favored playing the Cincinnati Reds in Cincinnati. The Braves are listed at around -135 today, meaning a player would need to wager $135 in order to receive a $100 payout with a Braves victory. On the opposite side, a player backing the Reds would be looking at odds around +120 meaning putting down only $100 would pay out $120 with a Reds victory. The spread in between those two number of -135 and +120 is known as the "juice" or "vig". 

Time To Make Adjustments For Betting Baseball

Learning how to minimize the vigorish and get the best odds possible is one of the first things a punter should look to learn if he hopes to have any success in this industry. This is one of those opinions I can't stress enough to new players as most generally just take whatever is in front of them as it is easy. It may seem like a small amount looking at one wager, but the bigger picture over a seasons worth of wager paint a dramatically different picture. 

Where To Wager

I always preach doing your due diligence before sending your hard earned money offshore and determining which books offer the most for your wagering type. One of those key aspects that should be included in any initial research is line shopping and what a particular offshore shop is dealing for different sports. If you love betting baseball and plan on playing a decent chunk of volume then you absolutely want to check prospective shops and what odds they are dealing for baseball. 20 cent lines were at one time standard for MLB but as years have passed you are seeing many shops offering lower options. 

Just a quick comparison to show the difference. Say you are looking at today's Brewers vs Cardinals matchup and you are convinced Wainwright is washed up and you are looking to take the Brewers for the win. If you look at 5Dimes you will see the Brewers are actually listed as a slight underdog paying +112. So you decide you are going to fire $500 on the Brew Crew hoping to cash a winner for a $560 payout.  If you took that same wager to Bovada the Brewers are still listed as a small underdog but the number is only +105. So that same $500 wager only pays out $525. So unless you are the type to routinely throw money away you should notice you are leaving $35 on the table playing at Bovada vs. 5Dimes. Compound this over a seasons worth of wager and you can be staring at a substantial amount of money just thrown away. 

Must see: Deciding A Book

The bottom line remains the same as it always has when it comes to sports wagering. Do your research, there are numerous factors that should go into checking out a book. And it varies from sport to sport or even season to season. Different books are popular spots for different sports and different reasons. Payouts, great odds, bonuses, promos, contest, and so on should all be considered when looking for a spot to wager. And don't be afraid to spread it out to multiple shops. In the long run, your bankroll will be better for it. 

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