Betting Tips - Don't Buy Into The One Big Game Night of The NFL

The opening week of the NFL season commences on Thursday, which will be the now annual showcase of the Super Bowl champion kicking off their season and having the benefit of having extra time off before their next contest.

Football bettors will be anxious to get their money down. This will likely be the case for Sunday night and the two Monday night affairs.

There is nothing wrong about being fired up for NFL football, but if you are too keyed up, it can cost you, literally.

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For the pick-selling business, those three dates and four games will amount to a vast number of sales with so many anxious bettors. But the fact remains, those contest amount to a mere 25 percent of the NFL schedule. Do not place more emphasis on those confrontations, in part because the oddsmakers know you are watching.

If sportsbooks and oddsmakers see a game where the public will be intently interested and one of the teams is a "public" outfit (one that the public frequently bets on), you can be assured the line will be shaded towards that squad. It might 1, 1.5 or maybe just a half point, but the figure will be built in.

For Thursday, Sunday and Monday night football, even though it is a cliché, treat it like any other game on the weekly docket.

Easy To Follow Tips

If you are in a 'Confidence Pool' with spreads attached, you are already there. If not, this is what to do. The first time you see the lines for the upcoming week, grade each game by your opinion of who will cover the spread. Say in Week 1 you have the Eagles, Rams, and Packers in your potential Top 4 or 5 best bets, then it is fine to consider wagering on those prime-time contests. But if all four Week 1 games are rated by you 11 to 16, you know you should pass. Make sure to do this every week.

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The NFL has these games televised because they draw viewership and many gamblers. Here are two things you should do with these skirmishes.

> NEVER use a Sunday night or Monday game as a bailout out after a bad week. After the last afternoon game on Sunday, you have about an hour to make a decision in which you are probably not thinking clearly. Never use good money to chase losing money. The same applies on Monday after you have had a full day to stew about your losses.

> NEVER go into a week thinking you know you are going to win. Millions of bettors think to themselves, "This is my week" and ends up losing the Thursday bet on a wager they later realize was 50-50. There is nothing wrong with a positive attitude, just don't let it cloud your judgment. 

Go into the season with the mindset that you don't need to bet more than seven times on any night-time affair. Thinking this way immediately takes the pressure off from feeling it is necessary to wager on all the prime-timers and helps you focus on all the weekly contests, just not a select few.

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Lastly, think about this. There are 256 games in an NFL schedule. This season there is 51 of these types of battles that will be played, which is less than 20 percent. Yet for literally millions of football bettors, this will account for 40 to 50 percent of the total bets placed! Do you really want to miss out on all those far better wagering opportunities during the day on Sunday's? 

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