Bovada Mobile Betting Experience

Having been a Bovada customer off and on over the years, at the start of 2019, I went back and signed up again and made a deposit. Because most of my work as a handicapper involves sitting in front of a computer, my experience with Bovada in the past was one of punching a keyboard and looking at a big screen.

This time I decided to go through the more modern method of using my iPhone and see how it compared to my past experiences.

First Impression

Having been a previous customer at Bovada as a sports bettor, I expected to go directly to the sports wagering sector of the app and was surprised to start at the complete Bovada mobile betting page. This was not a bad thing since having run a golf retail chain in the Midwest part of the United States before becoming involved sports betting and handicapping on multiple levels, it made perfect sense to provide all their options, instead of being pigeon-holed into one area.

Las Vegas From The Comfort Of Your Living Room

In searching around, I was impressed by the lack of clutter in viewing and the ease of use in searching and finding elements of possible interest. Though I was not initially interested in the casino games, poker and live dealer aspects of the site, I made sure to look them over closely and see what kind of details and promotions they offered. Have to admit, this part of the betting experience was quite positive. I have seen other competitive apps in the same genre and came away unimpressed. The best way for me to describe it is like going with my wife into a store she really enjoys and that I would have little reason to care, but still giving it a "thumbs up" on presentation.

Sportsbook Betting Use

Next, it was time to dive into the Bovada Online Sportsbook. The navigation could not have been made easier, which is helpful since I'm far from a wizard with a phone. (Thankfully, I'm far better at making picks) This was also geared to my tastes as U.S. citizen and didn't have to sort through material that sports bettors in other parts of the world might care about more.

The variety of sports and wagering options was just as I remembered. After reaching 25 different sports to choose from, I stopped, knowing that was more than enough and that being able to brush up on 'Darts' betting was still an option.

What is most impressive about using Bovada for sports wagering is the simplicity and how all the elements are laid out, the app is extremely user-friendly.

Live Betting Options

While Bovada has long been known for creative wagering opportunities to enhance the enjoyment of sports betting, I was flabbergasted by the array of options in the NFL, college football, NBA, college basketball, NHL, and baseball since rejoining.

Using Multiple Offshore Sportsbooks

Whatever team of professionals they are using are not just following the basics and they have stepped out of the box to add to the fun and challenge of wagering on sports. There might be others that are equal to Bovada's live betting, but hard-pressed to imagine any better.

In Review

Since adding Bovada back to my list of sportsbooks to use, could not be more pleased. Everything about their sports app is a plus and while you might be able to find sharper numbers from time to time, their oddsmakers releases and adjustments are fair to sports bettors.

If you are new to sports betting, Bovada offers good bonuses, is well-known for exceptional customer service and as stated, has a terrific app that is very easy to maneuver around. It's hard to imagine a smoother and better betting experience than at Bovada.