Best PPH Services for 2019

The pay per head industry has taken online sports gambling by storm and the last couple of years have proven to be a boon for both the gambler and the bookie. What matters most to the bookie is ease of use and cost effectiveness. What matters most to the gambler is run-time stability (is the online sportsbook operating 24/7, or are they down often?), great lines and odds, betting options, as well as a wide verity of sports to bet on. The Bookie must find the balance that best fits his needs as well as keep the client on the hook. Without return business, bookies are dead in the water.

Pay Per Head’s-A Quick Review | What is a Pay per head?

A pay per head is an all-inclusive, turnkey ready, online sportsbook, racebook, and casino offered to any bookie that wants an immediate online presence. Bookies want their clients gambling, they need their clients gambling and through the use of a pay per head service, they can be assured of just that; action, and a lot of it.

What Should You Expect from a Price Per Head Service

Pay per head services are offered by pay per head providers. These providers can be found on the internet by conducting an organic, Google search. They are also found on review sites around the web. As with any online business there are a few great ones, and there are a few duds, obviously, the duds you want to steer clear of.

What Services do Pay Per Head’s Provide?

-- As the description above say’s, the PPH companies provide the bookie with a turnkey online sportsbook, world-class racebook, and Vegas style casino.


-- A bookies life is not necessarily easy, corner bookies (the local guys) will testify that their jobs are 24/7. Gamblers want to gamble and keeping up with the demand is not an easy job. The PPH companies come along and make the job 100% easier. They take care of practically the entire workload.


-- Accounting: Most bookies do not consider themselves accountants nor do the claim to be, or for that matter, do they want to be. Bookies are bookies because they want to make money from gamblers action, they want to offer the bets with the hope that gamblers will keep coming back for more. The PPH organizes all of the bookies accounting needs. They manage every dollar in and every dollar out. All the bookie must do is simply print and read a report. These reports are available to the bookie 24/7, on demand.


-- The PPH organizes the client list and personalizes the clients individual accounts.


-- Bet slip grading: The PPH grades all of the days action. The bookie never has to look at a bet slip.


-- Daily lines and odds are provided for every event/game/match /Race that you are offering. This process is done in it’s entirety and the bookie need to do nothing. The bookie does maintain control and has the power to change or modify lines and odds.


-- Player Reports: With a PPH, the bookie has the ability to see how each client is doing, whether they are ahead, whether or not they are losing and exactly where each player comes in at the end of the day. Week, and month.


There are simply too many benefits of a PPH to list here, but do yourself a favor, conduct an online search and check out some of the great benefits of using a PPH.

Three highly recommended PPH providers—


  • A1 Pay Per Head is a company that’s been in business for the better part of the last decade and they come in with top reviews for the best in client services, a user-friendly wagering interface and an equally user-friendly interface for both client and bookie. Bookies want the least amount of contact with the client as possible and A1 makes this possible with the use of technologically advanced bookie software. All the bookie has to do is call them and sign up for a free trial. Everything is done for them and the website can be operational in a day or so.

247 PPH—

  • 247 has been around for even longer than A1 and their reputation is known around the world for the best customer service on the internet as well as the best in technology. Their user interface is super easy to understand and use, their wagering platform is a breeze for clients and their reliability is second to none; they are never down. 247 PPH come highly recommended by their users and with 24/7 support, that goes a long way in the sportsbook industry.


  • With Realbookie you get the experience that the pros look for. Even the “big boys” of the gaming industry turn to groups such a Realbookie. These folks have been in business for a very long time and many of their staff are former gamblers themselves. For a very fair price you too can get in on one of the best kept secrets in the PPH industry— Their technology is top-notch, they offer the best customer support and a free trial to boot.

Managing Weekly Balances with Pay Per Head Bookie Software

The online sportsbook industry has exploded in the last couple of years and now that sports gambling is legal in the United States, everyone is looking for a piece of the action. Look to, 247 PPH, and A1 PPH. All three of these providers come in as highly ranked for client services. Bookies just want a piece of the pie and in order to get that, they must find the most efficient way possible to do business and offer their wagering clients more. Now they can do so with the use of a fantastic PPH.

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