Big And Small: Choosing A Sportsbook

The variety of sportsbooks available to players is huge nowadays. Many US-based players can play both with locally located sportsbooks or they can look at a variety of offshore shops available to punters of all sizes. 

I always recommend bettors have a variety of outs to serve their betting needs. This is especially true when betting offshore as the ease of accessing different outs makes having multiple shops almost a no brainer. 

But for those maybe looking for a primary out I often get the question, should I use a smaller shop or one of the larger, more well-known shops? It is a pretty simple question but the answer can have various factors and differ from player to player. Both types of shops have their advantages so let's take a quick moment to look at some of the reasons to use each when looking for the best offshore sportsbook experience. 

Big Shops For Big Bucks

I've used most of the big shops over the years including BetOnline and Bookmaker for various reasons. One of my favorite things about some of these larger shops is they often will carry a lot of variety of things to bet on. They normally offer a variety of sports, props, and plenty of off the wall betting options to give something for everyone. This is a big plus if you like to bet on different things outside of the normal sides and totals on games. 

Still Growing In America: Sports Betting Still Hot

Another reason to look at some of the bigger shops offshore, and probably the most important for some is the limits offered. Hands down a player will be able to get down substantially more at some of the larger shops than they will at the smaller and more recreational shops. While your limits maybe $250 for Monday night football sides at somewhere like JazzSports you can get up to $5,000 on the same action from Bookmaker.  If you are generally a large player that wants big action you would probably be better off looking at some of the big players in the offshore industry

Additionally, the larger shops are usually a little slower to limit players. Beat a small book quickly with a few +EV wagers and you will often be hit with the dreaded delays or limits to your account. Larger shops can and will limit you but they generally will take a lot longer and give a player a lot more leeway before doing so. 

Small Time Customer Service

While big-timers should often look to the larger shops what is the best deal for smaller players and the average Joe's? The answer is often the smaller recreational books and there are a few reasons why. First, you get a good feel for who you are dealing with at the smaller books. Go to America'sBookie and you will get the same batch of reps that you can kind of get to know as you continue to gamble (I've dealt with Owen for years and he's as good as they come). The customization often available at smaller shops is second to none and you simply cannot expect the same from a 5dimes or Pinnacle sized shop. 

Choosing The Right Sportsbook

Another reason to use smaller shops?  In my opinion, they often have better bonuses. The previously mentioned Jazzsports may have smaller limits but they also had one of the best bonuses around offering a 100% cash bonus for players to take advantage of. 

Honestly, each shop regardless of size has advantages for different types of players. You really should just weigh your options and figure out what matters to you. And of course, make sure you are checking out offshore sportsbook reviews to make sure you know what you are getting into ahead of time.