Betting Tennis to Win

Betting tennis has quickly become a worldwide phenomenon, with literally billions of dollars being spent every year. Having a sound money strategy is mandatory when betting on any sport and tennis is no exception. Never play scared money; if you can’t afford to lose it, don’t play it. Set a budget and stick to it. Know how much you can afford to lose, week in and week out. Not applying and living by this principle will break you quickly. You will often hear that you should set a budget and of course, you absolutely should, but how do you do it? 

Must’s for a Solid Budget:

• Use an online accounting system to keep track of your bets, such as Intuit Quick Books or just a spreadsheet such as Excel. You must do this if you care about your wins and losses, for two reasons: The first is knowing exactly if you are down or up in the money dept. and the second reason; this will help you follow a pattern of who is winning consistently and who is failing you.
• Take a percentage of what you make each week, for tennis and or/sports gambling. You know how much of a percentage you can afford, you are the one that is responsible for paying your bills and you alone know your obligations. Nobody can tell you how much to bet or what to bet. This is a personal choice. Be wise but be free!

• Never chase a bad bet or bad beat. Bad luck happens all the time, chalk it up and move on. Do not under any circumstance chase a loss. Move on to a new event. Chasing leads to overbudget and leads to broke!

Key Elements in Betting Tennis:

• Know your tennis players.

• Find matchups that present a great value. As with any sport, betting is a risk. Finding value is necessary, just as with the NFL, there are games that have great value and then there are games that have no value. 

• Find a great sportsbook that offers a wide variety of tennis betting options. Many of the bookies out there offer the basic matchup bets but nothing more, or the ones that do offer more are the big behemoth- “Walmart’s” of the sportsbook industry. You don’t want to be saddled with those guys. 

How do you find value? Simple, unless you know the ins and outs of the players and tennis in general then you are probably a novice, to say the least, and that’s perfectly ok. But you need help, find it through a great handicapping website Most of these sites are free but it may even be worth your time to pay a couple of bucks for some great picks. Tennis is an exhausting sport to know and it will take years to learn all of the rules and players and by the time that you do learn; the players are no longer at the top of their game. Get help!
There is probably not another sport in the world with more physically fit athletes, than tennis, it’s a physical game and it presents great viewing events. Example: Federer Vs. Nadal.

Find a worthy sportsbook that offers tennis:

Now, this may sound strange. You are probably thinking that most every sportsbook offers tennis. That’s true. Most sportsbooks absolutely offer it along with all the major sports. The key word here is “worthy”. Who gets your business this year and why; is the question that you should be asking. 

Questions to live by before depositing to a sportsbook:

• Do they cater to American players?

• Do they have a standup reputation for paying out?

• Do they offer a 24/7 customer service hotline, with English speaking agents?

• What about bonuses, do they offer good ones or only ones that will kill you with rollover?

• Deposit options, are they quick easy and convenient?

• Are their lines/odds competitive?

These are just a few of the many questions that you will want to ask yourself before laying down your hard-earned cash. There are untold numbers of online sportsbooks how can you possibly know which one or ones are best for you. 

Think of who you have been with. Are you 100% happy with their services? Do they or have they met every promise that they made to you? What about transparency, do you feel they are honest and upfront about their rule, regulations, and policies?

You work hard for a living; you want playing to be easy. Who wants to hassle with not getting paid? You gamble for fun, but you gamble to win money. When you win, you want to be paid

If you are unhappy or simply would like to look around at the competition this year, then you should do so. A smart player will always keep more than one sportsbook in their portfolio. You must have more than one. 

Tennis is a wildly fun game to bet on and it offers a plethora of ways in which to make some serious cash. The casual gambler tends to wait for the Grand Slam events and that’s a mistake. Tennis is an all year long sport and there are literally hundreds of tournaments around the world each year to bet on. Research the players and learn who is good on clay, grass and learn what tournaments cater to what players. You can’t go wrong betting tennis.

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