Bettors Beware: It’s Scam Season

Football season is commonly referred to as the “high season” by both bettors and sportsbooks.

Sure, there are tons of bettors that bet all year long, but there is also a specific demographic that only bets on the National Football League and College Football. But, it is also known as “scam season”, with new sportsbooks popping up, trying to lure bettors to deposit by any means.

We are here to help so you don’t lose your money to a scam sportsbook, providing you with some things to watch out for, and some specific sportsbooks to avoid. OSGA, or the Offshore Gaming Association, is one organization that exists to provide bettors with information about sportsbooks.

OSGA is “an independent "watchdog" agency that monitors the Offshore Sportsbook, Casino and Poker Industry in an effort to provide the public with information if they choose to wager online.”– direct quote from

One such scam sportsbook has been reported by OSGA and other gaming agencies. That online sportsbook is Top Notch Odds.

There is only so much information a bettor can absorb, and we are committed to providing the content bettors need. Not every online sportsbook is scam and are trying to steal your money.

Contrarily, there are some sportsbooks that will actually help you win money, whether it is by making sure you are aware of their betting rules or online sportsbooks offering contests that put cash back into your account.

We are here to talk about scam sportsbooks, the ones that popup around the start of football season. They normally operate on a high quality Pay Per Head platform, with little to no investment, and offer bonuses and other extras that are too good to be true. We all know by now, that when it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

These sportsbooks start up with a minimal budget, looking like the real deal with fully operational websites and betting lines across international sports. Anyone that knows the sportsbetting industry knows that any number of Pay Per Head services offer these options, and can be set up in less than an hour.

The biggest problem with these scam sportsbooks is that they are operating with little to no financial backing. Just because you win, doesn’t mean you will ever see a dime of your winnings.

Earlier I mentioned Top Notch Odds ( They are a known scam site that offer eye-catching bonuses and other too good to be true options. For example, the first thing on their website is offering a 200% Free Play with a 10X Rollover. That just doesn’t happen in this industry.

One of Top Notch Odds’ guys, Rodrigo Castro, is a known scammer, as well as other employees. They are currently on Twitter, calling themselves an “Established Offshore Sportsbook” and offering BIG bonuses, low rollover and Cash outs 7 days a week.

DO NOT sign up and deposit with Top Notch Odds! They are scammers and you will never see a return of any profits you may make. After the OSGA posted their article informing bettors about Top Notch Odds, management quickly contacted them, notifying them that Castro is an employee, but is not the “top man”.

While this may be true, Top Notch Odds is to be avoided.

At, we are truly committed to providing sports bettors with their best possible experience when wagering. Take a look at our trusted sportsbooks in our Sportsbook Reviews, and feel confident in clicking the link to their site, signing up and depositing. We guarantee every sportsbook there is legit, and will do everything they can to keep your business long-term.

If you have any questions, concerns or comments, or if you want to help others and report a scam sportsbook to us, you can send us an email at

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In Costa Rica, he kept pursuing a career in the sports industry and started writing about any and all sports, offering information, advice and handicapping from different angles than most. Here in Central America, Joe met all the right people (and some of the wrong ones, of course) and developed a great passion to help make THE BEST sports information site on the worldwide web.

Although I grew up a huge hockey fan, with puck action being my favorite sport, as I got older my love for football grew and now I am a full-fledged football nut. I was a big New York Jet fan until I spent some time in the Big Easy.Naw-landers’ passion for their Saints was so powerful I had to make them my team. The same can be said for baseball, as I grew up a Met fan, but spent enough time in Toronto to become a Jays fan.

Our family gatherings were always based around sports, be it the National Football League, college football, baseball, hockey, basketball or lacrosse. My dad would take me to see the Islanders in their glory days of the 80s and that electricity sparked my love for sports, and it has only grown from there.

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