Betting Baseball Early - Less Is More

A new major league season is about to start and most baseball bettors are chomping at the bit to start the daily grind of looking up the numbers of 15 games at least five days a week and 7 to 12 contests on most Monday's and Thursday's.

While this is certainly an exciting time, it is also time for prudence and caution.

It is truly a full month of action in spring training has just happened and we could have looked at every team in some manner. But, what did the outcome of those games actually mean? Nothing. Other than this spring when you review the results of the Grapefruit and Cactus leagues, can you name one team that finished first or last in Florida or Arizona the last five years? Exactly.

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If you are betting baseball, you should have a bankroll to use and the last thing if you are a true fan of the game is you don't want to see it evaporate before April is even over. Instead, follow these betting tips to win and stay in the game.

Be Extremely Choosy The First 10 Days of the Season

There are favorites that will make you a lot of money this season but not necessarily early. Almost every team no matter what they look like coming into a new year has elements that have to be determined. Maybe two pitchers that were starters last season were traded or free agents and went elsewhere. Or, last year's lights out bullpen lost a couple of guys and the manager has to find what guys go where. This almost always takes time. Over the long haul, this will work its way out, just not always immediately. Be cautious with these type of favorites.

Another element to consider is scheduling. Once we get to May and every team has played home and away and a couple of times, the routine commences. But in late March and early April, a team could be on the road for a week or longer before having their opening day. And no matter what expectations are, if for some reason they are not hitting immediately, those -130 to -150 away favorites defeats can pile up like cars on an icy highway in the East or Midwest.

Say you bet five games a day on average, dial that back to one or two. This helps prevents from potentially digging a big hole, and you still have 4 1/2 months until college football starts to bet to your heart's desire.

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Lastly, at this time, try to find your two best underdogs. Even if you go just 8-12 to start using this method, you could still end up with a small profit.

What You Expect Is Not What You Will Get

Every April, here are two headlines you will see on your phone, the newspaper or other devices of choice.

Is Team X Really a Playoff Contender This Year?

What is Wrong With Team Y?

Like leaves appearing on trees each spring, this is what happens in baseball. Some team with a projected win total of 73 starts 11-5 and is a money-making machine. Or, a division favorite begins 7-9 and is -6 units and everyone with that team's hat or with a wagering account is in a panic.

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Often, by mid-May or June, both those headlines are a footnote and talk radio in those cities has returned to normal.

The message is to stay away from favorites that are not playing well and back hot bad teams until they start playing like every thought.

Finally, if none of this has worked for you, take a day or two off to clear your mind. That can be a great stress reducer and when you come back, there will still be 15 games waiting for you. 

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