Betting Football, It's Just Not About the Quarterback, It's In the Trenches Too!

The sport of football, especially on the professional side is more and more about how well your quarterback plays. If he makes big throws for big plays, that really matters and if he keeps the chains moving on third down, that's another huge factor.

With how the NFL has changed in this regard, college quarterbacks that want to reach the pros have to develop their skills and showcase them during their college careers. Today's college quarterbacks are preparing for their futures in high school and go through all the necessary steps to maximize their college football experience, which could lead to being paid to play football.

But whether you are betting college football or wagering on NFL football, the quarterback needs time to throw the ball. Additionally, in most cases, he needs a running game, which creates balance and opens up the passing offense.

What is the Right Number of Football Games To Bet Weekly?

For years and depending on your age, decades, you have been told or heard that football is "won in the trenches". Though the sport has evolved, no quarterback is going to win many games or cover many spreads without an offense that cannot move the pigskin on the ground or having their signal-caller laying prone on the gridiron.

The fact is exceptional offensive or defensive line play wins games and those on the other end of the scale will lose contests.

So how do you find betting situations that you can take advantage of an online sportsbooks like My Bookie or Intertops? Keep reading.

In College, Look For Returning Linemen and All-Conference Types

Whether it is before the season or after it starts, you should have bought college football magazines. In there, you can find the number of returning offensive linemen per team and those on the defensive side who have come back to play again.

On offense, the important numbers are four and five returning in the O-Line. Since Nick Saban came to Alabama, he's sent an army of offensive linemen to the NFL and starting in 2016, Dabo Swinney of Clemson began doing the same thing.  

Predicting NCAA College Football Top 25

If you have four or five experienced "hosses" (old school Keith Jackson reference) and a quarterback, most any team is likely to have a pretty solid season. If you watch a lot of bowl games, invariably, the announcers will bring up how the offensive line helped carry Team A from an expected 6-6 season to 9-3 and a solid bowl game.

On the defensive side, the same mags will have the returning D-linemen and most often who are some of the returning backups. If a team plays a 4-3 setup, you are looking for two or three returnees and two backups for a total of at least five. If they play a 3-4 defense, two is the number with a pair of backups and learn if one of the linebackers is back as an edge rusher.

Clemson the Crimson Tide have set up a conveyor belt of large humans at 22 years of age or younger to the NFL draft as game-wreckers. If you know what is happening on both lines of college football teams, you improve your chances of winning your picks.

In the NFL, Trench Warfare Has A Different Twist, But it Matters Just The Same

Because of the salary cap, every NFL team has to pick and choose who they want to pay. After the QB and possibly a top-notch running back or receiver, the left tackle spot or an edge rusher can make serious cash.

If you are a football bettor, we don't have to explain their importance. However, general manager's and the salary cap experts attempt to create the most talent with their budget.

Check out NFL game previews and predictions

Say a team has a Top 5 tackle and Top 10 guard, what they have to find is players that might be near them inability, but younger so they can be paid less, but still with an upside. Or, another method is high-effort players whose work ethic supersedes their talent and they do what it takes to win.

On the defensive line, the same is true. You might have Pro Bowl stud or two on the line, but you need another player or two who can stop the run or in limited duty rush the passer to create havoc.

For betting purposes, if you follow the rushing yards per game and yard per attempt on offense and defense, that will provide you a strong indicator on who is or isn't performing well. Also, after four weeks, start checking sacks and sacks allowed, which will tell you another story of what is happening in the trenches.