Betting Futures: Get Your Crystal Ball

Unless you're living under a rock you have to have heard by now that Tiger Woods is once again sporting the Green Jacket at Augusta. For the fifth time, Woods was able to conquer the course and competitors at Augusta National to finish 12 under par and win The Masters. 

And while Tigers improbable victory is great and all we want to know how it played it in the betting markets. And since we are all about betting here, I'm guessing you may have also heard that the books took quite a beating on the Woods outcome with plenty of action on Woods to win at various odds between 10-1 and 18-1 (Even a 100-1 promo but with only a $10 limit). And no greater wager shows the beating the books took then out in Las Vegas where one player (claiming his first ever bet), played Tiger to win at 14-1 for $85k. That $85k wager netted him a cool $1.19 million when Woods' final fist pump was made at Augusta on Sunday. Betstars in New Jersey reported a $360k loss on the event after offering a 100-1 promo on Tiger to win. Luckily, they capped the amount to wager at only $10 rather than the initial $100 that was proposed. 

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You may be asking how a bettor was able to bet on Tiger to win at those odds? The answer is the futures market. The futures market is available for almost any major sport. It is extremely popular with events like golf tournaments and tennis where everyone tries to pick the winner.  

What Is A Future Wager?

A future wager is a bet that allows the punter and fan to have a rooting interest for the duration of the event while not having to bet daily or by the game. Basically, you are predicting what will happen in the future of the event. The duration of these spots will vary based on the season and sport but it still comes down to making a wager of what will happen. There are plenty of sports where a future market offers wagers. 

What Can I Bet On?

You can find a market for almost anything. If you are a fan of the NBA playoffs, you can bet on who will be crowned champion among other things. MLB is your sport? Offshore shop MyBookie is offering a variety of MLB futures. With their recent hot streak, the Houston Astros are currently listed at +370 to win this year's World Series. They also offer MLB wagers on all the division races as well as the National and American League pennants. Tennis tournaments, Golf, NFL and College Football are all available and ready for your wagers now. You can even fire on who will win the FIFA World Cup in 2022 with Brazil currently holding the top spot atop MyBookie's odds at +600. The possibilities are endless as there is basically something for fans of almost any sport. 

Where Can I Bet?

Future wagers are available at multiple sportsbooks spread across the US  Vegas, Jersey,  all have some form of futures market where players can find action. And while the local market is fine for many, those seeking the most options will surely love the offshore market. Offshore sportsbooks simply offer more variety on more markets. Variety is so abundant offshore you can even find political futures. MyBookie is currently offering Donald Trump to once again win the election at -300. 

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The Bottom line is futures are another tool to look at when planning what you will fire on. Are you sure the Braves are going to the World Series this year but don't have the time to follow the hot and cold streaks of a long MLB season? Then the future markets are tailor-made for you. As always, make sure you are doing your due diligence when playing with any shop and be fully aware of any and all rules associated with your wager. This goes for both the local and offshore markets.

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