Best NBA Spreads and Totals Picks for Monday Night

It’s Monday, and it’s NBA night! It’s a great night for winning some extra cash. We love the NBA, and we love the betting options that it brings. Make sure you have a fantastic online sportsbook that gives you all of those options. Not all online bookmakers are cut from the same cloth. There are many great ones, and then there are some real duds. Don’t be stuck in a rut with one of the duds.

Where to Bet on the NBA in 2021

As the NBA enters its second full week, we have a couple of great games for you tonight with a few options. Our first suggestion is to bet the spread; however, we suggest that you branch out, step outside of the betting box and bet something different. This is how you earn great money. Betting the spread can be fun, it can also tie your hands if you do nothing else. Look for ways to gain value on games that interest you. Look for live lines.

We see a trend in this season’s NBA, diversity. Many teams are playing well right now and there seems to be more parity than ever before. Nobody can point to one team and say they are blowing the doors off of everyone. No longer do we have the Golden State of five+ years ago. The playoff run begins early and these guys are revving up to let it all hang out on the court. They are scoring, scoring, and scoring some more. If defense is what you’re looking for, you will only find it with a few teams.

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Knicks vs. Hornets Predictions

7:00 ET, TV: Local

Line: CHA-4.5, O/U 210

Picks: CHA -4.5 + Over 210

We like the Knicks, they are improving but with Taj Gibson day-to-day, we also like the Hornets at home and think they have enough in the tank to cover -4.5. We also think the Hornets let it all hang out and rely on the shooting strength of Hayward, as well as the outside inside game plan. It will be too much for the Knicks and the Hornets want their third win in a row. They will get it but not with tons of defense, the victory will come by way of running, and more running. Look for this one to go in the 220s.

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Raptors vs. Trail Blazers Predictions

10:00 RT, TV: Local

Line: POR -4.5, O/U 231.5

Picks: POR -4.5 + Over 231.5

The Blazers have had a bit of a weird start; however, they are beating bad teams, big. The Raptors are bad. This is not the same Raptors team the world fell in love with a couple of years ago, not even close. They are both scoring a ton of points, (Por 117.9, Tor 111.1), and they are both giving up a ton. At home, and after winning two straight games, the Blazers find their groove and McCollum goes off. Lay the 4.5, and jump on the over 131.5 points.

Have fun with these two and be sure to ask your bookmaker for an NBA betting bonus. Why not beat the bookie with free money. Good luck.

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