Betting Tips For Spring Training Baseball

There has always been a lot of discussion concerning betting baseball during spring training. For the most part, the odds are close every day, the differences in the skill of teams are diminished because the expanded rosters and unusual daily lineups and pitching is less important and harder to scale.

A lot of bettors say "Only degenerates bet spring training." And truth be told, if any baseball bettor is treating this period of time like it's the regular season, there is a lot of truth in that statement.

However, if you are a wise, calculating sports bettor, who is always looking for an edge, there are ways to make money betting baseball in the Sunshine State or the desert.

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Ignore The First Days of Games

Having covered spring training every year since 2005, as a sports handicapper, there is no edge to start with. All hurlers are on pitch counts of 25 to 30 and there are a number of players with numbers from 60 to 99 on the back of their jersey's who have little chance of being a starting player at the big league level, let alone making the roster. Pass Early.

Don't Be a Bettor, Be an Expert

Betting is easy, place a bet and wait for the results. But real wagering designed to make money is about information. If you are really interested in making money in March betting baseball, you have to know what is going on. If you don't have time to go to team websites or follow the beat writers that cover them, do this instead.

Use as a short cut. For the most part, baseball is a regional sport. If you live in the East, Midwest, South or West, your interest is likely about teams that play in two divisions, possibly one in each league or maybe just the American or National. That takes you down to 10 to 15 teams to follow.

Each night, in 30 minutes, you can read a recap of an exhibition game and they almost always carry extra notes. That is very useful info. Often, they also have information for the next day's game you can use. The next day, quickly check these same teams and see if there is something else that can give you an edge like two pitchers throwing on a Thursday and both working on new pitches. Or team's hitter's working on cutting down on strikeout's and going the other way more. This all matters.

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Mismatches and Split Squads

By the middle of camp, starters begin playing at least a half a game or more and starting pitchers can work four, possibly five innings. If you find Team A will have six starters on the lineup card and either their ace or No.2 starter is taking the ball, versus Team B, who has a No.5 starter with only two regulars playing, that is an edge. The results might not turn out that way, but the odds were in your favor.

When a team splits a squad, they are naturally weaker and could be a play against material. The next step for you as a baseball bettor is to find the strong pitching edge you can have. Align those factors properly and you have placed the odds in your favor.

Ride Hot Teams, Play Against Cold Clubs

By the middle of spring training, there are teams playing well and those that are scuffling. If your prior work says to follow either, do so. Just pay attention daily and do not keep wagering on old information.

Be Smart

After passing on the first five days, do not bet on the last day of games in Florida or Arizona, as nearly all the regulars are on planes to the next few exhibition games before the season starts. Also, pass on the last two to three contests wherever teams went, as those games are the equivalent of Week 4 of the NFL preseason, completely meaningless.

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In summation, follow the above rules and place smaller than normal bets. (Do you really want to start betting baseball in the regular season already in a big hole?).

Limit bets to one or two a day and no more than 10 a week and if have lost 10 percent of your bankroll betting spring training, stop immediately and instead wait for the regular season.

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