Bookies Can Take Advantage of Free Pay Per Head Services

Bookies Can Take Advantage of Free Pay Per Head Services

The coronavirus has caused a serious downturn in business across a wide scale of the economy. One of the hardest hit industries is gaming and entertainment with everyone forced to stay home.

Also, with no live sports or sporting events, those venues are also closed and workers are out of jobs. Thousands of additional support personal have also been idled.

The trickledown effect from the shutdown of sports is the impact on sports betting. This is a multi-billion-dollar industry in the US alone. A big part of that revenue is generated by private bookmakers working with pay per head sports betting software sites. Business Solutions

As independent bookmakers struggle to make ends meet, there are still a few solid ways to generate some much needed weekly revenue and net profit. has software solutions that offer daily horse betting through a racebook and gambling options through an online casino.

This pay per head site can also help you fill your sports betting board will alternative options like eSports, SIMS games, international basketball and hockey leagues. You can also add numerous futures and prop options for every major US league.


Create An Online Sportsbook With PayPerHead


Collectively, this can add up to enough weekly revenue and profit to weather this storm. will even provide the proper marketing tools to help build volume for each of these separate revenue streams.

As one of the longest-tenured pay per head providers in the entire online sports betting industry, is well known in the pay per head industry. In business since 1997, the company has worked with thousands of bookie agents representing close to 60,000 players. 

Along with this advanced level of experience, has developed a high level of expertise in the field of online gambling software. This is the kind experience and level of expertise you want by your side as you try to navigate your bookie business to calmer waters. Business Recovery Plan

Now that you know what this pay per head site can bring to the table, it is time to put all that experience and expertise to work for you.

The company’s senior management fully understands just how tough things are right now.

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That is why has decided to suspend its weekly pay per head fees until conditions improve. This offer stands no matter how long it takes to return to a sense of normalcy.

In fact, the company is committed to waiving its PPH weekly fees on the Prime Rate Plan for two weeks after the first major US sports league returns to regular action.

Simply put: No Sports = No Fees*

Current customers can still receive full service with a zero balance in an account. New customers can sign on without an initial deposit. sees this as a win-win for everyone involved.

1. You have a chance to continue running your business until conditions improve without having to pay one of your biggest operating costs.

2. is so confident in the products and bookie services that it provides, it also knows you will remain a satisfied customer when a full menu of sports betting returns to the board.

*There are certain terms and conditions that apply to this offer. Please contact for more details.