Boost Your Sports Betting Bankroll With Doc’s Sports Services

Heading into one of the biggest sports betting months of the year, now is a great time to evaluate your current betting strategy and the overall return on investment your efforts have produced.

You may like what you see, but chances are your hunches, unreliable tips and betting flyers have resulted in a losing record and a rapid depletion of funds from your online sports betting bankroll.


Doc’s Sports Service is offering our users a free $60 in premium member picks, with no obligation what so ever.


Even the best professional handicappers are shooting for a winning percentage between 58 and 63. The main difference between their average 60 percent return and your struggles just to remain .500 is a positive return on your online sports betting dollars.

Nobody bets to lose. Unfortunately, most recreational bettors are tearing up far more betting tickets than they are cashing in. When you finally decide to get serious about creating a winning strategy for betting the games, it is time to give Doc’s Sports Service a call.

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As a premium handicapping service, Doc’s has become one of the most recognized and trusted names in the sports selection industry. These guys have been cranking out high-unit winners since 1971 and they are going strong through the first half of this year’s football season.

The big point of difference at Doc’s is diversity.

Along with an expert team of in-house professional handicappers, this sports betting picks service also has strong working relationships with some of the best sports handicapping experts in the nation.

The list runs deep with something to meet every sports bettor’s needs. From free daily picks to affordable monthly selection packages, Doc’s Sports delivers on a regular basis. They have even put together a winning betting system that combines the collective talents of their entire handicapping team.

Doc’s Sports Consensus Picks is a selection package of daily picks where the best handicapping minds in the country are in agreement on the outcome of a particular game. This package of premium picks also features a number of weekly seven and eight unit plays.

All the sports betting selection packages offered by Doc’s are an affordable way to still make money betting on the games. With such a wide offering of betting options, it is easy to find a package of experts picks that aligns itself with your overall betting budget and betting strategy.

Along with the Doc’s Sports in-house sports selections, all the packages come with a free $60 trial of picks to get you started. Each expert handicapper is profiled under the Handicappers/Betting Systems section on the home page. You can review a complete bio for each handicapper as well as a comprehensive recap for their past and recent results.

Doc’s proves their worth with actual results and not the promise of unrealistic returns that some other betting sites turn to as selling tactics.

This time-honored selection service does not have to rely on gimmicks and other marketing ploys to attract interest from the betting public. Serious bettors have been relying on Doc’s to boost their overall earnings for close to 50 years.

Once again, the beginning of November is the perfect time to get serious about your sports betting strategy. Even if you consider yourself a casual player, you can boost your overall return on the bets you place for far less money than you would expect.

Think of Doc’s as if you were back in school. You can try and pass the test with poor study habits and minimal preparation or you can ace that test with the right answers already by your side.