Betting When Times Are Slow

The NHL is awarding the Stanley Cup, the NBA is ready to give out the O'Brien trophy, and even the Triple Crown has come to a conclusion.  Punters of all levels are soon to be left with a drastically reduced menu to choose from on a day to day basis. 

This time of year is what is known in many gambling circles as the dead time. If you are not into the daily grind of MLB then there may not be a ton of action to fill your card on a day to day basis. But fear, not players, while there may not be any more basketball to fire on, the sports gambling world has a lot more to offer besides games from the major sports. And when searching for things to bet on that might be outside of the big leagues there is really no better spot to look than online with the offshore sportsbooks

What Should I Bet?

Even when football or basketball is not in season there is plenty of things for players to get their action down on. Plenty of sports (and a few non-sports) line the cards of events to bet on and the offshore sportsbooks are chock full of options to fill your action needs. A guilty pleasure of mine is betting the majors on the PGA tour. Tons of action to be found on the golf course, especially this week at Pebble Beach for the US Open. 

In-Season Baseball Betting Situations That Are Money-Makers

When betting on golf you want good odds and lots of variety. The offshore market is a prime place to bet golf as multiple books are offering a variety of things to play for a little action. MyBookie is currently taking bets on not only who will win the tournament but also plenty of other things happening this weekend at Pebble Beach. Get your action at MyBookie on individual round leaders, top 5, 10, 0r 20 finishes, and individual player matchups for this weekend's big tourney. 

Golf Is Not My Thing

The game is too slow, it's boring to watch on TV, whatever your reason you are just not a fan of golf or betting on golf. Maybe soccer on an international stage piques your interest. Then check out Intertops and grab a little action on the Women's World Cup. Intertops offers a wide variety of World Cup betting options including outright winners, totals, 3-way match lines, and first half wagers. Everything you need to sit back and watch the ladies try to win the World Cup. 

Plenty Of Options

Bottom line is although some of the more major sports may not be in full swing there is still plenty to bet on across the board. Tennis, Boxing, UFC Cards, Soccer, Baseball, and plenty others line the board daily waiting for you to take your shot. And if you are going to take your shot, go ahead and give yourself your best shot at success and use the offshore sportsbooks. Variety, odds shopping, and even bonuses all from the comfort of your mobile phone. 

And if you are just a football diehard and insists on betting only on the NFL. Then you're in luck as NFL week 1 lines are posted along with a pile of futures for you to choose from.

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